Be Photogenic… 25 Hacks To Ace A Perfect Picture Click


With the trending phones and the urge to have good display pictures for social media websites, all of us are somehow becoming picture freaks. Well that’s fun too, isn’t it? Whether it be selfies, groupfies, snap chats or solos we always try to look our best. However, it isn’t that easy to ace the perfect picture click which is an obvious reason that behind one profile picture there are 99 or more non-satisfying pictures which deserve an immediate delete.

In situation like such, we usually wonder what all those models and magazine queens do to portrait their best in every picture. Well, this need not remain a secret anymore. We reveal to you some mind-blowing tricks to ace a  perfect picture click in one go; all you would need to do is to read and understand them carefully and then apply while you click your next photo.

If you note down these tricks and follow them then we can assure you that next time when you will get ready and look the most beautiful these pictures won’t be able to ditch you by not displaying the same.

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  1. If your eyes are sensitive and you often blink your eyes frequently while taking a picture which ruins the click, then to prevent this just shut your eyes close exactly before the click then open your eyes slowly and immediately click the picture. This will ensure that your beautiful eye gets captured in the shot perfectly and doesn’t give a half-asleep look.
  2. While we try to experiment with the angles of the camera to get a stunning picture, he double chin often restricts the creativity, thus to make sure your double chin doesn’t show up; just keep your neck elongated and stretch your chin a bit forward, also try to click pictures from a relatively higher level to your face this will help to enhance the look of your face bones and avoid double chin.
  3. Patchy and pale makeup can also lead to imperfect pictures, thus make sure to put up makeup that matches your skin and blends well in your skin to ace a perfect picture click.
  4. Always focus on the beauty of your eyes. To any still image eyes are the focal points so the deeper and bigger your eyes look in the picture the more mesmerizing the picture will look. Therefore decorate your eyes beautifully with a good quality mascara, kohl and eyeliner.
  5. If you will assess the best pictures of yours who would be noticing some pattern, which means that there would surely be an angle from where your picture looks much better than from others. Attempt to replicate those angles and possess along with some creativity to get some great shots.
  6. As it is said Stratum always works thus one prominent way to ensure a flawless grin on your face while you pose for the perfect picture click is that while you smile place your tongue at the back of your teeth, try it!
  7. Do not ever underestimate your features especially your eyebrows, at times the density of the eyebrow sharpens the features and appears better in images.
  8. Hair, the most important aspect to be looked upon because they have both the tendency and audacity to destroy any picture. Therefore make sure your hair look shiny and are well untangled before you click the picture.
  9. Red eyes that sometimes get reflected in pictures make you look no less than a well-dressed monster, but don’t worry we have a trick to avoid this. What you can do is look straight to the light exactly before you face the camera. You might be wondering how will it help, right? The light will help your pupil shrink, so when the photo will be clicked the flash wouldn’t reflect in your eyes.
  10. Another amazing way to make your eyes look wider and fresh is to pour a few drops of Visine in your eyes.
  11. It sometimes you get caught into a sudden photo session, then to get an immediate glow on your face, take a napkin or tissue and cleanse your face with it. After the cleansing is done to get a glowing, rosy red appearance on your cheeks just lightly pinch the area of your cheekbones.
  12. We suggest you apply light pink blush on your bones of cheeks. This colour variance will get a better texture to the skin and add dimensions to it.
  13. Experiment with the angles you click your photo in, instead of trying the hit and trial method notice which profile is the best when it comes to capturing and pose accordingly.
  14. If your problem is that your body looks wide and broad in pictures, trying this cliché pose can make you appear thinner and leaner. To get into this pose your body should be angled sideways with face facing the camera straight and the hands should be placed on the hips.
  15. No, where we recommend you light soft blush oh cheeks to appear better on the photo, on the other hand, we would strictly say no to put on something shimmery. It is because even a pinch of shimmer on the face can appear to be a lot in pictures, so if you use a shimmer ace powder or concealer either be very sure of how much and in what ways otherwise don’t do it or you will overdo it instead give a matte look to the base and contour sharp bones like the nose bridge and temples with highlighters of soft sheen.
  16. However, not on the face but a touch of the shimmer of soft sheen under your neck will help you portray a better and smooth complexion.
  17. Not just your face, posture, camera angles etc. defines the beauty of a picture, but a background plays an important role too. So while opting a background choose the lighter one, say a white wall for an instance. It is because if the background is light the focus gets onto the ace and it helps your face look bright and glowing.
  18. Do not go with dark lip colour shades instead choose the brighter ones. The reason behind this theory is that dark lip colours have a belittling impact on lips and doesn’t make them outstand therefore opting bright and beautiful colours would be a better option.
  19. If you think that you are not that photogenic like others are, then it is just your misconception. Because people who feel that they do not fit into photographs tend to click lesser photographs and that’s why they could not explore all the dimensions, angles and the best profile of their faces. Therefore begin it and in the starting let the photographer take numerous pictures, notice the pattern among them, see what can be corrected and pose again, soon you will be better than a professional.
  20. Another cliché note is that the pictures taken from higher angles are more likely to look good that the one taken from angles below your face level. Consider this old school trick to crack the code to a mesmerizing picture.
  21. While you pose for a picture, lights around you do matter. So if there is a direct source of light we would suggest you not to stand facing towards it or even underneath it because it will lead to the formation of unearthly shadows on your face. But if you find a natural source of light such as sunlight it will really make your face shine and help you hack an aced photograph.
  22. Holding a beautiful property such as flowers in hands and posing along with it can help you attain a better and relaxed posture leading to a more beautiful appearance in pictures.
  23. To add a gleam to your eyes, focus your eyes to a source of light, make sure not too bright one but a subtle small source of light such as a lamp. This will make your eyes lit up adding a flattering sparkle.
  24. Be simple yet stylish while clicking any pose as Simplicity displays beauty at its best. To ace a perfect picture click, it is important for your hair to look equally amazing. So, for this you can apply dry oil or a nice pomatum with light hands and give a distinct look to yourself.
  25. Undoubtedly, a smile looks so fake when you make it appear by saying ‘cheese’, so let go of this age-old method and instead actually joke around with the photographer this will help you get that natural, pretty and spellbinding smile.

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So here you go!! Get up and try a few tricks among them. We hope that they will help you for sure and next time when you ace a perfect picture click, it will definitely remind you of us.

Stay beautiful, look beautiful. Happy clicking!

Image Source : Pinterest