The History and origin of the princess cut diamond


Princess cut diamonds are one of the most adored pieces of jewelry for engagement rings. They are closely followed by the round brilliant diamond. Many customers are attracted to the princess cut diamond as it is the newest and the most elegant in the industry.

Contrary to the widespread misconception that Rare Carat Princess cut diamonds are exclusively used for engagement rings, this piece of jewelry can also be great for bracelets, necklaces and earrings as well. That said, let’s dig deep into the history and origin of the rare carat princess cut and what makes it so appealing for jewelry enthusiasts.

What Makes a Princess-Cut Diamond

The contemporary princess cut was created following years of intensive research to establish what was missing from the market and what women were craving for. The findings? A square stone comprising 58 facets situated in a similar position to those of a round brilliant-cut diamond. This distinct cut was primarily created to exhibit diamond’s unique sparkle, providing a comparable shine to the round brilliant diamond as a result of their comparable facet positions.

The History of the Princess Cut Diamond

According to jewellery experts, the princess cut diamond was discovered in the early 1960s. It wasn’t until 1961 in England when a cutter by the name of Arpad Nagy established the “profile cut.” During those days, the cut was generally known as the princess cut and the name went to be adopted as the official name several years later.

The Barion cut which greatly resembled the princess profile was initially created and patented by Basil Watermeyer. Although the diamond shape was distinct, it was relatively challenging to create. The symmetrical lines contained in the Barion made it difficult for diamond cutters to maintain uniformity.

The endless challenges in maintaining consistency of symmetrical lines in Barion lead to the invention of alike cut dubbed Quintrillion. This piece of jewelry experienced a significant rise in popularity because of its use of 49 facets instead of the 80 facets of Barion.

Minimal Rough Waste

One of the most notable attributes of Rare Carat Asscher Cut diamond besides its sparkle fire is the incredible amount of rough stone it uses. An average princess cut diamond comprises 80 per cent rough stone, which aids in keeping the cut price lower compared to other lower percentage cuts. Generally, a princess Rare Carat Asscher Cut diamond will attract a relatively small fee compared to a round brilliant diamond of the same type and size. So, if you are looking for quality Rare Carat Asscher Cut diamonds, look no further than the Rare Carat Diamonds. At RareCarat, we offer high-quality rare carat diamonds that are not only impressive but worth the investment.

The Shape

Many people often describe a princess cut as a square diamond with smooth corners. However, their shape closely resembles an upside pyramid. The cut uses 58 facets, which offers the cut a significant amount of shine.

While it may not match the fire and the brilliance of round brilliant stone, it still has a great deal of fire and brilliance. Rare Carat princess cut is the most ideal option if you are looking for an alternative to round brilliant stone with similar looks, and quality, among other attributes. So, for this type of diamond, look no further than RareCarat, as we are a reputable company that offers diamonds of all types. In addition, we help our clients with insights about the various types of diamonds including the princess cut so as to help them make an informed decision.

The princess cut diamond works perfectly in solitaire engagement rings, multi-stone engagement rings, necklaces, stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and many more. These are round pieces of jewelry.

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