Lab Grown Diamonds: A Cheaper Alternative or a Better Choice?


The impact of the lab diamond craze is undeniable right now. There is a real sense that these lab grown diamonds can rival mined stones in terms of value, but what about quality and features? Are Rare Carat lab diamonds a cheaper option or a better choice?

A Cheaper Alternative or A Better Choice?

The answer is actually both. The great thing about choosing lab grown diamonds is that not only are consumers getting a better deal but they are also part of positive social change. Lab-grown stones come with some stigma attached, and traditionalists try and portray them as undesirable synthetics that aren’t good investments.

However, these gems offer the same great characteristics and levels of quality as mined stones. This means they are a smart value-for-money option for a lot of consumers.

Comparing Lab Diamonds with Mined Diamonds

The most important thing for buyers to remember here is that you can’t tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond on sight alone. Furthermore, the two types of diamonds are graded in the same way, putting them on a far more level playing field than some people realize.

For example, if consumers Рeven those with a prejudice against lab diamonds Рwere to view images by Rare Carat IG, they would struggle to tell the difference. If they were presented with a flawless near colorless 4-carat cushion cut diamond and an included faintly yellow 2-carat princess cut diamond, what would they say? Probably that the former was more valuable and real. However, it is easy for labs to create these flawless larger stones under precise conditions and provide the exact same quality. Meanwhile, the pressure and minerals in mined stones allow for faults that quickly lower the value.

The point here is that the origin doesn’t matter when comparing lab and mined stones purely on GIA standards and overall looks. Where it does matter is the cost to the consumer and the ethical considerations.

These Qualities Make Lab Grown Diamonds the Perfect Blend of Affordability and Sustainability

This is where lab-grown diamonds shine against their mined alternatives. The ethics of mined stones are a big problem for younger consumers. They are keen to avoid any risk of dealing with conflict diamonds or companies that damage the environment. They feel far more comfortable dealing with labs and associated marketplaces that champion sustainable home-grown stones instead. Lab stones don’t rely on finite resources and are created to order, they are cleaner and far more ethical, as a result.

As for their affordability, this level of supply and demand will always lower the value of these stones. They aren’t the same rare precious stones as mined diamonds, so don’t warrant the same overblown price tags. The downside is a lower resale value. However, those looking to buy stones for important jewelry pieces can get something bigger, clearer, and in vibrant colors for a fraction of the cost.

Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds for Engagement Rings

The affordability and sustainability of these high-quality stones make them the obvious choice for engagement rings. While some traditionalist couples may prefer to go for mined stones from leading designers, others like this new trend toward a more contemporary approach. The breadth of options in lab-grown stones makes it easy to find the perfect fit for a unique design without going over budget. The treatments used on lab diamonds also mean that there is a chance for greater vibrancy and fluorescence for added wow factor.

Finding Affordable Beautiful Lab Diamonds with Rare Carat

The best way to find the perfect deal on affordable and sustainable lab diamonds is to work with Rare Carat. This online marketplace makes these stones even more accessible to the average consumer while helping them stick to a budget. The simple step-by-step customization process keeps the buyer in charge, and the detailed reports make it easy to choose between the matched stones. This service and the value provided are why Rare Carat has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot and Google.

So, while there will always be critics insisting that lab diamonds are a bad deal, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By working with Rare Carat, consumers can find a cheaper alternative to mined stones that end up being a better choice visually, ethically, and emotionally.