Honor Your Father And Mother Bible Verses


Honor Your Father And Mother Bible verses: Bible says that Every person on the earth should respect his father and mother. It states that loving and honoring your parents means loving and honoring God. the respect of parents is directly related to the respect of God. Our parents care for us and make many sacrifices. Also, parents nurtured us through childhood and infancy. They provide us with all the necessities of our life. We will see some of the Bible verses in this article. Stay tuned until the end of the article:

List of Bible Verses to Honor your father and mother:

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Exodus 20:12

We should honor our parents: and mother so that our time on the land God is giving us will be more.                             

Deuteronomy 5:16                     

We should honor our parents as God commands us to do so that our days on the land will be long, and it might go well that God is giving you everything.                                                              

Ephesians 6:1-4     

The first commandment is to ‘Honor your father and mother.’  Children, obey and honor your father and mother.

Father, never provoke your children to be arrogant and angry. Bring up children with instructions from God and discipline.                                                                          

Proverbs 23:22                                              

Children should always listen to their father and not despise their mother when she is old.                                         

Matthew 15:4                                                                                   

The bitter truth of your life is that your father and mother will die one day. Obey the command of God that honors your parents, who gave birth to you.                                

Ephesians 6:1                                              

Children should obey their parents as per the instructions and commands of the Lord.                                         

Ephesians 6:2                                              

The first command with a promise is ‘Honor your father and mother.’                                     

Luke 18:20           


The commandants of God are: Do not steal, murder, bear false witness, and commit adultery.                        

Proverbs 30:17                                              

The eye that scorns to honor a mother and mocks a father will be picked out by the ravens of the valley and eaten by vultures.                                     

Colossians 3:20-21                                          

Please the Lord and obey your father and mother. Fathers should not provoke their children. Otherwise, they will be discouraged.                                     

Proverbs 20:20                                              

If a child curses his parents, his lamp will be put out in the darkness.        

Leviticus 19:32                          

You should honor the older man and shall fear God: I am Lord.                                                         

Proverbs 19:26                                       

The one who disobeys their parents, who do violence to the father and chases away the mother, is the Son who always brings reproach and shame.                                         

Luke 14:26     

If any person comes to me(LORD) who does not hate his own life, mother, father, children, wife, brother, and sister, he can not be my disciple.                                                                              

Exodus 21:17

The person who curses his father and mother shall be punished. He has no place on the earth.    


1 Timothy 5:4                                                                                   

If a widow has children and grandchildren, let them learn how to show godliness to their household and make some return to their parents, it will be a pleasing sight for God.

Proverbs 29:17                                              

First, disciple your Son later; he will delight your heart and give rest to you.                                         

Proverbs 17:6     

The glory of children is their fathers, and for grandparents, their children are the crown of the aged.                                                     

Proverbs 17:25             

A foolish son is bitter toward her mother, who gave birth to him, and grief to his father.                                                                      

Matthew 19:19                                               

You should love your neighbor and honor your father and mother.                             

Proverbs 15:20                                              

A foolish man always despises his mother, whereas a wise son glares at his father.                                         

Proverbs 1:8 

Hear the instructions given by your father, and don’t forsake the teachings of your mother.                                                                                                 

Deuteronomy 27:16         

The person who curses their father and mother can be anyone. All people shall say ‘Amen.’                                                                                      

Exodus 21:15             

The person who strikes their parents shall be put to death.                                                         

John 19:25-27     

The mother of Jesus and her sister are standing by the cross of Jesus. When he saw his mother standing, he said to her, that Woman, behold your Son! Then he said to his disciple, “Behold your mother,” and from that hour, the disciple took his mother to his own house.                                                                               

Exodus 20:5 


Isaiah 3:12             

Women rule over the infants and infants are oppressors. Your guide might have misled you and swallowed up your path.             

Proverbs 28:24                                                                               

Who steals the things of father and mother and robs them: ‘That is no transgression’ is a companion to a man who destroys.    

Proverbs 19:13         

A foolish person ruins his father and wife’s quarreling by continuously dripping rain.                                                                              

Psalm 100:5         

Their steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.                                                                   

Genesis 2:24                                                                               

If a man leaves his father and mother and holds fast to his wife, they shall become one flesh.      


Proverbs 30:11     

Some people curse their fathers and never bless their mothers.                                                                              

Genesis 3:16         

God said to the Woman that he would surely multiply their pain in bearing a child, and in pain, you shall bring forth children. Your first desire should be for your husband, who will rule over you.                                

Matthew 19:29                                              

And the one who has left all his acquaintance, his father, mother, brother, sister, children, and land, for my namesake, shall receive manifolds and inherit eternal life.                                          

John 3:16             

Whoever believes in God has eternal life and he should not perish.


You have read this article about “Honor Your Father And Mother Bible Verses.” The Bible has everything you need to know in your life. For a better life, you should read the verses of the Bible. Hope you found this article helpful.