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Annette Evertson

Shawn Bradley, a tall NBA athlete representing Dallas and Philly throughout his career, was recently married to Annette Evertson. “Nice name for an actress,” Evertson.

The couple had been together 20 years before deciding that it wasn’t working out anymore, so they could each go off in their separate ways- he became more involved with entertainment. At the same time, she pursued figure skating, which led them both into politics. She now resides at the city hall intersection doing what matters most: making policy decisions based on integrity!

The couple was able to stay happy despite receiving constant criticism for their extreme length disparities. Shawn has always loved Annette because she’s so cheerful and kind, but when anything occurred that shattered their bliss in seconds flat – nothing between them worked well anymore either. Evertson decided it was time they went their separate ways; “soulmates” may be too strong of the term, though.

What happened to Annette Evertson, ex-wife of former basketball player Shawn Bradley? The answer is as surprising and heartwarming as it sounds.

After being crippled by a terrible accident in which she lost everything – including her new love affair with designer Steve Kluger, things came together for this adventurous soul when an old friend helped out!

Annette Everston, the very first spouse of Shawn Bradley

When Annette Everston, a retired European American professional basketball player and former spouse of Shawn Bradley, met her girlfriend America’s own ordinary woman at his height in fame – she became famous too! The two were partners until their divorce, leading to life as a mother of 6 kids.

His old girlfriend, Shawn, is a well-known basketball player known as “the Stormin’ Mormon” in the media. He comes from Utah and has played center for various teams, including American Basketball Institution’s Philadelphia Phillies, New Jersey Kings & Texas Mav (NBA).


The curious case of Evertson is a mystery even after multiple investigations. The only information we have on her academic record comes from what she’s shared with us. Still, it seems as though this might not be enough for those interested in knowing more about the subject than just surface-level details or 1960s culture shock stories related by an elder person living out their days at home before retirement age kicked into high gear. Clues have emerged about Evertson’s academic background, but we still know little. It is possible that she received her education in the town where she was born or near enough for raised if not there too.

Physique Dimensions

Her former spouse, Shawn Bradley, was born in 1971, so he’s 50. We estimate that Annette is also around 40 years old based on their relationship together as well as what we know about her time of life thus far–she hasn’t disclosed any information thankfully!

Annette has deep brown eyes and long blonde hair. She’s 5 feet 2 inches (1.60 meters) tall with an ordinary physical structure, but she does have one special feature – her fiance is 7 feet 5 inches!

In this passage about Annette, we learn more information such as what type of person they are: polite & friendly; how they look in terms of height or appearance.

Connection Between Annette Everston and Her Old boyfriend: Initial Encounter and Marriage

They were two separate entities living in one body, but those around them didn’t treat their love affair as anything unusual. Others made fun of the couple for having such an extreme difference between sizes, yet Annette never seemed ashamed or guilty about being big. At the same time, Shawn always supported his smaller counterpart’s curves with admiration instead of jealousy–he was more than happy to be caught looking at her like any other person would!

The two remained committed to each other and decided they wanted a future together. Just two months into their relationship, on October 26th, 1993, they exchanged vows at an unforgettable ceremony in front of family members who had traveled from near and far just for this special occasion! It was such a beautiful day, with snowfall adding extra flair – what better way could there be? The Utah native added, “I realized Annette was who I desired when she wasn’t willing to give up shorter than forever.” Annie finally found herself not only married but also pregnant less than 12 hours after giving birth. 

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Shawn Bradley Made Annette Everston Into an Idol

Shawn Bradley’s wife, Annette, has been the most consistent person in his life, and she’s never failed to lift a mood when he needs it. “Give yourself enough time,” she’d tell him during their shared rookie season of professional sports (MLB). One day after yet another loss where there were plenty more questions than answers for this new player on an already successful team-she, they waited outside dressed as beautifully as always. At the same time, everyone else went inside to dry off from cleanup duty -so that they could talk things over together before heading home alone again.

The two were clearly in love, as you could see from their interaction. The large man claimed that life would’ve been “terrible” without his 7-foot-tall partner, and Bradley said she didn’t know if she could manage something like this alone after all these years together!

There are six kids between Everston and her old boyfriend.

Annette and Shawn had a wonderful marriage of 20 years, which produced five children. The couple’s first three were girls before they had their son in 2008 with another woman who would later leave to raise him as her own! They had two more boys together: Blaze (2001)and Chance(2004). 

The children’s names began with the initial “C.” Although they were equally fantastic parents, it seems like destiny didn’t desire that these kids see their lives alongside one another.

Three Decades after Annette Everston’s Wedding Ended

Halfway through their 25-year marriage, the couple’s relationship ended abruptly. Until 2017, when rumors of separation began spreading around town, all details were kept under wraps — even though they had three children together (and six kids total) who two different mothers are now raising! When one woman brokered peace between them after filing for divorce from her previous husband in 2018 following eight years of marriage—she didn’t waste any time finding someone new: Annette listlessly hooked up with Carrie Cannon over Christmas break just months later, which eventually led him inheriting custody rights over theirs plus another set.

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Shawn Bradley, Annette’s ex-husband, is he debilitated?

The ex-husband of Annette was left paraplegic following a tragedy in 2020. The former NBA center Bradley suffered an unfortunate accident when he pedaled his bicycle close to home and then suddenly got hit by a car that led him over tree branches before crashing down on the ground with headgear damaged.

He cannot use legs or arms anymore since then but still has all other senses intact, so we should be thankful for what little time they’ve given us while being able even to feel love through touch.

The Stormin’ Mormon had a lot of trouble while in the hospital. He endured an operation that stabilized his neck and underwent therapy for eight weeks. Still, there were some special problems because our hero’s physical condition made it hard to recover properly from all this unforeseen adversity faced by doctors who tried so desperately hard only to be unable to save themselves from major harm done due solely to lack – yours truly has no control over what happens next.