Best Golf Ball For Beginners With Excellent Performance and Affordability

best golf ball for beginners

Just starting out in golf and looking for the best golf ball for beginners? You have come to the right place.

Golf is not easy, and you encounter various obstacles during the game ranging from skill improvement to locating great equipment. However, with the right training aids, you can enhance your performance and overcome these challenges. Training aids provide invaluable assistance in refining your golfing skills, helping you develop better swings, improve accuracy, and optimize your overall game.  The Left Rough will help you find the best training aids to improve your golfing skills. When it comes to picking the best ball, you will be overwhelmed with the numerous options available in the market.

Golf balls come in a variety of designs, colors, personalities, and different features that perform differently on a golf course. Golf can be tricky to understand for a beginner with lots of confusing information which is the The Left Rough can become your go to place.

Let’s check out the best golf ball option for beginners.

Best Golf Ball for Beginners

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

This new TruFeel successor comes with improved driver distance as compared to the predecessor. Titleist has reformed the core to include new speed-generating materials inside. This means the driver ball speeds are up, and the spin is kept low to maximize the distance. 

This golf ball features aerodynamic properties that improve the long-distance game. Beginners would love to play with Titleist with improved features and affordable prices.

This best golf ball for beginners is available in optic yellow, white and matte red colors.

Callaway Warbird golf ball

Callaway has been using the Warbird name for decades now, and the name has become synonymous with speed and distance in this ball range. This new model from Callaway is the best golf ball for beginners.

This model features two-piece construction with high energy and an extra-large core to promote distance with a higher launch at many swing speeds. The ionomer cover will add control and feel around the greens using HEX Aerodynamics design which reduces drag to generate more speed, added distance, and greater hang time.

Srixon AD333 golf ball

 Srixon AD 33 was launched first in 2003 and is now in its 9th generation, proving the increasing popularity of this golf ball. Given how long this ball has been around, Srizon is the best golf ball for beginners, especially for people who do not wish to compromise on price and performance.

This new AD333 golf ball features FastLayer Core to maximize the speed and keep spins low by being softer and firm towards the edges. When close to the green, Srixon’s Spin Skin technology and SeRM increase friction with maximized spin. 

Wilson Tour Velocity Tour Distance & Tour Feel golf balls

The Wilson golf balls are low-compression promising extreme distance using hard ionomer cover material to optimize the trajectory for maximum roll and distance. The enhanced aerodynamics dimple pattern adds to the further power potential from the tree.

The mid-compression core of the ball makes greenside playability easier. When it comes to Wilson golf ball, distance is the real focus over velocity with the hardcover material.

Srixon UltiSoft golf ball

Another best golf ball for beginners from Srixon is Ultrasoft; however, it is a little more expensive than the other models. The beginners will not mind spending a little more on the excellent performance.

The Srixon Ultisoft golf ball has the lowest compression and softest with the help of an innovative new core producing a softer feel maximizing energy transfer impacting the low-game distance.

This 324 Speed Dimple pattern lowers the drag in flight for penetrating trajectory and is designed primarily with low, mid-swing speed but also performs well in faster swings.

Volvik Power Soft golf ball

Volvik Power soft is an affordable golf ball that comes in a range of color and pattern options. The oversized Power Core compromises with high speed for strong performances with the mid-high launch and low spin.

These balls have a super soft ionomer cover adding a suitable degree of greenside control as well. If you like playing with soft feel golf balls, then you must try Volvik Power SoftBall.

Genesis Soft 500 Golf Balls

For people with mid to high handicappers who wish to save a few pounds, Inesis Soft 500 ball will deliver extra soft touch with an all-rounder performance. 

It comes in four colors-orange, pink, yellow, and white. Golfers can add a little more personality to their balls while teeing up with high-launching, reliable balls ideal for slow swingers and the newcomers perfect for people who want something affordable.

Honma A1 golf ball

Honma may be at the end of a super-premium golf ball; however, the new A1 balls are premium-priced and represent an excellent option for beginners. 

This ball is 20% softer and lighter than the Honma’s D1 ball with its newly developed super-soft core. The brand claims that the golf ball reduces sidespin and counters the dreaded slice, which many beginners afflict.

This golf ball is available in orange, yellow, white colors and is also available in multicolor packs, including pink.

Nike PD Long Golf Balls

The Nike golf ball features a 314 Dimple pattern allowing better penetrating ball flight and an added roll. This high velocity and softcore ball increases responsiveness and also more distance off the tee. The best part is this golf ball comes at an affordable price making Nike PD long the best golf ball for beginners. 

Pinnacle Rush golf ball

Pinnacle balls are a popular and inexpensive choice for golfers who are new to this game, and the new Rush is no exception. The high-energy core increases performance by generating fastball speed on every club.

It has an icosahedral dimple design with a durable ionomer cover, 332 dimples promising a powerful and consistent ball fight with a hint of feeling.

TaylorMade RBZ Soft golf ball

TaylorMade RBZ soft golf ball has an overall good performance without being heavy on the pocket. This ball has fast REllACTcore to release and store energy efficiently throughout the bag for an amazing distance. 

The LPD 342 high-lift golf ball has a low drag dimple design to promote the high launch, which keeps the ball in the air for a long time and optimum distance. At the scoring end, the Iothane cover offers a lot of soft feels, which helps in playing the short shorts with more confidence.

This best golf ball for beginners is available in yellow and white. 

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