Paul Qualley Age, Wiki, Wife, Height, Biography, Net Worth, and More


Paul Qualley Age, Wiki, Wife, Height, Biography, Net Worth, and More

Paul Qualley is a retired fashion model and father of two beautiful girls. He was married to Rosalie Anderson MacDowell, also known as Andie MacDowell, who became an American celebrity after her marriage with Paul! It’s not all about them, though; he has several other children, including Margaret (an actress) & Rainey, which makes him more accomplished than most people know at first glance.”


Paul is a 64-year-old American man with grey hair. His full title, Paul James Qualley, means that he comes of Norwegian descent and practices Christianity. Still, we don’t know much more than this about his upbringing growing up in America or what exactly made him enter into the field as an early child model at such a young age!

He is a model and has been for years and was the first child to enter this field, so he had an advantage over other models who came later on in their careers as children or teens while still being successful at what they do now because of how renowned he already became early-on with these features that made him famous among consumers right off the bat!

Academic Background

Paul Qualley hasn’t released any details about his schooling to the public. He likely attended school in the USA.

Paul Qualley’s professional debut in what manner?

In the past, Paul Qualley had a modeling career. After meeting his future fiance while pursuing this line of work and quitting to launch his own ranching company in Texas – he remains working today with personal property that includes several thousand acres outside Panama City Beach!

Paul Qualley was a successful fashion model until he realized it wasn’t what made him happy. So, after quitting the profession and moving to Montana with his family from California, where they started their own ranching business in the 2000s. Paul worked hard on building up both farms–one focusing specifically on American rose hips extract, which can be used as natural medicine or supplement by those who wish for better health outcomes like preventing cancer cell growth while also boosting antioxidant levels within your body’s system.

His family and daughter are well-known Film figures, but because of this, he has elevated his profile. His wife, Andie MacDowell, frequently appears in films too!

She’s also been given two Golden Globe Awards – one for Best Supporting Actress and another Special Ensemble Cast Trophy won at the ceremony last year when it came to casting who work together onscreen and solo performances within their respective categories.”

He has been a proud parent to his kids since they were born. His child, Margaret Qualley, is an artist and Premiere Emmy Award winner while Rainey’s second-in-command on the stage: She also brings talent in singing!

Who had been Paul Qualley’s spouse?

In 1985, the pair were married and had been inseparable ever since. They met while working together at a U.S store called Gap in 1983-84 – Qualley was just one of many models that year, but he noticed Andie MacDowell from across the room because she bore a stunning resemblance to her sister, also named Andrea (Andie). After striking up a conversation during their respective photo shoots with the other team’s photographers, they became lovers before officially being backstage after closing hours.

Justin Qualley, the first boy, born to MacDowell and Paul, went into labor with his partner following suit. They welcomed two more children; Rainey in 1990 (who pursued modeling) and Sarah Margaret around 1994, who also became an actress like her mother before her! Although this child has stayed away from fame, he still manages to make waves through business ownership while maintaining contact via social media sites where people can see what life is really like on set or behind-the-scenes shots during filming sessions.

Two additional lovely kids later came along – both pursuing successful careers as actors. Up till 1999, the couple had a decent standard of living together. After 13 years, they decided to divorce, and since then, he has had relationships with his kids, especially Sarah Margaret, who refers to him as ” dadsday.”

In an interview done last year by W Magazine, she said how grateful she was for working on ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ that her dad helped get this part opposite Brad Pitt – something which made them both very happy!

Qualley is a divorced man who resides in Panama. He previously had an old girlfriend, but MacDowell pursued artist Dennis Quaid before getting married and filing for divorce from Rhett Hartzog – his friend from junior high school! As it turns out, though, she hasn’t been single since 2004, when they split up to the bitter end; sadly enough, this time around, their relationship seemed more solid than ever.

Children of Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell

Margaret Qualley

When she was born, America had it easy with this beautiful little girl who would grow up to be an actress. She started in movies before even achieving adulthood as one of the kids from Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley’s family tree! For years now, people have been watching her on TV where they can see how much talent there really is behind that delicate features-and, not just dancing skills either; she starred opposite HBO subscribers during the 2013 – 2017 television series called “The Leftovers.”

Justin Qualley

Justin Qualley, the oldest child of Andie MacDowell and Sean Penn, has avoided fame as his life depends on it. He works as a real estate representative in Montana to avoid being targeted by journalists who are always looking for good stories about celebrities’ children–especially those with famous parents!

R. A. Qualley

Musician Rainey goes by the moniker Rainsford. She told Vanity Fair that she wants to create soulful country music but since then has tended towards choosing parts that are more peek than others in order to achieve this goal-in. Sea 8 Miss Golden Globe 2013 portrayed herself as an astronaut who becomes stranded on Earth after their ship crashes into it while exploring outer space; here’s how they describe themselves: “A woman finds herself alone with only two other people—a man and his youngest child.”

Anatomy of the body

When Qualley was just a young man, he quit his job as an investment banker to follow what would become one of the most successful models in history. He’s 64 now and still going strong with the modeling career that has spanned multiple decades without any sign or indication from him about slowing down anytime soon! If you were wondering how this tall, muscular figure could be related? Well, it seems like there are more surprises left for us yet. His son Justin shares many features, including beautiful bluish eyes, which give off such great contrast against dark skin tone (a trait passed down primarily through father), making them stand apart among the crowd.

Media Platforms

Paul Qualley’s Instagram is a place where you can find the actor sharing pictures of his everyday life with followers. He doesn’t seem to use social media very frequently, but when he does post on there, it’s usually under @paulqualleyseries, and he has over 400k followers!

How much is Qualley’s current estimated Net Worth?

As of 2022, Paul Qualley’s net worth is projected to be $110k. He was a successful model when he started in his early career, earning himself quite the fortune from models’ salaries back then, which eventually led him founded owning a company doing fairly well enough these days with only one major source of income left over—the ranch where they live! You might say this guy avoided any press coverage because all we ever see are pictures on red carpets walking next-door neighbors who don’t even know about him yet.