What are the Benefits of Waxing My Car?


First of all, let’s begin with knowing what car wax is. Well, it is made of wax, and wax can be made out of many different types of compounds like hydrocarbon, tree sap, leaves of the Carnauba plant, synthetic materials, and also from silicons. But plain wax can be very hard for your sleek and smooth car’s paint; hence, they are melted and mixed with oils and solvents. A car wax product might contain many types of waxes mixed in it, along with kinds of solvents and oils to increase its malleability.

Benefits of waxing my car?

Car owners use car wax because it basically acts as a protection. Yes, if you apply wax on your car, it acts as a protective layer over the car and protects it from all the destruction polluted air and water can do to it. Ultraviolet rays can also be quite harmful to the car’s paint, but applying wax just helps you save from that trouble too. You would be astonished to find that you could actually dry your car with water. Wanna know how is that possible? Well, when you are applying a coat of wax, you are making the car surface ‘Hydrophobic.’ Water just slides off the surface, which helps you to clean dry it without the help of any towels and sponges, which might give your car a few small scratches

Who does not want their car clean? Here is exactly where the benefits of waxing begin because when you practice regular waxing, you do not have to clean or wash your car often. 

How often should car owners use car wax?

According to mechanical experts, one should apply car wax thrice a year. This way, you keep your car protected from polluted air, ultraviolet rays of the sun, water, road salt, scratches, and many other problems. Also, an important part of applying wax is that you should know when to apply it. You should only apply wax after you are done with your car cleaning regime. If you apply car wax first and then wash the car then, the wax would strip off in amidst the cleaning. Applying wax means that you have sealed your work. If you are in a constant search of knowledge about the ‘benefits of waxing my car?’ then you should know that the frequency of waxing your car also depends on the sort of driving you to do. In between the time, you could also use snow foam treatment for your car, which is like shampooing for maintenance from greasy dirt. 

How to apply layers of wax?

It is quite simple because neither do you want to be too stingy while applying a coat nor too generous. You just want to create small concentric circles out of the correct amount of wax so that your car looks shiny and also protects the paint. Also, you need to be aware as to when to apply layers of wax and when to buff off with a microfibre cloth. It depends on the quality of your wax product for you to decide as to when you start buffing off. If you are using high definition car wax, then you could just start buffing your first layer after applying another coat of wax all around the car. 

Do you keep searching for the title – ‘Benefits of waxing my car?’

Many people still believe in car washes, where they overlook the coat of wax, which should be an integral part of your car washing regime. Everybody wants to ride in a car that looks classy, shiny, and new, and you can only attain that look when you practice regular washing and regular waxing. There are a lot of reasons for waxing a car, which should not be overlooked if you want your car to look up to your standards. You might be surprised to know what all a tree sap can do for you and your car when used promptly without failure. There are a lot of benefits of waxing not only for you but also for the car and for its paint job.

  1. Creates a protective layer – however careful you might be with your car, it will definitely at some point of time bear scratches. Most of the time, scratches occur due to the result of rubbing against the car, improper washing techniques, opening the car door with key in hand, children playing around, etc. These small scratches cannot be avoided completely, but you could help in minimizing them. When you apply a coat of wax on top of your car’s paint job, you partially make sure that your clear coat does not get directly attacked.
  2. Keeps the clear coat dirt proof – there can be times when you drive through road debris, and your car gets dirty. Cleaning this dirt off can be quite difficult, depending on the type of road debris you’ve hit by accident or whatever reason. A simple car wash might not help you get rid of the dirt and keep your car clean here is where the car wax comes to your rescue. If you apply car wax over your car paint, it creates a smooth and uniform surface. This wax also prevents sticking of dirt like bird poop and grease to stick on your clear coat; hence, cleaning becomes easy and time-saving. 
  3. Maintains the paint coat – a clean and shiny car is every car owner’s dream. When you ride along in a shiny car, people look at you in awe, which also elevates your standard in society. The look of your car can affect you and your status, both positively and negatively. Waxing your car regularly protects the paint from scratches, bird poop, pollution, harsh automatic car washing techniques, damage from road salt, etc. 
  4. Protection from sun damage – yes, the harsh rays of the sun can cause serious damage to your car. The paint starts to fade away when it comes to constant contact of ultraviolet rays. Faded paint spots on your car can make your car look horrible and unpresentable. The clear coat of a car gets easily affected by the sun’s rays; hence, you should apply a protective layer of wax over your car to protect its shiny paint from fading away.