Tips To Pack Luggage For Holiday

Best Suitcase packing tips

Planning a vacation is all fun and games until it’s time to pack your bags. Holidays are meant to relax and chill out, and managing your luggage is precisely the opposite of that. We often end up over-packing for a trip. Trying to cram your outfits into the suitcase and trying to figure out what to pack can kill the excitement of getaway. Here are some of the best suitcase packing tips and tricks for stress-free packing.

  • Prepare a checklist – planning a list will come handy at the time of packing. Note down all the essential things that you want to carry on the trip. Sunscreen? Check, shoes? Check, sunglasses? Check! this suitcase packing tip will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything while packing your suitcase.


  • Choose the right clothes – Check the climate condition and study a little about the destination; this will help you pack right and save your time later. For example, If you are planning a trip to an island, pack light and breathable fabrics to help you cope with the heat and humidity.


  • Roll your clothes- Rolling your clothes instead of folding saves a lot of space in the suitcase. Rolling up clothes also prevents creasing.


  • Plan your outfits- plan the itinerary and decide what will you do or go first after you reach the destination. It is a great way to decide what you are going to wear in advance. Put the outfit you are going to wear first on top and so on.


  • Fill dead space- never overpack or under pack. Fill empty spaces with small things and empty dry cleaner bags, which can later be used to keep mementos from the trip.


  • Keep essential things in your handbag/backpack- If your meds are in your purse, you’ll have what you need even if the overhead bin space fills up and you end up having to check your bag. Carry a scarf for the flight to make you comfortable when you feel cold.

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