We Have 3 Loves In Life, Each For A Different Reason

3 Loves In Life

3 Loves In Life – Nothing compares to falling in love. Nothing quite so powerful and absorbing. That emotional upheaval and separation from reality.

There are many different ways to express love. It can be elusive, like summer rain, or transient, like attraction, chemistry, and desire that lurk around every corner. 

It’s been stated that there are 3 loves in life of different types; we fall in love throughout our lives, each for a different reason.

You start to notice a pattern in your choices and the types of individuals you end up falling for after several failed relationships and odd decisions. According to Kate Rose from Elephant Journal, you supposedly fall in love with three distinct people in your lifetime, each for a different cause and at a different stage of your life.

A habit of love can develop. It can occur at a later time in our life or perhaps even quite early on.

All of these types of love serve to prepare us for the one true, all-pervasive form of love that will change our lives forever.

Everybody who hasn’t had the good fortune to fall in love with the right person from the start has had to deal with 3 loves in life: the first one that drives us to do foolish things, the second one that forces us to work hard for it, and the third one that doesn’t require a special reason to succeed. To reach that ultimate, cathartic love, the one that many refer to as a lifetime love, we must go through love’s The so-called “Three Loves Theory” is this. 

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It’s stated that we experience our first love while we’re young.

For instance, young high school. Being young, all you know about love is what you’ve gleaned from watching movies. You are aware that relationships involve emotions, arguments, and sexual activity, but beyond those things, you are unsure of what love entails.

This is the romantic, sentimental form of love you see in romantic comedies. It’s what you believe to be right based on social and cinematic norms that you are familiar with. We start this love with the idea that this will be our only love, and we start picturing our future around that idea.

And it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel right in your heart or if you’re planning a future you can’t picture yourself in because we see this as what love is supposed to be like in our make-believe worlds.

In this form of love, we are more concerned with how others see us and the relationship than with how we feel about it. You will find yourself frequently blogging about how much fun you have with one another while you are in this kind of love. You’ll write on social media about how having a bad supper and seeing a movie was the best experience of your life. This is because you want other people to think your relationship is wonderful and ideal.

Our “hard love” is referred to be our second love.

We learn about ourselves, what we want from relationships, and the kind of love we want from the love.

Sadly, this love is not necessarily a pleasant one. This love hurts and causes you anguish, frequently through small lies and other times by emotional manipulation. The second love is typically imbalanced, unstable, and can even be selfish and self-centered. These circumstances make drama nearly a given, and you are brainwashed to believe it is your responsibility.

Even though you know this is what you need, you feel bad for constantly being in their presence.

It’s believed that our third love is the one we don’t anticipate.

We have never thought about love like this before. We’ve never dated somebody of this type before, so it’s novel and different. The third form of love seems impossible because it comes on too easily. You believe it won’t endure because you know you’ll run into something that will cause a hiccup. Sometimes it happens shortly after a significant heartbreak, and you assume the same thing will happen again because it has in the past.

You initially struggled to articulate the relationship. What is it about this person that you find so appealing? We encounter someone right here, and strangely, It simply fits. There are no harsh concessions to be made or physical interference. You two seem to mesh nicely together, and your way of living complements their way of living.

And it’s because of this that your two lives have become one. Everything about your life together is as you imagined love to be. The third love is simple; you both put out effort to maintain it, to keep your connection and love as wonderful as they are. You don’t feel like you are the only one pulling the carriage as you did with your second love because both of you are doing the work.

It can be split 50/50 or 20/80 at different periods. They care about you enough to support you through your difficult times, and you care about them to help them through yours. You don’t feel the need to broadcast your happiness all the time. And what about that? You may not always feel happy. They do not always feel happy. However, that does not imply that the relationship is over. You gather with your misery and work to find a solution. Together, you sit and discuss, shout, sing, draw, or do whatever else is necessary to address the issue.

Because making things work because you love each other and want to be together is what love is all about.

This kind of love discloses to us the reasons why everyone else walked away. 

How Long Until You Fall In Love?

Each of us has 3 loves in life, and many people have known all three.

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Conclusion (Love: what is it?) 

Is it merely a brain chemical reaction that, once it passes, turns into an ingrained habit?

Or is it a feeling, infinitely related to the one soul that moves and comprehends ours, that determines who we are and the choices we make in life?

I suppose that love is all of those things but at a different level and intensity. Sometimes what transforms you into a better version of yourself is that surge of intensity at random intervals, and other times it’s a steady stream of sentiments toward someone.