Best App To Watch Movies Together With Your Long Distance Friends


Watch Movies Together With Your Long Distance Friends

It becomes tough to hangout with your friends in free time. However, there are certainly such things that you can do online with your friends. From playing web games to watching online movies together, there are numerous other activities that you can do. 

Do you want to watch movies with your friends living far away? Surprising to know, but you can do it. In this article, you will learn how to watch movies with your long-distance friends.

We have mentioned 10 apps that allow you to watch movies with your long-distance friends.

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Returning to our discussion, let’s start to know 10 different Apps through which you can watch movies together.

10 Best Apps to share your screen to watch movies


Streamparty is an awesome App that allows you to watch movies with your long-distance friends. Not only this, you can chat with them via text or video while watching the movie together. It is accessible to Disney+, Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and Netflix. Moreover, you can join at most 50 participants at a time in private and public Streamplay and can find new friends. It is considered a great way to stay in touch with your long distance or if you are getting bored and want to watch any movie together with your friends at a time.

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Using Syncplay, you can watch movies together with your long-distance friends with more comfort and ease. It has a different feature that other Apps might not have. Your friends can also pause or rewind the movie, so you feel connected all the time while watching the movie. Only you should have a downloaded movie on your hard disk.

Moreover, Syncplay is compatible with every video player, like Classic Media Player, VLC, KM player, etc.

So, without wasting time, go and start watching the movie with your friends.

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With Watch2gether, watching movies with your far-living friend becomes very easy. If you are reluctant to give your personal details to apps and websites, then Watch2gether would be the perfect App where you need not share your mail, contact details, name, and whatnot.

The only thing you need to do is: just give your nickname and tell your watching partner about it. Afterward, you can watch any movie, YouTube video, and anything you want.

This App has certain features that you would certainly know. Using two different methods, you can watch videos on this application. The first method is creating your own room by taping ‘Create A Room’ from the home page and inviting friends with whom you want to watch movies. Another and the best method is to join any already active room and ask your friend to join it by commenting and viewing videos. 

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Gaze is the perfect App where you can enjoy watching movies with your long-distance friend if you want to watch YouTube videos more than other streaming videos. It has certain benefits; conversely, it comes with some limitations, like you can add more than one friend at a time. If you want to watch a movie with any of your friends, then you should try Gaze App.

To start watching, you must create a room and send a link to your watching partner. Once you both have joined the room, start watching and enjoying your movies or anything else.

Furthermore, using Gaze, you can Sync local files, but both parties have the same files you want to view. So, don’t waste your time and start enjoying movies together with your long-distance friend. 

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Rabbit is another website where you can watch movies together with your long-distance friends. Do you want to share YouTube videos, Netflix videos, docs, games, and images? If yes, Rabbit can be the perfect option for you. You can carry out all the above activities without spoofing privacy in just one App. 

Rabbit is very easy to use as you just have to log in to the website and allow everything that you wanna sync through the browser.

To know more about the website, you can use it via the link given below:

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Netflix Party

Netflix Party is Chrome’s Browser extension which allows you to sync videos from Netflix that you can watch on multiple computers and screens at a time. It is considered the best website to configure as you only have to install it on one computer.

Firstly you need to download the extension from chrome; then, it will lead you to Netflix, and you can start watching videos or movies. After that, you must download the extension, lead it to Netflix, and start watching a movie or video. Once logged in, you can tap the red Np button to pause the video. It will allow you to generate a link you can share with a friend with whom you want to watch movies together. Using this platform, you can chat with your friends while watching movies.

The best thing about using the Netflix party is: Only 1 friend is needed to download this extension, and others can watch videos just by sharing the links. Moreover, others can watch videos or movies even if they don’t have a Netflix subscription.

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SyncTube is the perfect App for you if you are reluctant to share your personal details and maintain your privacy while watching videos. You need not give your personal information while logging into the application; you can give your nickname and start watching videos with your long-distance friends.

You can register your room just by giving a nickname. Moreover, you can add videos to your playlist, which can also be viewed by your friends you have invited into the room. Anytime you can invite your friend by clicking the invite option in the upper right corner of the application.

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MyCircleTV is well appreciated by users and considered the best App for screen sharing. It has many different features that apps fail to give. Like you can voice chat with your friends while watching any video. 

This App allows you to enjoy free voice calls with your friends while watching movies, and also you can invite friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, etc.

It is also one of the best screen-sharing platforms for your long-distance friends and watching movies together.

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Plex VR

The video synchronization of Plex VR is on another level. Its features are awesome that other apps don’t have. The common feature is to chat while watching online movies with your participants. Moreover, users can change screen size, pause, and resume video according to everyone’s preference.

To get the benefits of numerous other features of Plex VR, you can use this application just by simply logging in and inviting your friends by creating links.

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CyTube is another best web application that allows you to share your screen while watching movies or other videos. Don’t worry about your privacy, as other screens are private, and no data beyond movies are shared with others.

Go watch movies with your long-distance friends without spoofing your privacy. The login is very simple. After login, share links with other friends.

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Wrapping up the article: Watch Movies Together With Your Long Distance Friends, we have shared some best apps and websites that share your screen to watch videos or movies with your friends. All the platforms as mentioned above are highly recommended by the users. If you want to spend your leisure time with your long-distance friends, then you should prefer these platforms. Without spoofing your privacy, these apps are genuine, as no such feedback or reviews can make them worse.

Now you need not plan visits with long-distance friends; you can watch your favorite movies together with your long-distance friends. We hope you like the information given in the article.

Have you tried these apps? If so, share the reviews in the comment box given below.


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