Diamond Color: Understanding the 4 Cs for a Perfect Purchase


Being educated is so vital to attain success in life. Education is not only limited to what the teacher shares inside the four corners of the classroom but it goes beyond anywhere you are and at any time. As most people say that experience is the best teacher as you will learn when you try and had a personal encounter with a particular thing. This is the same as how and when you purchase a valuable thing like pieces of jewelry. An example of these pieces of jewelry is precious diamonds which are now becoming popular in the market. This article is all about understanding color as one of the elements of the 4 C’s that can affect the purchasing power of a diamond user as part of Rare Carat Diamond Education.

Why Color is Important in Diamonds?

Color adds beauty to a particular thing and each color has its own meaning and importance. The more color you add, the more you add color and meaning to your life compared to the ordinary color people used before like plain, white, and dark colors. In diamonds, color matters a lot as people can easily notice what you are wearing especially if those colors are attractive or eye-catching. A top diamond ring online seller and retailer not just in the US but even in other countries named Rare Carat displays information and a diamond buying guide on their website to educate more of its viewers and avid customers. This is part of Rare Carat Diamond Education means and ways so that customers will become aware and have continuous knowledge of the 4 C’s or those important factors to consider in buying diamonds.

Understanding Color: Rare Carat Diamond Education

Diamond color is subdivided or classified into 5 groups and these are letters DEF or colorless categories, GHIJ or Near Colorless, KLM or Faint Yellow group, NOPQR or Very Light Yellow, and lastly, letters S to Z or the Light-Yellow group. Having this color means that if there’s a change of color in any of these categories will have an effect on the diamond’s face-up appearance. A major thing to remember in terms of understanding diamond color is to always stay within its group or category or have a maximum 4-grade color for the daring. To know the color grade of a diamond, these are being graded face down. Facing down allows the person who will grade or grader to assess accurately the diamond color without having distractions on the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. For more understanding about diamond color, check this information at their website www.rarecarat.com, and know more about Rare Carat Diamond Education.

Important Facts About Diamond Color

Rare Carat is known for its top-quality diamonds and the competitive prices of these diamonds that surely anyone won’t regret. They also have exceptional customer agents on their website wherein they will respond quickly and even chat with you first about whatever questions you have in mind regarding diamonds. They also value customer awareness as they have diamond buying guides on their site and some blogs or write-ups about diamonds as part of Rare Carat Diamond Education.

·        Diamond lower color grades like 3 to 4 are not detectable from those colors having higher grades with an ordinary buyer or untrained eye.

·        There are some diamond shapes having a low-grade color that will look more yellowish than round brilliant diamond cuts having the same grade level.

·        When you opt for a slightly lower color grade having more carat weight or a higher cut can save you money but always be reminded that color becomes more brilliant having larger stones of diamonds.

·        The best diamond color rating is D color as it is the best color that a buyer can get and is the rarest and has unique features and thus the most expensive one. D-color diamonds have a visibly white color especially when you purchase bigger stones but if you can’t afford them and when you’re not comparing those various colors side by side, then any color down to a G color will ultimately appear to have a crisp white color.

Purchasing a diamond color depends on what color you love the most and also on the budget that you can afford. For some users, they want white colors as their brilliance will look more elegant and features shining moments while some prefer more colorful colors. Rare Carat Diamond Education helps everyone in terms of buying the right color that will perfectly match your diamonds as well as those other factors like carat weight, cut, and clarity.