Asscher-Cut Diamonds in Celebrity Proposals


People who look to Hollywood for inspiration, especially when buying diamond engagement rings within a budget can consider Asscher-cut diamonds. In that case, shop at Rare Carat for a soothing experience. Celebrities are trendsetters and they dare to be different from normal. This is what inspires other people and they tend to buy online from a reputed source.

No wonder, celebrities will buy expensive diamond engagement rings. However, many celebrities are becoming fans of fancy-cut diamonds for their engagement rings. And, one of them is the Asscher cut. Let’s learn more about why Asscher-cut diamonds are preferred by some celebrities.

Celebs and their love for Asscher-cut diamonds

It’s surprising to know that the diamonds worn by most celebrities might be huge but they are fancy cuts in general. It means the diamonds aren’t round brilliant. Besides, celebrity engagement rings often include a mix of classic rings that were retrieved through several auctions.

Sometimes, celebrities make new customized rings to achieve a more vintage look. Therefore, to attain that perfect art deco look, they choose Asscher-cut diamonds sometimes. For buyers looking for Asscher cut diamonds, shop at Rare Carat to get the best deals.

One reason why celebrities find the Asscher cut engagement rings a favourable choice is that the diamond is a hybrid of two popular cut shapes. The Asscher cut is a mix of princess and emerald-cut diamond rings. Always buy online from a reputable supplier so that the quality of the diamond doesn’t get compromised.

Celebrities with Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings

Before moving on with the topic, keep in mind to learn more about Asscher-cut diamonds to get the right stone. The Asscher cut ring brings a dazzling, unique look to the fingers. The engagement ring on the finger of popular Hollywood celebrity, Elizabeth Taylor was Asscher cut.

This gorgeous ring was presented to her by Richard Burton. The best part is, the diamond engagement ring is considered one of the best celebrity rings one can find around. The 33.19-carat diamond ring has an estimated worth of around $8.2 million. It was the popular Krupp diamond that set a record when it was auctioned following the actress’s death.

Another Hollywood celebrity that wore an Asscher-cut diamond ring is Jessica Alba. The 5-carat diamond ring was gifted by Cash Warren. The diamond is set on a French-set band alongside a diamond halo. Gwyneth Paltrow wears an Asscher cut ring as well. Gifted by Chris Martin, the flawless detail and elongated shape make the ring perfect for the actress.

Asscher cut rings aren’t limited to celebrities. They are popular in royal circles, too. In 2016, Pippa Middleton’s husband gave her an Asscher cut ring that represented art deco style in a halo setting. She paired the diamond with a gold wedding band to give it a simple look.

What makes Asscher-cut diamonds special?

Women who want a more vintage-inspired look tend to choose Asscher-cut diamonds for their engagement rings. Introduced in the 1900s, the Asscher cut became a hit among people during the Art Deco Age in the 1920s. For a considerable amount of time, the Asscher-cut diamonds were visible in antique jewelry shops.

However, the Asscher cut has reached new heights in terms of popularity these days. Women look for Asscher-cut diamonds for engagement rings mainly because of their unique look and distinctive shine. Typically, it has a shape of a square with corners like that of an emerald cut.

Essentially, the Asscher cut can be said as a mix of princess cut and emerald cut. Hence, one can rightly say that they received three different types of diamonds! The Asscher cut is one of the most elegant and sophisticated choices one can make for engagement rings.


Asscher cut diamond engagement rings have been the preferred choice for some celebrities and aristocrats. Because they are into flocking fancy cut rings, Asscher cut provides the right look that they seek. Rare Carat has a massive collection of Asscher-cut diamonds at competitive prices.

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