Best Fat Cartoon Characters Of Disney

fat cartoon characters

This list includes the best fat cartoon characters, as voted on by television viewers who understand the distinction between big-boned and overweight. In addition, many cartoon programs have included the best chubby cartoon characters. Thus, we’ve produced a list of the best fat cartoon characters from classic and modern shows.

Which characters are included in this list of well-known chubby cartoon characters? Of course, one of our favorite chubby cartoon characters is Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. We’re not talking about the jumbo-sized version from “King-Size Homer,” but the regular Homer. Other chubby cartoon characters include Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones. South Park’s Eric Cartman is another outstanding chubby cartoon character who has progressed well beyond being overweight. Or is he simply plain stupid? Finally, don’t forget about other popular fat Disney characters who have been on television!

Where do Cartman and your other favorite fat cartoon characters fit into this list? You may vote for your favorite fat and chubby cartoons to guarantee they come out on top. And if we left out any portly cartoon characters, please feel free to add them to the list!

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Best Fat Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Here is a list of best fat cartoon characters you must have seen.

Fat Albert

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an American animated television series created and hosted by legendary comedian Bill Cosby. Albert is a well-known, fat member of the Cosby gang. In each instructive episode, he displays a new part of himself. At the conclusion, he joins the North Philadelphia Junkyard to recap the lesson. Fat Albert cartoon characters are popular among children because of their convocational features.

Winnie the Pooh

This cartoon figure was one of the earlier causes of our childhood’s purity and innocence. Pooh is a kind and well-mannered bear with yellow fur. He has a pleasant personality and enjoys eating honey. Eeyore, a melancholy grey donkey, a timid pig, Owl, Piglet, Rabbit, and Kanga, who had Roo in her pouch, were among his friends. Pooh was one of a kind because of his simplicity and the unselfish relationship he had with his buddies. Pooh will undoubtedly bring comfort to everybody who sees this show. Pooh is one of the easiest characters to draw when sketching. Throughout the show, he is seen wearing a red t-shirt.

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Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson is a famous fictional fat cartoon character who stars in ‘The Simpsons.’ He is a married guy with three children, Lisa, Maggie, and Bart. He is a black obese patriarch from an eponymous family. At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, his unprofessional and egotistical demeanour makes him somewhat disagreeable. This safety inspector, addicted to junk food and drink, is fiercely protective of his family and has strange nightmares about space travel.


We must all agree that seeing The Lion King is still one of our favorite things to do on vacation. So, how can we forget Pumbaa, the show’s deuteragonist? Pumbaa, the ravenous warthog, is one of the show’s most memorable characters. He is Timon and Simba’s best pal. His persona is portrayed as a caring, open-hearted, naive, and innocent individual. Because of his powerful stench, most of the animals in the show are frightened and contemptuous of him, but this does not appear to hinder his cheerful and honest demeanor.

 Eric Cartman 

He had to be included on our list since he is one of the best fat cartoon characters. He’s a potty-mouthed, Nazi-loving schoolkid with a wacky group of friends. He is from the TV program South Park, which was noted for its crude and improper seasons, but everyone adored every episode.

 Fred Flintstone

This is another fat chubby character who plays a significant role in the animated sitcom. He occurs in Bedrock literature as a masculine figure. He is wedded to Wilma Flintstone, and they have a son named Pebbles Flintstone. They dwell in Bedrock, a town. He and his wife made history by being the first married couple to be televised on American television while sleeping in the same bed. In terms of age, he is 41 years old as we speak.

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 Fat Cat

Fat cat is a chip’s dale rescue rangers TV program antagonist who is always prepared to save the main antagonist Aldrin Klordane. He is a grey Tabby cat who is the beloved pet of Aldrin Klordane, the underworld sensation. This chubby black cartoon figure flaunts his whiskers and dresses in a purple costume when enraged. He’s a sadist, a threat, and a mastermind with strange designs. He also clearly despises dogs.

 Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin is a must-see when it comes to fat cartoon characters. In the animated TV sitcom “Family Guy,” he is the middle child of Peter and Lois Griffin. He has primarily been portrayed as a timid and friendly young man. On the other hand, his character has been seen to get increasingly uncomfortable and foolish during the play. He is a medium-sized man dressed in a blue shirt and grey jeans during the presentation. His hair is yellowish, and his eyes appear to be protruding. He is dressed in white shoes with red stripes.

 Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum is a well-known character from the animated television show “The Simpsons.” He plays the role of the head of police in the show’s setting of Springfield. He is, however, an extremely slow police officer. He’s morbidly obese, direct, impolite, uneducated, and incompetent. He’s crazy with doughnuts and a fake popcorn called “Chintzy Pop.” He has grey hair and is dressed in a bluish-grey professional police uniform.


Gluttony from ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ is the next fat black cartoon character on the list. He is a dark chubby figure frequently observed feasting on the remnants of other creatures and has an awful company of sister desire. Brother Gluttony usually is pretty calm, but he becomes enraged while attempting to consume anything that comes his way and wants to eliminate Homunculi’s presence. In the show, his character is a violent and hungry black man who drinks anything that comes his way.

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To summarise

Cartoons provide a number of educational benefits. Solving puzzles with chubby cartoon creatures is really good for children. The iconic cartoon character Scooby-Doo, for example, follows the dog and the group as they solve mysteries.

• As the show progresses, more clues are revealed, and it depicts how the team ultimately discovers who the evil guy is. Your child’s creativity and quick thinking are used in this way.

• You can stimulate your child’s brain while simultaneously teaching them valuable life lessons through the usage of cartoons.

So, these are the best fat cartoon characters that we could think of, if you think we missed out on some of the more popular fat cartoon characters, let us know in the comments below.