All About Dog Grooming Process and Daily Dog Grooming Routine Owner Should Know

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What is the Dog Grooming, and Who is The Groomer? 

Dog grooming is the term used to refer to the dog’s hygiene and cleaning process. This process is considered by the owner of the dogs to improve the appearance and make their pet look good and fine. They also enhance the appearance of their dogs to take part in competitions like whose dog has a good and healthy appearance and how much they are trained. The person who performs this process is known as a dog groomer who cleans and takes care of the dog’s hairs, nails, bath, paw, and other hygiene-related dog care.

Reasons for Dog Grooming?

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Dog grooming is a vital process for the hygiene, well-being, dog care, and health of your dog. Dog grooming processes help in improving the quality and health of the dog and keep him safe from getting any invader germs, skin infections, and bugs into their skin. The grooming process of the dog also depends on the breed, health regards, and age of your dog. If you frequently take the dog on grooming can help in improving the dog’s health like keep him away from skin infections and keep him cool in the hot weather. Regular grooming helps in making the dog feel comfortable regarding his overgrown nails, hairs, and dirty paws. Dogs generally shed, but dog breeds type like poodles do not, so they require frequent grooming every 3-8 weeks to keep them hygienic and healthy. 

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Some main dog grooming reasons that you must be included in the daily grooming process are: 

Reasons for Dog grooming

A daily grooming helps in lowering the risk of various health issues in dogs like scratches, infections, thrush, and other skin related problems

The regular general hygiene of the dog

Keeping watch on the dog’s health like checking his cuts, swelling, hot spots, laziness, or maintaining the body temperament of the dog, 

Daily grooming is also important to keep the health among the owner and the dog as they both live together in the same house or infection in the dog or owner gets transferred

Daily grooming also reduce the risk of infestation that causes due to external parasites touch on the dog’s skin

Daily grooming helps to avoid matting that can cause potential health issues like skin irritation, patches on the skin or get entrapment with the harmful bacteria on the coat

How much can the Dog Grooming Will Cost You?

How much does dog grooming cost

The basic charges or the cost of dog grooming start from the range of $40 that is for the complete dog grooming services for a small size dog, whereas for the large size, the charges are around $75 for complete grooming. In case you have two or more dogs, than the charges dog groomers will charge from you are significantly lower or less for your second and third pet dog grooming. If you want that the groomer will come at your place and do full grooming services like cleaning ears, anal glands, bath, nails, blow drier and give scissor finish to dog’s hair, than the charges are around $75 for an average size pet dog.

Nominal or Average Dog Grooming Charges

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Full Grooming Service for small size dog – $40

Full Grooming Service for large size dog – $75

Nail trimming + buffing – $15

Only Nail trimming – $10

Teeth Cleaning and Brushing – $10

Breath Refreshing – $10

Ears Cleansing – $10

Anal Gland – $10

Feet, Fanny and Face Hair Trimming – $15

Tick and Flea Treatment – $15

Blueberry Dog Facial – $5

Balming on Paw – $5

Nail Polishing – $7

How Much Should One Tip the Dog Groomer?

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If you are taking services from the professional dog groomer for your dog grooming, you should typically tip the dog groomer for about 15% to 20% of the overall grooming services in appreciation for providing the good services. The tips you should offer can be whatever that you can easily afford and give the groomer for their efforts of your gratefulness towards him. Tips should be whatever you can afford and are a token of your gratitude. For the groomers giving extra grooming services for dogs like brushing hair, cleaning dog’s teeth, or trimming his nails are quite common. So you must take care of the tip that you are going to give to the groomer as per his extra grooming services. To know what are circumstances that you should consider when you are going to tip the dog groomer little bit more:

Some Examples When One Should Give Extra Tip Their Dog Groomer :

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If your pet dog behaves a few unpleasant or scratches the groomer, then you should give him an extra tip. The big tip can make the groomer feel good, and he always treats your dog with the extra love

If your pet dog is extremely gross and dirty — especially when he is grossed with poop or mud that is matted to dog hinds. This takes much time to clean your dog, and it is essential to give him an extra tip

If your pet dog does extreme shedding or matting — this takes extra time to clean and groom your dog and creates extra load to your dog groomer. Additional tips always make them happy as they have given extra efforts to your dog grooming services.

If your pet dog is older, disabled to stand and needs support for grooming, the dog groomer has to make extra efforts to perform the grooming; in such circumstances, you have to pay an extra tip to your groomer. 

What Does The Dog Grooming Include

How to chose Best Dog Grooming Salon near you

There are various steps involved in the dog grooming services like bathing, brushing dog’s teeth, nails cleaning, nail trimming, hair trimming, shedding, disinfecting the wounds, skin problems, eyes caring, ear cleansing and caring, and paw care. 

You might have watched your dog licking his coat, chewing his fur, or rolling on the ground. These are the dog’s self-cleaning processes that the dog does by himself. But in some cases, dogs need your help to properly cleanse their body so that they do not get outside bacteria inside the body or get infected from the outside.

If you want to help your dog in getting him clean properly, here are some of the tips to make your dog healthy, clean, and not get any harmful infections from outside.  

Dog Bath:

According to the ASPCA, dog owners must bathe their dog at least one time in the three months. However, some breeds of dogs may require frequent baths and cleansing or those dogs who spend much time outdoors or have any skin problems. 

If you bathe your dog, you can bathe them in a bathtub, walk-in shower, or sink: you can also bathe them outside in the garden by using the garden hose by taking care that the water supply is warm enough so that it cannot cause hypothermia. Use a good shampoo and conditioner made as per their coat and breed type. Always ask your dog veterinarian about the best shampoo and conditioner for your dog. 

Brushing Dog’s Hair:

After your dog gets bathed, it is essential to brush the hair of your dog correctly. Not only after, but your daily dog grooming routine can also involve the brushing or combing of your dog’s hair. Regular brushing helps in keeping the dog hair healthy and keeps it in good condition. A daily grooming helps in removing the dirt from the furrs, spreading their natural hair oil all over the coat, keeping their skin irritant-free, removing the tangles from hair, and keeping their skin infection-free. 

Moreover, grooming time is the best time for your dog. He gets so relaxed during brushing. While brushing or combing, you also check for the tick and fleas that your dog is hosting on his skin. 


Dogs usually shed their old and damaged hair, which is considered as the normal process. The frequency and amount of hairs removed during the shedding depend upon the breed type, season, and health of the dog. Most of the dogs get the thick layer of the fur coat during the winter season and shed those thick hairs in the spring season before the summers start. If you keep your dog inside the house, then there are fewer chances that they shed much fur. However, if you find your dog is shedding more amounts of hair, then you must ask your dog veterinarian about the health and cause of the shedding. 

Dog Skin Care:

The skin of the dog can indicate the overall health of the dog. So it is essential to take care of the dog skin while remaining in primary care. If your dog faces any skin problem, you might see your dog scratching excessively, licking, or chewing their skin. 

Dog Teeth Care:

Regularly brushing the teeth of the dogs, along with taking care of the healthy diet, soft chew toys, and avoiding any such food that degrades the dental care should be taken into consideration by the dog owner. If the proper dog teeth are not taken into consideration, there might be the chances of building plaque and bacterial infection inside the mouth. 

Dog Eyes Care:

Taking the regular eye care of the dog helps in keeping your dog away from the tearing, inflammation, and cloudiness inside the dog’s eye. If you see your dog doing all these things, then these may be the signs of poor health conditions of your pup. To take care of the dog’s eye, first, take him to the bright light and check his eyes. Their eyes should be clean, bright, and the area around the eyes should be white. If you found their eyes not clear and bright, then take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Dog Ear Care:

Taking care of the dog’s ear should be a part of the regular dog grooming routine. Proper ear care is important so that to remove the excessive production of the earwax or have the inner ear hair to remove fleas inside the ears. 

Dog Nail Care:

Dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly as they walk on the floor. Their nails hit the ground and cause pain in the roots of the nails. If you see that your dog’s nails are getting long or hitting the ground, then it is time to trim the dog’s nails. 

Dog Paw Care:

It is important to take care of the paws of the dog as they provide the cushion to the dog’s feet while walking and protect them from getting injuries. So to take care of the dog’s feet, it is important to check the wounds and injuries, infections, or any foreign objects that get on the paw. 

Get PetSmart Dog Grooming

Tools and Supplies Needed to Groom a dog

PetSmart is the most popular dog grooming service provider from where you can take the best grooming services for your pet dog. They provide complete grooming services at the nominal charges. 

How To Find The Best Grooming Centre For Your Dog Near You?

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Before choosing a dog grooming center or hiring any groomer near you, here below are some points that you must keep in your mind:

  • Ask what type of dog grooming facilities they are providing. Choose a well-ventilated grooming center. 
  • Besides common grooming services, like brushing, haircut or shampooing, what are other services they are providing
  • How many years of experience they possess
  • What kind of grooming training they posses
  • What kind and brand products they use
  • Do they carry liability insurance in their grooming services
  • What measures they take in an emergency case, like hurricane, tornado, or fire
  • What are the charges of their dog grooming services


Tools Needed For Dog Grooming: 

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If you want to do your dog grooming on your own, here below are some tools and supplies that you must use to groom the dog. 

  • Curry Brush
  • Slicker Brush
  • Shedding Short Teeth Blade
  • Rake Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Combination Bristle Brush 
  • Matting Comb
  • Stripping Brush
  • Wire Pin Oval Shape Metal Brush
  • Grooming Table
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Clipper and Shear