18+ Memorable Rose Hand Tattoos For Men


Rose Hand Tattoos for Men: Roses are one of the common designs in the body. Because of its versatility, the are in trend these days. It is the symbol of new beginnings, beauty, and love. There are several techniques and designs that you can choose from through several sources. The meaning of the rose depends on the design and ink you used in making the tattoo. Different ink in roses has different meanings associated. However, adding elements like a skull or clock to your rose tattoo can make it a unique design.

In tattoos, colors play an important role in their representation. Several shades and colors are present that you can choose as per your choice.

The black color of the rose is used to represent grief and sorrow, whereas the red color in the rose represents love. The flower rose is suitable for all ages, and it is universally recognized. To get to know more about the rose hand tattoo ideas, stay tuned until the end of the article.

Rose Hand Tattoo Meaning

Rose is the most common design in hand tattoos. Not only girls but also boys have the same interest in getting the rose tattoo design. As the rose is rich in symbol and associated with passion and everlasting love, however, a change in the color of the rose will change its meaning(that we will discuss later). Like the black rose, the sorrow or grief of death, the yellow rose represents happiness, creativity, and friendship.

Rose Hand Tattoo Designs

From a lot of tattoo designs, we have collected some trending and unique rose hand tattoo designs. Have a look:

Rose Hand Tattoo with a Name

Name tattoos are most common among young ones and adults. It is a person whose name you have inked on your body part. Some popular names include a loved one, parents, partner, or a child name. However, the names, when paired with rose, then your tattoo design becomes more striking, and also the color of the rose changes the meaning of the whole design. For instance, the Rose color represents love and the new beginning of something.

Red Rose Hand Tattoo

Among all the available color options in rose, red is the most common symbol of beauty. The red colors have different meanings that catch the attention more than other colors. It is linked to showing passion and love towards someone close to your heart. By getting a rose tattoo, you can honor those who are an important part of your heart, your parents, your romantic partner, or the memorial pieces. Don’t be afraid to get it inked in large and bold fonts and in a visible place because it is a meaningful tattoo for you.

Yellow Rose Hand Tattoo

Yellow-colored rose is vibrant and bright. It is connected with happiness and joy. If you want to ink a tattoo to represent these things, then the yellow rose is a perfect choice. Moreover, the yellow color is a symbol of friendship or a non-romantic partner. It is another idea that can be added to your tattoo design. You can add any quote, name, or date along with the yellow rose.

Blue Rose Hand Tattoo

A blue rose is a symbol of creativity, fantasy, impossible, or possibilities. You can add any image along with this bright and bold tattoo. Depending on the image you have decided on, the meaning of the tattoo can change. You can make this tattoo what you wish it to represent. It can be a fantastic bold and bright tattoo, and it suits awesome with good skin color. You can place it on your forearm, hand, or neck.

Black Rose Hand Tattoo

As you know, the black-colored rose represents the grief, deep emotional pain, sorrow of death, or some unforgettable memory of your loved one. Moreover, the black-colored rose is also a tribute to the death of your loved and close one. The design engraved much more explains your pain and grief. However, the tattoo on the body is open to various interpretations and is deeply personal.

Purple Rose Hand Tattoo

The Purple Rose is to symbolize fantasy and enchantment. If you want to represent these things, don’t look for another color; go for this one. It is a perfect design to honor your loved and close ones to show your eternal love towards them. For someone who wants to get inked and wants to get an excellent choice rather than the ordinary one, then you can for this hue-colored tattoo. The purple color connects to the royalty and is also used to celebrate anniversaries. 

Compass Rose Hand Tattoo

On the navigational instruments, you can find the figure of a compass rose. It is also an inspired tattoo. This piece of a tattoo on the hand represents good direction and luck. It is usually an image that includes 4-points and a star in the middle of the tattoo. However, some people can combine these two symbols of rose and compass in tattoos. To keep a focused and positive mindset, you can prefer this tattoo. 

Cross with Roses Hand Tattoo

If you plan to engrave a tattoo with some meaningful significance for men of faith, then this cross tattoo can help you. This tattoo design honors personal beliefs. Generally, the cross symbol is used in Christianity. It means that it is rich in values and represents love and sacrifice for the religion. It is linked with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In contrast rose to symbolize beauty, joy, and purity.

Sunflower and Rose Hand Tattoo

The two most beautiful and stunning flowers to get a tattoo are roses and sunflowers. The bright yellow color of the sunflower makes it a striking design. It is linked with happiness, vitality, and warmth. As its color and the name suggests, the sun means booking forward towards a bright and better future. The Colombo of these two rose, and sunflower makes a stunning and significant tattoo. 

Rose Outline Tattoo

The rose outline tattoo is appealing and the perfect choice for those who prefer the minimalist approach. It symbolizes beauty, romance, and a new beginning. The best part of these tattoos is that they do not take time to make and cost much less. It is the perfect design if you do not wish to have colors in tattoos and are reluctant to have large and bold tattoos. Beginners can go for this tattoo design.

Skull and Rose Hand Tattoo

You know very well that the skull is a symbol of death. Along with the rose, the skull represents life and our demise. A man who wants to show his morality can choose this fantastic tattoo option. The two symbols in a tattoo represent that you are not afraid of death and how you can cherish each moment of your life. Along with death, the skull is a common tattoo design that represents the balance between pain, hardship, and beauty.

Traditional Rose Hand Tattoo

The traditional rose tattoo represents the perfect balance between pain and beauty. Traditional tattoos on hand refer to the specific styles, classified by the black lines, little shading, and bright colors. The bold traditional tattoo along with the rose is the most popular tattoo design of the tattoo. You can have this tattoo inked with or without the thrones, which have darker meanings like a loss. 

Small Rose Hand Tattoo

We have seen the beauty of roses in different tattoo designs. The rose tattoos work well in different sizes, colors, and designs. However, the most common design is the smaller designs of the tattoos. If you are a beginner with no experience getting inked, you should go for the small tattoo designs. Small tattoo designs have many benefits as they are cost-effective and won’t take much time. You can place these small size tattoos on little spots of the body like fingers, on the wrist, behind the ears, and some more. 

Butterfly Rose Hand Tattoo

Suppose a man wants to reveal feelings of passion, love, and transformation. In that case, a rose and butterfly tattoo is the best and most attractive option. We have discussed the meaning of rose. Similarly, the butterfly symbolizes beauty, freedom, and change. Therefore, the combination of a rose and a butterfly has a rich meaning. 

Rose Vine Tattoo

A rose wine tattoo represents devotion, strength, luck, and love. There are several interpretations regarding the rose vine tattoo. Therefore, you can find the meaning that suits you best. Although this design is for hands, it looks awesome when inked on the long and narrow body parts like legs, arms, feet, or thighs. A man gets tattooed with this appealing design and powerful symbol.

Snake and Rose Hand Tattoo

The rose tattoo is engraved to convey love and passion, whereas if the rose is combined with the snake, it gives you a different meaning. There are several interpretations regarding rose and snake tattoo design; you can choose one that best suits you. Apart from designing, you can place it over a place on the body that is visible to you every day to remind you of why you choose this ink to get a tattoo.

Rose Clock Tattoo

The rose and clock both in a tattoo represent everlasting love. When you merge these two designs, it comes out to be a stunning and striking design. To state the focus on any important thing or to celebrate a relationship, you can choose this tattoo design of the tattoo. If you wish to have something unique from ordinary designs, you can go for this tattoo design. The clock with a rose also signifies the birth of a child, the beginning of a relationship, or the wedding time. Apart from these meanings, it is also used as a piece of memory to indicate the moment when your loved one passes away.

Watercolor Rose Hand Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are trending these days. The style of watercolor tattoos is different and unique as it seems that the colors are similarly blended into each other to paint on a canvas. If you wish to have watercolor tattoos, you should choose a sophisticated tattoo artist because the color mixing and shading of the tattoo is the most important part of the tattoo. The design is best, but the cons of making this tattoo are that this tattoo fades faster because there are fewer bold outlines and rich colors.

Some Doubts You May Have

How much does it cost to have a rose tattoo?

The cost depends on the design and the time taken to make any tattoo. If the design is not complicated and less time is taken, it costs you less, whereas if the rose tattoo is large, it will cost you around $600.

Do hand tattoos hurt?

Having a tattoo on fingers and the tough parts of the body is painful. If your skin is sensitive and thin, then it may hurt you. Otherwise, the pain is bearable to one.

What does the rose tattoo symbolize?

Roses are one of the common designs in the body. Because of its versatility, it is the symbol of new beginnings, beauty, and love. There are several techniques and designs that you can choose from through several sources. The meaning of the rose depends on the design and ink you used in making the tattoo. Different ink in roses has different meanings associated. However, adding elements like a skull or clock to your rose tattoo can make it a unique design.