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ANGRY BIRDS CHARACTERS – We are all familiar with and enjoy playing an Angry Birds characters game on both mobile and desktop computers. Is the Angry Birds characters video game based on any actual angry bird people? After all, it is a great source of amusement for all of us, and people of all ages adore it.

The fact that you can play the game together with your 7-year-old baby and your 57-year-old uncle is its best feature. Rovio Entertainment is a Finnish business that made this game. The multicoloured birds called Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, The Blues, Hal, Stella, & many others are the main focus of the entire game series.

The Original Angry Birds:

The Angry Birds character’s video game centres on these birds as they fight to protect eggs that hatch from a pack of hungry green pigs. Given that it is among the most downloaded freemium game series ever, you can infer the game’s popularity and success.

But have you ever considered that these birds might be real when playing the game? Or what actual birds were the inspiration for the Angry Birds movie? If you also receive inquiries, Are the characters in Angry Birds based on actual living birds or are they purely fictional? Continue reading if you’re interested in learning the names of all these replies.

We’re going to inform you about the names of the actual angry birds cast in the following article, along with information on each bird’s personality qualities from the angry bird video game. Therefore, scroll down and review the list:

Angry Birds Real Name:

  •  The Red Northern Cardinal is the first red bird.
  • Hal Emerald Toucanet’s “The Green Bird”
  •  American Goldfinch by Chuck, “The Yellow Bird”
  • Bubbles the Jamaican Oriole, The Orange Bird
  •  Matilda Chicken from The White Bird
  • The Blues by the Mountain Bluebirds Jay, Jake, & Jim
  • Bomb Greater Antillean Bullfinch, Myna Bird, or The Black Angry Bird
  • The powerful eagle, Bald eagle in the north

Check out the list below for additional information about the Angry Birds characters. In addition to describing their characteristics and habits, we also specify the precise geographic areas where these real birds can be found.

Northern Cardinal, in RED

Northern Cardinal, in RED

The most well-known of all the birds is the red Angry Bird. He’s a little bit of a social outcast, and people notice him because of his pessimistic outlook. He has a strong, independent intellect and a short fuse. In addition, he is the flock’s leader, overseeing Jay, Jake, and Jim, while Chuck takes over, Bomb, Matilda, along with Terence.

This bird does, however, exist. Yes, this bird closely resembles the Northern Cardinal, also called the redbird. Southeast Canada and the eastern States of America are home to this bird. The face of the red and the Cardinal are identical.

Emerald Toucanet, HAL

Emerald Toucanet, HAL

Hal can be characterized as a considerate and social bird. Despite his loud voice, he is also a fantastic listener. He appears as an experienced, elderly bird in the game. He is also calm and amiable, albeit a touch silly & goofy.

The Emerald and Northern greenish toucanet are the source of inspiration for the Hal or Boomerang bird. This green bird can be found in Mexico and Central America’s mountainous areas.

American Goldfinch, Chuck

American Goldfinch, Chuck

How is Chuck not on our list? He loves to work without any schedules or standards because he is a silly and free-spirited creature. This energetic yellow bird is constantly hyperactive. He occasionally causes problems for other birds because of his energetic nature, especially for Matilda.

The American Goldfinch is the yellow Angry Bird. During the mating season, this finch-family bird can be observed from mid-Alberta to North Carolina; in the winter, it is visible from south of the border between the United States and Canada to Mexico.

Jamaican Oriole: BUBBLE

Jamaican Oriole: BUBBLES

In the video game furious Bird, Bubbles is called Global Bird and Balloon Bird. Although he is a shy bird, he is sociable and always willing to lend a hand and make an effort to assist others. He is also physically strong, yet anything bad can overwhelm him.

The Jamaican Oriole and bubbles seem very similar. In addition to Jamaica, this orange bird can be seen throughout the Colombian territory of San Andrés.

Chicken, Matilda

Chicken, Matilda

You may refer to Matilda as the hippies of the group. She is in charge of the Bird Island anger management group. Even though she is an irate bird, she is still incredibly thoughtful and nurturing, much like a mother.

The fat white angry bird or Matilda, in my opinion, is a creative take on the standard chicken. It also goes by the name “Egg Dropping Bird” since it has an easter-shaped body and drops eggs.

Mountain Bluebirds are THE BLUES

Mountain Bluebirds are THE BLUES

The blues are a group of Jay, Jake, and Jim, three adorable angry birds. The single blue furious bird transforms into these three adorable crows when you tap the screen. They are all nimble and creative. Bluebirds are exceedingly silly and frequently get in trouble for embarrassing other birds.

They resemble the Indigo Bunting because they are little and completely blue, but they are Mountain Bluebirds. Their features include black eyes and a light underbelly. This stunning bluebird lives in western North America and Alaska.

BOMB: Myna Bird or the Greater Antillean Bullfinch

BOMB: Myna Bird or the Greater Antillean Bullfinch

This perfectly captures the angry birds characters of the bomb—sociable and exciting. He enjoys being the centre of attention and keeps everyone amused with his antics. Although he may have a menacing appearance, he is honest and compassionate.

Does this species have more in common with the myna bird or the Greater Antillean bullfinch? Both appear quite similar in terms of appearance and color, don’t you think? The good news is that unlike the Bomb found in the Angry Birds video game, the actual ones do not detonate.

Northern Bald Eagle, MIGHTY EAGLE

Northern Bald Eagle, MIGHTY EAGLE

The Mighty Eagle is the last but not the least item on our list. There exists a Bald Eagle in the game, albeit you never get to see it in all its glory. Among all the angry birds, this well-known eagle is the most intelligent and potent. Keep an eye out for bald eagles when playing the game.

This image shows a northernmost bald eagle, which may be found in large numbers in much of Canada, Alaska, all the various joint areas of America, and northern Mexico. It does resemble the mythical bird Real Phoenix Bird.

Which of the Real Angry Birds is Your Favorite?

These constitute the eight humorous, silly, and formidable angry birds. You are now aware that a particular angry bird character corresponds to which actual furious bird. Do you concur with each one of them? Which one do you like best? I know that there are many options and each has a unique strength and specialty.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about the “ANGRY BIRDS CHARACTERS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) In Angry Birds, who is Red Crush?

Ans. Red and Silver start dating before Chuck shows up and stops them, and the birds throw a great celebration.

Q2) What traits do the Angry Birds characters have?

Ans. They all appear the same and are pranksters but have different personalities. For instance, Jay is the most certain and intelligent member of the group, while Jake is the greatest practical joker, and Jim is very kind-hearted. They lack eyebrows and breast feathers, in contrast to other birds.

Q3) Which of the angry birds is strong?

Ans. When facing stone, Bomb makes up one of the strongest birds because he can only break up to four blocks before exploding. Almost every material within his tiny blast radius can be destroyed when he explodes.

Q4) Who is the most furious bird?

Ans. Except for the Mighty Eagle and Bubbles’ inflated form, Terence is The Flock’s biggest member. In the Flash-based games, Terence used to imitate Red’s agonizing moans. Later, this was altered in the Angry Birds characters. He is the very first bird to get an official name.