5 Most popular cars to buy or hire in Dubai 2020


Dubai is the richest Emirate of UAE and it’s a heaven on earth for modern and luxurious cars. In the Dubai market, every car brand wants to be number one. The Dubai automotive industry is best no matter if you want to buy or rent a car. It is because Dubai residents are tech-savvy and crazy about cars.

UAE is also the hub of traveling business and people from all around the world travel Dubai as a tourist, for work purposes or to explore business opportunities. Residents of Dubai are well settled and they love to buy new cars. Also, they keep updating their cars every now and then.

So if you are in Dubai for work you can buy any used vehicle for much less price. But, for traveling purposes, we recommend looking for any Car Rental Dubai company and hiring a car.

Here is the list of most popular cars in Dubai to rent or buy:

Toyota Camry

It is one of the largest car manufacturers that not only offers innovative car designs but also the latest features. People of Dubai prefer this company as they offer economical cars as well with advanced security and this feature makes Toyota stand high in the competition. Camry is one of the best cars with high-tech features like 15-inch alloy wheels, an advanced navigation system, 9 SRS airbags, wireless charger for smartphones, and much more. Camry is well-known for its style, fuel efficiency, and high-tech features.

Nissan patrol

Nissan patrol is quite a popular car to rent because it provides the best mileage especially when you are on an off-road trip. This brand is also popular in the market like Land cruiser and Pajero. You can use it inside the city or take in the Arabian or safari desert to enjoy adventurous trips. If you are looking for unique features, a strong exterior, and reliability features then this car is best for you. You can get a Nissan patrol for around 50 thousand AED.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi laser is recommended for the new drivers as it is fueled by a tuner version of the Mitsubishi lancer. This company was started back in the 1970s and earned a good name in the market by providing the evolution in the automotive industry. We recommend you to buy this car as its maintenance is easy as you can find its spare parts and mechanic easily if needed. It is quite an inexpensive car. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t have much resale value. So, buy it if you are going to use it for a long time.

BMW 3 Series

Dubai is all about luxury and style and BMW 3 Series Sedan speaks it all. This car brand was launched in 1975 and it has many submodels as well. You can find different versions of BMW series like convertible 2 doors, 2-door couple, 4 door saloon, hatchback, etc on the roads of UAE. These cars cost pretty high if you need to maintain them for any reason but still, they are the most used cars in Dubai. The resale value of BMW is also worth mentioning.

Toyota land cruiser

This car is also the most used in Dubai because it is quite cheap to maintain and run. This car also comes with great features and you can drive it on the rough terrains and in deserts easily. Most people in the UAE have used this car at some point. Its latest model is launched with even more advanced features like chrome side molding, LED lights, bold exterior, and much more.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned some of the best and most popular cars on our list. You can buy or lease any of these according to your trip nature. Never go for a lease or buying option if your stay is temporary. If your stay duration is around a month or even more than that, contact a Monthly Car Rental Dubai company and hire the car accordingly.