Shocking Health Benefits of Working Out Before Breakfast

workout before breakfast

Deciding when to workout is as important as the exercise itself. The effectiveness of workout is associated with whether is person eats before workout or after it. A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism has revealed increased health benefits of workout before breakfast. The benefits are associated with exercising empty stomach before breakfast. exercising before breakfast is one among the healthful choices for people looking to burn fat. A study conducted by health scientists working at the Universities of Bath and Birmingham found that by altering the timing of eating and exercising, individuals can control their levels of blood sugar in an effective manner.

The study disclosed that the prime advantage of workout before breakfast is that it enhances the potentiality to burn more fat. The study was conducted for six weeks by involving thirty men classified as overweight. The study compared the results of two involved groups. In which the first group included men who ate breakfast before exercise and the second group comprised men who have their breakfast after exercise. The results of the study revealed that the individuals who worked out before breakfast burned almost double fast as compared to the other group.

Exercising empty stomach increases the possibilities of burning more amount of fat. The study found that while exercising before breakfast, the use of fat increases due to lower levels of insulin. Individuals exercise in the morning after fasting overnight, can use more of the fat present in the fat tissue, and muscles as a fuel. Whilst it did not lead to any remarkable effect on weight loss, but it generated positive results on the overall health of the individuals. The practice of exercising empty stomach resulted in fat loss and lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.