Best Chest Workouts and Healthy Foods to Lose Chest Fat and Look Buff

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Ways to burn that chest fat

Out of all the body parts, belly fat is an area where everyone has a whole lot of tips for you on how to get rid of it but, what about your Chest fat? How to lose chest fat? A study suggests that many men in the USA are afraid to look in the mirror due to the excess accumulated fat on their chest that makes them look like they have breasts. This becomes pretty off-putting. So, here we are to provide you with all the knowledge that you must apply to do something about those man breasts. Here we will suggest you some Chest workouts including dumbbells chest workout to burn chest fat effectively and also healthy food to assist you in achieving your goal.


Well, to be blunt here, it is mainly due to hormonal fluctuations. In men, there is testosterone that prevents the breasts in men from expanding, but in other cases, there may be a shortage of this hormone in the body or there may be hormonal fluctuations. Doctors have actually named this as a condition called gynecomastia. What causes this condition? There may be a bunch of reasons for this, key causes are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Consumption of antibiotics
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Certain psychiatric medications
  • Certain anti-ulcer medications
  • Medications that block the function of testosterone
  • Taking herbal supplements that contain phytoestrogens
  • Using tea tree oil or lavender lotions
  • Using certain drugs, such as anabolic steroids or androgens
  • Excessive body fat
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Certain types of tumor
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Other conditions that cause lower testosterone levels

Mainly infants, teens or those adults over 45 are affected by this disease. It is however possible to tackle this situation by following a perfect combination of healthy food and exercises.

So, before going moving any further we shall be clear that it becomes extremely difficult to target any specific body part but do not lose hope as there are certain tips you CAN follow to achieve effective results. It should also be made clear that merely performing chest exercises to burn fat won’t give you desired results become consumption of healthy food is equally significant if not more.


One doesn’t really need to spend a fortune in gym and trainer fees but should definitely invest in a pair of dumbbells in order to perform some dumbbell chest workout as well, to get quicker results.

  1. Push-ups

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Push-ups are proven to be the one of the most popular and useful of the exercises apart from dumbbell chest workouts in order to burn chest fat. To perform a complete push-up you need to begin in a plank position. Be sure to have your arms stretched straight and shoulders and legs wide apart. Slowly bring your body down while bending your arms followed by slowing bringing back your body up.

Try to do this as many times as you can to get the desired result. Push- ups target the entire part of your chest.

  1. Benchpress

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Although it is best to perform bench press using weight bars but if you are doing it at home you can also do it using the dumbbells. To do a bench press try to begin with lower weights then gradually increase the weight. If you only possess one weight dumbbell then you can alter the nos. of sets you perform.

To begin lie on your back at a bench then hold the bar/dumbbells above your shoulders using your arms and slowly begin a cycle of bringing it low and then back high.

  1. Dumbbell pull-over

best chest workoutThis is part of a dumbbell chest workout. In order to perform a dumbbell pull-over, you should lie straight on your back over a bench and then use arms to take the dumbbells from above your chest to behind your head while keeping your arms straight. Try to begin with slow with this one.

  1. Cardio
How to lose chest fat
Cardio includes a bunch of tiring activities

Cardio is very important part of the overall exercise regime for anyone who is looking to lose weight. Same goes for the people who are willing to chisel their chest. It is a very vital collection of activities that burns a lot of calories. It includes:

  • Running (at an easy pace)
  • Rope-Jumping
  • Stair-stepper
  • Biking
  • Hiking

Now that we have put aside the Chest workouts, let’s now focus on the healthy food to lose weight. Remember, these two i.e. exercise and healthy diet are the answers to how to lose chest fat? and these must be coupled together to achieve the desired outcome.

To make sure that you are doing enough and doing it right you must be aware of your daily calorie intake. You can do it by counting calories. But, how do you count calories? Well, it’s pretty easy, barely an inconvenience, just keep a track of what and how much you ate throughout the day and visit any of the calorie calculator sites to calculate your calorie intake.

Now, let’s talk about the various healthy foods you should focus on including in your diet.


Healthy foodThere is no fixed eating habit that you can follow to target specifically your chest, the human body just does not work like that. However, you can consume these Healthy foods to lose weight of overall body fat which will eventually affect your chest too.

  1. Avoid sugar and starches

If you cut back these carbs your appetite will automatically reduce. Courtesy of this you will consume less and ingest lower calories assisting your calorie deficit goal. It will also help lower your insulin level. Avoid foods like corn, potatoes, peas, beans, pasta, grains and rice. Focus on foods like Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, cabbage, etc.

  1. Increase vegetables, fat and protein consumption

Focus on foods like Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, eggs and fish food. These foods are rich in proteins and it cannot be overstated enough that proteins are the undisputed kings for a low weight diet.

Now, it’s time to get to work folks. Remember to follow a strict diet and to perform chest workouts at least 3 times in a week and get appropriate rest. Cardio must be performed at least 5 days a week.

What are you body goals? is it how to lose chest fat fast? Make sure to let us know in the comments section down below.