3 Snacks that You Think are Healthy but Aren’t

healthy snacks that aren't healthy

In the contemporary era, health consciousness is continuously increasing among people. Individuals are seeking food items that are healthy, as well as tasty. Nevertheless, it is essential to analyze the difference between actually healthy snacks and a bag of cream onion chips. All the snacks are not as healthy as they seem. Here is a list of three healthy snacks that aren’t healthy at all.

  1. Fruit Bars

It is a sure thing that bars are made from fruits, and it is a good choice as compared to the fruit snacks which contain color. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are low in sugar. Fruit bars are actually sugar bombs; they are low in fiber. Hence, fruit bars are tasty but not satisfying.

  1. Bottled Smoothies

No matter what is the color of bottled smoothies or you have purchased hem from corner bodega or the supermarket. Bottled smoothies never provide you with nutrition offered by DIY blend. Bottled smoothies are high in sugar, and too low in fat and protein which exclude it from the category of balanced snack. Hence, bottled smoothies are one of the healthy snacks that aren’t healthy.

  1. Granola Bars

The first thing to notice is that “granola bars” are not even made with granola, and they contain higher calories as compared to a full meal. Most of the granola bars are similar to candies and are high in sugar. If you are eating them, then keep in mind that it is just a tasty treat, but not a healthy snack.