7 Tips for Buying a Quality Flat Iron


A recent article from the New York Post reveals that the typical American experiences 96 bad hair days every year. Bad hair days are the worst, wouldn’t you agree?

That is why a flat iron is a popular staple to keep on hand at home. While some people use flat irons to straighten curls, others just need to get rid of the frizz.

Looking your best is a critical part of living your life to the fullest. We get it, and that is why we know that when you are choosing a flat iron to come to the rescue on a bad hair day, you don’t want to buy just any flat iron.

Before you purchase a flat iron, there are many facts to consider. Not to worry, we condensed all the best tips in this article. Keep reading for the scoop!

1. Determine Your Needs Before Shopping

Before you research the types of flat irons, you want to define what it is you are looking to achieve with your hair. There are many flat iron options, and they are not all the same. So, stop and think first.

To begin, what kind of hair do you have? Is it thick, thin, coarse, curly, or damaged? How would you describe your hair?

Now, what do you want the flat iron to do? Are you only straightening your hair, or do you also want to create curls or multiple hairstyles? Write your needs on a piece of paper, and then go to the next tip for the next step.

2. Get to Know the Types of Flat Irons

Now that you know what your goal is, you must consider the type of flat irons and how they differ. Mainly, there are three types of flat irons on the market. These include ceramic flat irons, titanium flat irons, and tourmaline flat irons.

While these are the three main types, there will be other materials you must consider too. These include ionic, professional, and wet-to-dry flat irons. The type of material you go with should depend on the type of hair you have and your goals.

3. Temperature

So how do you consider your hair type? It is important to choose a flat iron with adjustable heat settings for this reason.

Fragile, fine hair will need a lower temperature, while thick, coarse, or curly hair needs a higher temperature for the best results. For a volumizing hair iron, we recommend you click on the link.

To avoid hot spots, you will want a flat iron with even heat and cool spots. But how can you ensure consistent heat?

Many flat irons have sensors for this, but also, the material of the flat iron plates plays an important role in this. Be cautious and avoid cheap metal plates.

4. Choosing the Best Plate Material

Titanium flat irons heat quickly. They also hold a high heat. You get snag-free styling too because these resist rust and tarnish, but you must take great care of the plates to achieve this.

Further, titanium flat irons are solid, not coated. Ceramic and tourmaline are coated. Therefore, titanium flat irons have greater longevity for use.

Meanwhile, a ceramic flat iron is less expensive than a titanium one. It is just as effective as a titanium flat iron. Ceramic flat irons are popular choices, but keep in mind they could wear down over time and heat unevenly.

Tourmaline plates have negative ions. This helps to seal the cuticles in your hair and calm the frizz. With tourmaline plates, you could straighten your hair at a lower temperature and with fewer passes.

Like ceramic flat irons, tourmaline flat irons could wear out. Manufacturers make their coating of ground gemstones.

5. Choosing the Right Plate and Size

There is a wide variety of flat iron options in terms of shapes and sizes. You will want to pick one that is best for your style and hair length. Round plates are more versatile.

If you have long hair and desire straight, smooth styles, a two-inch-wide plate is the best. One-inch-wide plates are good for most lengths of hair, though, and are easier to achieve versatile looks. 

6. Technology

With flat iron technology, things get a bit technical. Here, we break it down for you.

Far Infrared

Here, these flat irons use radiant heat. From the inside out, it heats strands. The result is less damage to your cuticle.

Floating Plates

This allows some flexibility for the plates. You can grip your hair properly and adjust the angle. It gives better contact to your hair.

Zone Sensors

This helps to always ensure even heat. You can avoid hot and cold spots this way.

7. Added Features

Features you should look out for with flat irons include fast heat time, dual voltage for traveling, automatic shutoff, and a swivel power cord. All these features make styling with flat irons that much simpler!

Not Every Flat Iron Is the Same

With the multiple flat iron options in the market, you also get significant differences. Before you purchase a flat iron, you must understand the differences. You must also consider the results you get from each of the types of flat irons.

Choose the right one for you and love your hair.

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