League of Legends Patch 11.11 Release Date

Patch 11.11

11.11 patch notes – Here’s all the information you need to understand about the newest 11.11 patch notes for League of Legends, published last week.

As a multiplayer online game, League of Legends is often upgraded to repair problems and change the effectiveness of various game features. This article on 11.11 patch notes will provide you with all the details.

Patch 11.11

11 percent less power with Master Yi’s Alpha Strike (Q) and a 7 percent decrease in the catastrophic attack-to-damage proportion 

Wuju Fashion (E) Raised to 35/45/55/65/75 True DMG

Due to adjustments made by Senna Support, Nautilus Riptide (E) currently gives 210 percent DMG against swamp creatures.

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What time does patch 11.11 come out?

League of Legends 11.11 patch notes are scheduled to launch around June 15, 2021, per the updated timetable of the League of Legends 2021. Although the exact service periods haven’t been determined, they typically last for 3 hours and start at 3 a.m. for NA servers, 5 for EUW servers, and 4 for EUNE data centers.

What is the latest patch for LOL?

Details about the newest LoL patch: 12.23

Every three to four weeks, there are new League of Legends version notation changes; thus, the league is continuously changing and evolving. It is essential to keep up with any of these improvements, regardless of whether you’re a committed solo queue jumper or simply someone who loves to play and explore with fresh gaming experiences.

Every time there is a release, our specialists compile an LoL Patch Notes Analysis to analyze the effects of any substantial improvements to champs, equipment, or the situation of Summoner’s Rift (such as to the jungle, minions, objectives, or turrets). You may concentrate on gaming while we manage the League software version updates.


I wouldn’t expect it to appear in a cure whatever time soon; even though it is still in the construction process and a few of the designs are working well, it is responsible for these other improvements in the primary focus waiting line.

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