Best Mouse Poison To Get Rid Of Pests

best mouse poison

A single mouse can wreak havoc in your house. When looking to buy the best mouse poison, it depends on infestation location, presence of kids, and speed of treatment. Some mice poison takes upto six days to kill rodents, and if a pet consumes the infected rodent, the poison can be transferred. 

Check out some of our best picks for mouse position.

Best Picks For Mouse Poison

18 LB Contrac Blox Rodenticide

Contrac Blox comes with 18 pounds of best mouse poison chunks, perfect for large infestations. This position contains a small amount of paraffin wax and food-grade ingredients, making it water-resistant, which helps in exterior infestation as well as in damp areas. Every 1-ounce block has a hole in the center which allows it to be nailed to rafters or ceilings.

This is a single feeding mouse poison using anticoagulants to trigger internal bleeding and eventually death within 6 to 7 days.

Neogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Nuggets

This is affordable and the best mouse or mice poison in the market that comes with a water-resistant feature. This mouse killing trap also works on meadow voles and rats.

Fish flavoring attracts the pests and makes sure they take a bite and swallow. The formula contains diphacinone, which is an anticoagulant causing internal bleeding and eventual death after four to five days.

Keep the poison outside or inside your home in a damp, wet, or dry location. As long as the poison is not buried under snow or swept by running water, it will remain intact in rain, sun, or wind.

 MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Pack

MOTOMCO offers a bulk package of the best mouse poison pellets, or baits station refills, with 22 individually sealed in a 3-ounce package. The individual wrapping allows you to use them as much as needed without exposing the remaining pellets to retain the flavor and potency. 

This best mice poison is designed using flavor enhancers and food-grade ingredients that will tempt the pest to eat. The active ingredient is diphacinone which is an anticoagulant causing internal bleeding and eventually death within 4-5 days of ingestion. The poison can also get absorbed through the skin, so remember to wear proper protection when you set the bait.

  JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide

If you are looking for the best mouse poison bait, then check out the JT Eaton. This 9-pound bucket comes with 144 bait chunks in a bright color to prevent adults or kids from mistaking it as food. The chunks have holes which makes them easier to mount in rafters or to mount on ceilings. 

This best mice poison has peanut butter flavoring, which attracts mice and also entices them to come back again, which is required for this multiple feeding mouse poison. A portion of the block needs to be eaten every day to start showing the effect. The active ingredient is diphacinone which can kill a mouse and rats in 4-6 days.

Rat Bait Station 2 Pack

While this package does not come with bait, it does offer versatility and is also used in different forms of mouse poison, including chunks, blocks, liquid, and pallets. The bait station is made with durable plastic, which is safe to keep both outsides or inside and even attached to the joist, ceiling, and wall. 

Rat Bait has two entrance holes that prevent mice from getting trapped when searching for food which drives them from biting into the poison. The bait station offers lockable doors that can only be opened with a key which makes it safer if you have pets or kids. The plastic bait stations can be used on rats, chipmunks, mice, and other rodents.

Tomcat 4388404 Rat and Mouse Killer

This best mouse killer bait station comes in a pack of two to double the average in your house. The bait station comes prefilled with 4 ounces of chunk bait of block, including active ingredient bromethalin, which is extremely toxic and can kill by harming the central nervous system. 

As it is durable and comes in a weather-resistant plastic casing, the bait station is preferable to be used inside and outside the house to refill the initial chunks. The bait stations are designed to use on rats, mice, and other rodents, with one bait chunk containing enough poison to kill 20 mice.

Tomcat bait stations are pet and child-resistant, keeping your family safe with see-through windows allowing you to see when the station needs to be refilled.

 D-Con Corner Mouse Poison Bait Station

D-Con Cornet Fit Mouse Poison Bait Station features 20 bait refills and also a tamper-resistant case to prevent pets and kids from accessing. This compact trap is weather resistant and can be kept outside as well as inside. The active ingredient is cholecalciferol which is a calcium releaser called Vitamin D3.

This poison steadily releases excess calcium into the bloodstreams of rats and mice, calcifying the cardiovascular system as well as arteries causing death within 3-5 days.

Warning- Poisons, even if labeled as non-toxic, can have harmful effects on pets and kids; therefore, the best way to ensure the family’s safety is to keep the poison out of reach of children.

What Things to Consider Before Making Purchase

You must never buy poison to kill a mouse before knowing what the product contains, how it is meant to be used, and what circumstances. There are some important factors to buying the best mice poison.


There are three main types of mouse poison forms-chunks, pellets, and refill bait stations.

  • Pellets 
  • Chunks 
  • Refillable bait stations 
  • Disposable bait stations 


Another important factor to consider is the dosage of mouse poison. Read manufacturer’s direction before busing the mouse position.

  • Multiple-dose poisons
  • Single-dose poisons 


The quantity of poison required for infestation depends on the size and frequency of the affected area. Mouse poison chunks and pellets can be found in various quantities ranging from small to large buckets. 

Whereas bait stations come in multi-pack and single pack options. The bait stations range from full building to single station with more than 20 disposable bait traps in packs. 

Active Ingredients 

The active ingredient of a mouse poison determines how poison acts inside a mouse’s internal system and how it will kill a mouse.

  • Calcium releasers
  • Acute toxins 
  • Anticoagulants
  • Working Time
  • Acute toxins
  • Calcium releasers 
  • Anticoagulants
  • Additional Pest Control

Final Words:

Most types of mouse poison work well against different rodents like rats, squirrels, moles, and chipmunks. If you have been suspecting rodent problems in your house, then you should try using a broad spectrum poison which is great to treat all the issues at once. 

When buying the best mouse poison, always read manufacturers’ directions carefully for effective usage and handling. We hope you like this guide on the best mice poison to effectively kill mice.