Beginners Guide To Using Magical And Healing Crystals


It does not matter whether you’re the type of person who schedules weekly yoga lessons, meditates, performs witchcraft, or does none of the above; but you must be looking for something to facilitate your connection with your spiritual self.

You can easily get your magical stones from any authentic holistic and metaphysical store near you. But first, read the below information regarding healing crystals to better understand them.

So, are you really looking to connect with your spiritual self? If so, keep reading this article to know how you can use magical and healing crystals to connect with a spiritual side. 

What Are Healing Crystals? 

Healing crystals trace back to ancient times when they were regarded as a natural medicine by our forefathers. Healing stones remove bad energy from the body and spirit by breaking down physical, emotional, and metaphysical barriers. And, despite the fact that our lifestyles are much different from those of our forefathers, most people still prefer to use crystals today!

Crystals are said to be a spiritual means to balance energy, influencing thoughts, relationships, and so on”Every crystal has its own type of energy, some improve your mood or vigor, some assist in relaxing you down, some make you more appealing to others, some help you focus, and so on.”

Unseen energy levels can be enhanced, lowered, or adjusted by working with different healing crystals or magical stones to have a good effect on one’s spiritual and emotional life.

Types of Healing Crystals

There are various types of magical crystals which are as follows:

Clear Quartz 

Some regard this white crystal to be a powerful healer.

It is stated to:

● amplifying power

● improve focus and memory

● assist in balancing your energy system

This stone is frequently combined with others, such as rose quartz, to help improve its properties.

Rose Quartz 

This pink stone represents love, as the color suggests.

It is said that this stone:

● aid in the restoration of belief and balance in relationships

● improve the connection

● bring reassurance and peace while suffering from difficult moments

● Promote feelings of love, trust, respect, and self-worth.

That would be useful to anyone, wouldn’t it?


Citrine may bring joy, interest, and passion to all facets of your life.

It is said that:

● Help you in releasing negative feelings like fear and tension

● Promote happiness, kindness, commitment, and awareness

● Improve your mindfulness abilities

● Encourage inventiveness.

● Help with focus


The ideal caregiver is this delicate crystal.

It is stated to:

● energize the spirit

● help you through stressful situations by educating you to completely show up

● defend you against bad energy and absorb it

● encourage bravery, fast thinking, and assurance

These are qualities that are very useful when dealing with difficult circumstances, which is precisely what this gemstone may be ideal for.

All of the above are the main types of healing crystals. However, these are not the only types, there are many more types. We have familiarized you with the most used crystals. 

How to Choose a Crystal?

Prior to considering what you might gain from the magical stones, evaluate what you believe you are lacking. By doing this, you can determine what is going on inside of yourself before seeking external help.

Simply follow your gut to decide what is best for you. Whether you spot a crystal or feel a physiological pull toward one, your inner voice will ultimately help lead you to the stone that is perfect for you.

The connection can be made effective once you’ve picked it.

Final Word 

There are various types of magical stones. However, if you want to connect to your spiritual side you should determine which type of stone is best suitable for you. 

Visit your nearest holistic and metaphysical store to get stones for you. Before buying stones make sure the store is an authentic seller of magical stones.