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PowerPoint Night Ideas -Welcome to January 2022, also known as March 2020, the sequel, when we’ve returned to all the activities we engaged in at the start of lockdown (please refrain from the pointless Zoom happy hours!). We are appreciative of Omicron’s presence. You’re not alone if you recently hosted a virtual game night or movie night with friends who were practically all isolated.

 Another entertaining stay-in-your-pants pastime that has gained popularity on TikTok is PowerPoint nights, which are popular among sororities and college friend groups who, presumably, want to produce more presentations apart from the ones required for class.

Please don’t judge me, but I did a PowerPoint night with my pals at the beginning of 2020,, and, to be honest, I’d do it again because we’ve run out of other original ideas. Limit the number of slides if your friend group is big, so it does not feel like a three-hour lecture that people have to sit through. It probably works best with a small-ish friend group, so there aren’t 20 presentations.

 If you have a  friend group of roommates, take turns presenting on your TV screen with a Chromecast or HDMI cord. You can also make it happen over Zoom using your screen share button using some good PowerPoint night ideas. 

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Here’s to an enjoyable and special evening to come!

What is now popular among college students? PowerPoint nights. Everybody makes ridiculous presentations about their friends, controversial ideas, pop culture, or anything else. Make it as entertaining and imaginative as you like! You want to be the one to “reveal” everyone in the group, right? Try it out. Do you prefer to rank each Taylor Swift album instead? Yes, you can also do that. 

It’s really easy to keep yourselves occupied for the evening (add alcohol and turn it into a drinking game if you wish). Use your fancy PowerPoint talents, or just use WordArt because nobody cares. And if you’re having trouble thinking of a presentation topic that people will pay attention to, these PowerPoint night ideas have you covered.

Here are some of my favorite PowerPoint night ideas /suggestions after participating in a few.

  • You would be. If each of you were a candy bar.-

Give each member of your friend group a specific kind of sweets! Perhaps your “mom friend” or “kind and loving friend” is an Almond Joy or a Jolly Rancher?

  • Ranking each track on the newest album from-

Pick your favorite musician and roast them as much as you like. Have a song that you dislike? Declare it. Is there one that plays nonstop? Blast it till your pals can no longer handle it!

  • Ranking our friends’ propensity to use psychedelic drugs from most to least probable-

Must mention my friend Bella on this one. She stated I would “just decline” when she came to me. She is accurate! This can be one of the best PowerPoint night ideas for you. 

  • Give each person a word!

We did this the previous time. Bella had to add “psychedelic” to her title because of this. We all used a generator to input the most RANDOM words. After that, it gave each of us a word to use as the title of our presentation. It greatly aided in igniting our creative fires.

  • How everyone would perish in Hogwarts-

Okay, I get it; it sounds graphic. However, it resulted in a pretty funny Zoom. We had a Harry Potter-themed night last fall because 95% of my pals are huge fans. Since I’m not the biggest Potter fan, I instead created a fantastic presentation about the one and only Mr. Harry Styles.

  • Dogs-

Who doesn’t enjoy spending some time simply gazing at a screen filled with dogs? Tell a narrative about your dog, rank some of the breeds, and include some dog memes. You are you.

  • Putting some celebrities in the order, I took this line from Tik Tok. 

I would punch you in the face if I could. This might be a wonderful opportunity to express your personality. How do you feel about the Kardashians? Perhaps One Direction? or the Avengers’ ensemble? Move about everywhere

  • The best fashion fads from when we were in elementary school, throwback time!

 What a great chance to incorporate some genuine photographic treasures. Make sure to include some famous Justice outfits, such as vibrant pink, wild glitter, and peace signs.

  • Shrek characters played by your friends-

Make everyone into one of the animals from a long, long way away. Just mentioning it, but this also works well as a collective Halloween costume.

  •  Ranking of The Bachelor contestants most likely to receive the final rose

You can forecast the four hometown matches and the final result of the current Bach season (spoilers are not permitted! ).

  • The trivia contest among friends

Your chance to test the GC’s collective knowledge of one another comes at this time. You can trick the system by asking participants to submit their questions to the presenter.

  • Predictions for Pete Davidson’s upcoming relationships

Many memes feature Pete with a recently single Jason Momoa, but anyone might be in them. It’s your responsibility to argue for each one.

  • Describe that picture

With this one, you may have a lot of fun looking through the social media archives: If anyone is still using Facebook, get some random images from V from when Picnik was still in use. Each group member must next take place in the virtual hot seat and provide information regarding who, what, where, when, and why that photograph was shot.

Self-explanatory, I think. You just need to explain why Aladdin is involved.

  • The worst ex ever

So this one might get a little hot, but it will create a conversation. Additionally, you must know your friend group’s background (see the friend trivia PowerPoint first).

What each person has ever done that is the most like their zodiac sign

Permission to roast the Scorpios and Leos lightly in the room—I can say that since I am one. However, be compassionate with your Pisces buddies.

  • Celebs with the same appearances

You probably assumed Margot Robbie and Samara Weaving were the same people if you’ve ever seen a movie with them. We assure you that there are sufficient numbers of these clones to complete a presentation.

  • T. Swift’s songs to characterize each individual

It’s alright that some people will be “Teardrops on My Guitar” and others will be “ME!”

  • During our zenith

A case study of your friends’ best-ever group outing. Feel free to use Instagram as visual proof.

  • What American Girl dolls would everyone be?

Samantha exists in every friendship group.

  • The universal language of love

Just so you know, eating chicken nuggets at three in the morning counts as quality time, too.

  • Superlatives for adults

Forget about any accolades you received in school, folks (if you were one of those cool people). The adult equivalent of superlatives, such as the most likely to Irish out of a party, the most likely to order takeout after a whole trip to Trader Joe’s, etc., should be bestowed upon each of your friends.

  • Your clothes from Euphoria High School

You replace everyone’s standard photographs with a Euphoria high school lewk; thus, this needs to be done by someone with solid Photoshop skills.

  • What reality show should each of you apply for?

Who knows? It could be Joe Millionaire, Project Runway, or Real Housewives.

  • What was each buddy like in a previous life

I, for one, participated in the Salem witch trials . One of your other buddies may have once been a fierce anti-Civil War protestor or a member of the initial Woodstock crowd.

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  • Conspiracies theory theories

To persuade everyone, pick different conspiracy ideas.

  • Typing out characters

Presenters decide which groups to use—dogs, fictional characters from television, movies, novels, or food—and then identify the participants in each group. The speaker could, for instance, discuss the Harry Potter characters.

  • The excellent, mature version

Provide the best mature interpretation for each of your buddies, such as “The Irish are leaving the party.” “They might order takeout even after a full Trader Joe’s ride,” etc.

  • Which artistic era or movement would your pals flourish in?

Interesting The art-related Bob Ross Powerpoint theme is appropriate whether it be in one’s own original art or the time/global movement’s scene.

  •  Do you exude adobo or sinigang energy?

The Powerpoint topic To describe it to people, use sinigang or adobo.


These are just a few ideas to make your PowerPoint night special. You are the best at knowing your friends; therefore, you can predict what presentation style will be the most popular! Enjoy it and use it to showcase your uniqueness! Use those ridiculous backgrounds that your teachers have always told you to avoid. Make use of a huge variety of fonts and colors. Having fun