How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

how long does teeth whitening last

Have you ever wondered how long does teeth whitening last? Whitening your teeth is a simple cosmetic dentistry procedure that allows you to improve the appearance of your smile quickly.

It is a simple and easy operation that helps you to brighten, whiten, and improve your smile while also gaining confidence. Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is a long-term remedy to tooth discoloration.

How long teeth whitening last is one of the numerous inquiries, we hear here at Revitalise.

In this blog article, we’ll look at how professional dental whitening works, how long it takes, and how you can help maintain your teeth gleaming white afterward.

The duration of your teeth whitening procedure might be affected by various variables. To begin, whether or not dental bleaching can enhance your smile is totally dependent on the sort of discoloration you have. There are two forms of tooth staining: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic stains are those that form within the tooth. In rare cases, these markings are typically produced by damage or decay and can only be repaired by dental whitening.

Extrinsic stains can appear on the surface of your teeth and maybe readily erased with regular dental care and a professional whitening procedure.

Another essential aspect influencing the longevity of your brighter smile is how well you care for your teeth in between whitening procedures. It is vital to note that certain foods and beverages discolor teeth more than others and thus should be avoided if feasible.

Teeth whitening has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years. Tooth whitening dates back to different historic civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Roman. These dental forefathers employed dubious substances such as pumice stone and urine to manufacture whitening pastes as a status symbol.

We are happy to report that teeth whitening procedures have gone a long way since then!

The whitening and tooth bleaching techniques we used now trace back to Rd. Van B. Haywood’s work in 1989. He coated the night guards worn by patients with carbamide peroxide and a gel material and had them use the guard each night for 2 weeks. Each patient received a whiter, brighter smile as a consequence, and a specific procedure for increasing the colour of natural teeth was developed.     

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What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

The exterior of your teeth is affected by extrinsic discoloration. These spots on the surface are shallow. Tobacco use, poor oral hygiene, and plaque build-up are the causes.

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Coloured foods
  • Wine (red)
  • Sauce for pasta
  • Darkly coloured foods (like dark berries)

How Long Does the Process of Teeth Whitening Take?

In-chair whitening, often known as in-office whitening, is whitening done in a dental facility. It is conducted by a dentist who uses higher concentrations of a whitening mix than is available elsewhere. Significant whitening results can be obtained in a 1–2-hour session.

At-home whitening solutions are mouth trays custom-made by your dentist to suit your mouth perfectly. The whitening chemical is placed in the trays and worn regularly for short periods. They employ lesser doses of whitening chemicals and might take 2-3 weeks to produce the desired results.

Whitening toothpaste seldom whitens teeth unless it includes hydrogen peroxide, which most do not!

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How Can You Make Your Teeth More Whiter?

It’s better to think about teeth whitening as a form of tanning. Everyone who spends time in the sun or at a tanning clinic will get a tan. The degree to which they are tanned varies from person to person. Everyone achieves apparent benefits, but not to the same degree. It is critical to understand that no whitening agent will whiten fillings or restorations.

How to Maintain Your Colour Between Top Ups

After completing your initial treatment plan and achieving your ideal smile, you will have to retain the colour and care for your teeth. The easiest method to accomplish this is to maintain proper dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly may help keep your teeth bright and white and your gums healthy.

Regular appointments with a dental hygienist will also aid in keeping your teeth clean and your new smile as white as possible. Drinking enough water both before and after meals can assist in ‘wash’ your teeth and removing any remaining food and drink that might cause discoloration over time. To help eliminate stains and keep your whitened teeth, use whitening toothpaste. Your dentist would be able to prescribe a toothpaste that will help you maintain your teeth as white as possible for as long as feasible.

After a whitening treatment, drinking liquids such as fruit drinks or smoothies may be easier if you use a straw. This enables the glass, and therefore the stains, to travel through your teeth; it may also assist if your teeth are sensitive.

Consider this: if the material is strong enough just to stain a white shirt, it is also sufficiently solid to discolour your teeth.

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At-home whitening gel trays

Effects with a whitening gel tray should be seen in approximately a week, with optimum results visible in 2 to 4 weeks. The degree of whitening you observe depends on the quality of the peroxide used and the length of time you wear it.

When paired with good dental hygiene, at-home dental professional lightning gel trays should provide you with effects lasting a year or more.

Your doctor can fit your teeth for a custom-made plate that you can fill at home with gel whitener. Your dentist’s whitener is more potent than the sort used in over-the-counter treatments.

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Final Words

To respond to the query, “How long does teeth whitening last?” Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution since every individual and every scenario is unique. This is why, when you conduct an internet search, you will find such a wide range of answers and can do your research thoroughly before getting your teeth whiten. 

Have you ever had your teeth whitened? If so, please share your experience in the comments section below.