12 Best Cheese for Cheesiest Burgers 

best cheese for burgers

Best Cheese for Burgers  – Cheeseburgers are the ultimate comfort food, combining the juiciness of a beef patty with the ooey-gooey goodness of melted cheese. They’re the perfect canvas for experimentation, allowing you to try different cheese varieties and toppings to find your perfect combination. Whether you’re grilling up burgers for a summer BBQ or indulging in a late-night fast food run, cheeseburgers are always a reliable and satisfying choice.

So we ask, Is there anything more satisfying than biting into a juicy patty, perfectly melted cheese oozing out from between the buns? We think not. But with so many different types of cheese out there, it can be tough to choose which one to use on your burger. Fear not, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best cheese for burgers. 

List Of Best Cheese For Burgers

If you love eating burgers you must have tried at least one of these best cheese for burgers.

  • American Cheese
    Let’s start with the classic. American cheese is a staple on burgers across America for a reason. It’s smooth, creamy, and has just the right amount of meltiness. Plus, it’s affordable and widely available, making it a popular choice for burger joints. While it may not be the most sophisticated cheese out there, it’s hard to deny that it’s damn tasty on a burger.
  • Cheddar Cheese
    Cheddar cheese is best cheese for those who want a bit more flavor in their burgers. It has a slightly sharp taste that pairs perfectly with beef. Plus, it has a firmer texture than American cheese, which gives it a nice chewiness. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even opt for aged cheddar, which has a sharper flavor and crumbly texture.
  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss cheese may not be the first cheese you think of when it comes to burgers, but it’s definitely worth considering. It has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor that complements the beef well. Plus, it has a gooey, melty texture that adds a luxurious feel to your burger.
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
    If you like a bit of heat with your burger, pepper jack cheese is the way to go. It has a mild, creamy flavor with just a hint of spice. It’s a great option for those who want a little bit of heat without overwhelming their taste buds.
  • Blue Cheese
    For those who like their cheese with a bit of funk, blue cheese is a fantastic choice. It has a strong, pungent flavor that can stand up to even the heartiest of burgers. Plus, it has a crumbly texture that adds a nice contrast to the juicy patty. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even top your blue cheese burger with caramelized onions and bacon for the ultimate indulgence.
  • Gouda Cheese
    Gouda cheese is a great option for those who want a bit of smokiness in their burger. It has a mild, nutty flavor with a smoky finish that pairs well with beef. Plus, it has a creamy texture that melts beautifully on a burger.
  • Brie Cheese
    Brie cheese may seem like an unusual choice for a burger, but trust us on this one. It has a buttery, slightly earthy flavor that goes surprisingly well with beef. Plus, it has a soft, gooey texture that adds a luxurious feel to your burger. Just be sure to pair it with a hearty bun to prevent it from overpowering the patty.
  • Colby Jack Cheese
    If you’re having trouble deciding between cheddar and pepper jack, why not have both? Colby jack cheese is a blend of both cheddar and pepper jack, giving you the best of both worlds. It has a creamy texture with a mild, slightly spicy flavor that goes perfectly with a juicy burger.
  • Havarti Cheese
    Havarti cheese is another great option for those who want a bit of smokiness in their burger. It has a buttery, creamy flavor with a slightly nutty finish. Plus, it has a soft, melty texture that makes every bite of your burger that much more indulgent.
  • Feta Cheese
    Feta cheese has a tangy and salty flavor that can add a unique twist to your cheeseburger. It is a great option for those who want a lighter and fresher taste to their burger. Feta cheese pairs well with lamb burgers or a Mediterranean-inspired burger with toppings like olives, tomatoes, and tzatziki sauce.
  • Provolone Cheese
    Provolone cheese is a semi-hard cheese that has a mild and nutty flavor. It has a smooth and creamy texture that can make any cheeseburger more decadent. Provolone cheese pairs well with bacon and caramelized onions.

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Wrapping Up

And that was it, the 12 best cheese for burgers. The cheese you choose for your cheeseburger can make a big difference in the overall flavor and experience. Whether you want classic cheddar or a more adventurous blue cheese, there are many options to choose from. Experiment with different types of cheese and toppings to find your perfect combination. With so many delicious options, there’s no excuse for a boring cheeseburger.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the most common cheese on a burger?
    The most common cheese on a burger is cheddar cheese. It’s a classic choice that has been used on burgers for decades, and it pairs well with the beefy flavor of the patty.
  2. What cheese goes on a beef burger?
    Many different types of cheese can go on a beef burger, but the most popular choices include cheddar, American, Swiss, and pepper jack cheese. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and what flavors you want to highlight.
  3. What is the best cheese for burgers?
    The best cheese to put on a burger depends on your taste preferences. Cheddar and American cheese are popular choices for their mild flavors, while more adventurous eaters might opt for blue cheese or goat cheese. Ultimately, the best cheese is the one that complements the flavors of the burger and toppings.
  4. Can I use vegan cheese on a burger?
    Yes, you can use vegan cheese on a burger. There are many different types of vegan cheese available that can melt and add flavor to a burger just like traditional cheese.
  5. How should I melt cheese on a burger?
    To melt cheese on a burger, place a slice of cheese on top of the patty during the last minute of cooking. You can also cover the patty with a lid to help the cheese melt faster.