Best Arena 2 Deck Listed

Best Arena 2 Deck

BEST ARENA 2 DECK – Are you seeking for the “Best arena 2 deck”? So you’ve come to the correct site, then. You may easily avoid Arena 2 in Clash Royale by using the finest decks, which we shall discuss in this post.

Clash Royale’s top Arena 2 deck!

In Clash Royale, decks are incredibly important in determining the result of a battle, therefore having a well-balanced deck would always offer you an advantage above your rivals. It’s not always beneficial to have stronger cards because they must be matched and therefore should address the flaws and capabilities of other cards.

Used Cars To Build These Decks!

All of the playing cards used to build the best arena 2 decks are mentioned here. 

Giant Baby Dragon is on Deck 1. 

The Giant baby dragon deck is based on the idea of supporting him with a tank located in the front and an untouchable air unit in the rear.

Giant Bomber Deck, Deck 2. 

Given that you can quickly cycle between cards with the original Giant Bomber deck, possessing a cheap deck has a lot of promise.

Deck 3: Baby Dragon And Valkyrie Deck 

With both the Valkyrie as well as the baby dragon deck, you must use cheap cards and great hands. The strongest point of this deck, from our perspective, is its low average elixir price of just 3.3 elixir.

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Role of Each Card in the Deck!

After viewing our suggested decks for area 1, let’s discuss the potential uses and functions of each card in just this deck. 

Giant: The only function of the Giant in this deck is to defend the Ally towers as well as other troops by taking quite as much incoming harm as it can. The centrepiece card in the deck is The Giant, and for valid reason Giant exclusively attacks towers and pays no attention to any other troops.

FireBall: Fireball is the fallback; if initial push fails or you find yourself in a difficult defensive position, you always can utilise the fireball to cause huge amounts of damage in a modest area. 

Musketeer: which has incredible particular target damage and can be employed for both defensive and offensive plays, is your go-to card in the aforementioned decks for both defence and offence. Simply deploy Musketeers behind your archery towers and deploy more forces, such as

Baby Dragon: is a pretty adorable character in the Clash universe, however this card offers a tonne of value in addition to its charm.

Valkyrie: When contrasted to cards which cost the same amount as the Valkyrie, the latter is once more a tremendously powerful card. Because The Valkyrie has a tonne of health and a tonne of AOE damage, you have strong offensive and defensive potential.

Goblin Cage: The lone building card in arena 1 and a surprisingly underestimated card, the goblin cage can be placed in the centre of an arena to pull in buildings that attack troops including giants.

Arrows: Without the need for a doubt, the strongest spell cards in the game, Arrows may be utilised to deal reasonable harm and easily dispatch swarms of cards.

Tomb Stone: In the bones pit arena, you can also acquire the building card tombstone. Given that it can exchange 3 elixirs for significantly beyond that, this structure is unquestionably among the finest building cards inside the game.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “best arena 2 deck”


Q1) what is the best deck for arena 2?

Ans- In Arena 2, the Giant & Witch combination can be quite effective.

  • Arrows
  • Tombstone
  • Spear Goblins
  • Giant
  • Musketeer
  • Bomber
  • Witch
  • Minions

Q2) how to make the best deck with arena 1 and 2 cards clash royale?

Ans- The Prince as well as the Mini PEKKA are the key tanks in the decks that inflict harm to opponent towers. 

The second arena’s card pool is somewhat small, but that does not imply it isn’t crucial to choose the best possibilities for your deck.

Q3) In clash royale what is the best deck for arena 2 with baby dragon?

Ans- Players should enter the best Arena 2 deck, in order to gain entry to the card, to acquire the Baby Dragon. The card may also be unlocked by players finishing shop missions, accepting shop offers, making clan contributions, or opening treasure chests.

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