‎Is smartphone Addiction Ruling Our Lives?


Ever puzzled; however, smartphones modified our lives? Nowadays, it’s preposterous to assume a life without smartphone. A necessity and a miracle of technology, smartphones became an integral part of our lives. This appliance has brought in an exceeding embarrassment of changes in and around the world. Because of smartphones, currently, an individual has many ways to communicate and keep in mind vital events.

Smartphones have additionally altered our fashion, methodology of searching, and method of operating in offices. A smartphone is a device that lets one connect with individuals across the world, permits one to capture precious moments of life, and provides access to an expert-level recommendation. However, there’s a pertinent question raised by consultants – are our lives restricted to our smartphones’ screens only? And you can answer this question to yourself after reading this article.

Smartphones facilitate their users to escape reality, very similar to a drug. Habitual in nature, they open the window to easy, colorful, and simple to govern the digital world. Indeed, addicting an individual, just like a form of a drug.

Thus, addiction to smartphones will separate an individual from its friends and family. Smartphone addiction is often understood as a dependence syndrome. It is usually thought-about a variety of technology addiction marked by compulsive use of technology that may cause vital impairment in various aspects of one’s life, which includes personal, tutorial, and skilled.

Some of the Tell Tales of Increasing Smartphone Addiction

Connecting every day-to-day task with the embracement and use of smartphone.

Checking phone constantly at regular intervals without any reason.

Anxiety and restlessness at the thought of losing the device.

The decline in the level of performance at work or in school.

Increased smartphone dependency.

Physical symptoms, together with text neck and digital eye strain.

Increase in distraction thanks to none other than constant messages or use of smartphone while operating mobile apps.

Smartphone Addiction is Genuine

While it is highly visible that the majority of folks spend their daily lives observing or checking their smartphones consciously or unconsciously, there still exist some genuine facts relating to phone addiction that may leave someone utterly shocked.

  • Addiction to smartphones is real

Today most of the consultants believe that cell phones are addictive. A syndrome known as nomophobia or in much easier terms worry about being out of phone contact, smartphone addiction truly exists and affects many of us. And, the most common symptom is definitely not knowing a life without smartphone.

  • Phantom vibrations

A belief that the phone has rung or vibrated, phantom vibrations are as true as it can ever be. People passionate about their smartphones are run through an additional risk of experiencing a fallacy that their phones have received a notification, even if they haven’t.

  • Compulsive behavior

Given the flowery features offered by a smartphone, people have turned passionate about their smartphone and could feel the necessity to use his/her smartphone for everything in life. Obsessive and also known as the psychoneurotic use of smartphones usually causes people to use their phone screens as a result of tedium or leisure feels, or when there’s no other productive work to do. Whilst on an average, a person checks his phone a hundred and ten times daily, those passionate about their smartphones find themselves checking it 900 times daily.

  • Life’s companion

Ever questioned, however, smartphone affects our lives? A necessity for many individuals, several cannot even survive daily the absence of their smartphones. Those passionate about smartphones have additionally been found that they go to their bed with their smartphones right next to them or even take their smart devices to the toilet. While doing the same, it’s essential to keep track of the impacts of smartphones on our lives.

  • Limited interaction with individuals and different reality experiences

One of the most considerable impacts of smartphones is that it cuts you off socially. Individuals passionate about their smartphones usually read the world through their phones, resulting in lesser human and social interactions. This prevents them from humoring in activities that may truly be fun and refreshing.

Tips to Kick Smartphone Addiction at the Curb

  • Restrict the time spent on the phone.
  • Engage in more human and social activities by being a part of social events, gatherings, and interactions.
  • Turn your phone while having a meal, traveling, even while attending some important social events, and lastly, while going off to bed.
  • Get your smartphone alarm clock replaced by the real alarm clock; this will help in reducing the time spent on the device.
  • Get rid of the apps which are unnecessary, as this will help in avoiding clutter as well as improve the performance at school or at work.
  • Customize your notifications. This is because limiting your notifications also plays a very important role in cutting down the time spent on smartphones.
  • Make the strict no phones to be used in the bed rule and follow it. This will help you in sleeping on time and keep you fresh the next morning.
  • Focus on people while you are having a conversation. Take your gaze off your smartphone screen and pay attention to the person speaking rather than fidgeting with your phone.
  • Try an experiment of going without a phone for a day.