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edgar haircut meme


Speaking of famous hairstyles, “Edgar haircut meme” is the most popular one. Hairstyles are considered as the best personality-defining attribute. Therefore, Edgar hairstyle is claimed to be suitable for boys with short hair. It could enhance the oval, long, and pointed/sharp face types. It can even fix an uneven haircut. It was a stunning ‘latina haircut’ that gained huge popularity among the youth.

What does ‘Edgar Haircut’ mean? 

It was also known as the “Takuache Haircut”. It became so popular that it was also known as a meme as a sign of Edgar Hair. It can be mixed with any hairstyle as it was spread into several cuts like undercut and shaded. Haircut with upside down, and top-to-down and lengthy from the front was observed in it, including the fringes from your head. If you want a transformation or something change to be done in your hair, the Edgar Haircut Mexican is the answer. 

Where did the ‘Edgar Haircut’ Come From?

Years back, this haircut was famous in ‘South America’. Men in that country called this hairstyle under the name “Takuache Haircut”, which takes us back to the ancient period Mayans. This word actually means ‘possum’.

What are the types of ‘Edgar Haircuts’ ?

There are a various Edgar Haircut styles, ‘curly edgar haircut’, ‘mid taper haircut’, and ‘ take ache haircut mullet’; people thinking of getting it done can look from the options:

Edgar Haircut Mullet

It is considered the most demanded cut out of all the types, it gives a higher faded look on the sides and lower on the head. It is famous among men who are low-maintenance and pocket-friendly. Boys who are tired of their curly hair have limited hairstyle options can go for this look. 

It suits all face types, and people generally prefer to cut the sides and let them grow a little more before trimming.

Classic Edgar Haircut

This style can be worn by anyone regardless of shape ( oval, round, long, and sharp ) and type of hair (curly, straight). It is done by cutting the minimum from the sides and the maximum from the top of the head. It can be varied from short-length hair to medium-length hair. Nowadays, its craze has reduced from what it was decades ago, but it can get back on track if done in the right direction. 

Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

In terms of uniqueness, a short spiky Edgar haircut has aced. Little fade on the sides of the head is common among all types of Edgar’s haircuts. So is the case in this haircut style; it is styled by putting a blunt trim on the sides and a cut with a razor on the top of the head. That is the reason why guys looking for queer style choose to get this hairstyle done.

‘Edgar Haircut’ in Memes!

All this started with an Instagram video. A big social media platform named ‘Twitter’ paid attention to the ‘Edgar Haircut’. A Latin sports boy came into the picture as a stereotype of the meme, which was destroyed by the creators. This meme got a rise as most of the members were Latin; they took Edgar as a boy who was after girls and a little naughty. This meme was found to be humorous by the jokesters. Later, in 2021 many boys in ‘Texas High School’ got the same haircut that the school authorities thought of banning it at once. This led to the huge media coverage and tiktokers using it for their fame. People used phrases to tease others:

  • Nice Edgar cut, man! Can you steal my girl?
  • Just by looking at that fade, I can tell he is the most Edgar of Edgars.


Apart from clothes and accessories, haircuts also play a major role in defining a person’s personality. It is in our hands to get the hairstyle that suits our face cut the best. Therefore, the ‘Edgar Haircut’ is the most popular hairstyle even after its meme controversy on a large scale. As it is low maintenance and easy to go. 


Q1) Why are people getting the Edgar haircut?

Ans – People prefer Edgar Haircut because it is trendy and gives us the freedom to style our hair in many different ways regardless of face shape and hair length.

Q2) Who started the Edgar haircut?

Ans – A baseball player named Edgar Martinez gave a start to this trendy Edgar Haircut.

Q3) How to style the Edgar haircut?

Ans – It is known for its many styles, but the most famous one is its ‘bowl cut’ in which the length of bangs is the same all across the head.