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Gift Of A Highland Cow

Highland cow gifts – It’s an apparent reason why a Highland cow remains a favourite among many individuals, including ourselves, given their unusual shaggy coats and lovely features.

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Steven’s passion for highland cows was the basis for one of his most recognisable and well-liked collections, the McCoos. We have cow-themed gifts for any Highland cow enthusiast, ranging from kitchenware and pillows to beach towels and phone cases.

Harris McCoo was Steven’s first McCoo, and since then, he has produced many beloved highland cows, each with a unique personality and appearance. We’ve compiled a list of top gift of a highland cow presents to make your life easier.

List Of Highland Cow Gifts

1. Wall Art by McCoo

Is there a higher quality highland cow gift that is among our famous wall paintings with a rainbow of colours? Our canvases are available with every McCoo character imaginable, making them perfect for bringing life to any wall space! We, therefore, have the character to fit everyone’s personality, occasion, or colour palette, whether you’ve got a soft spot towards Harris McCoo and think tiny Baby McCoo is just precious.

2. Lizzie McCoo Throw Pillow

Our plush, soft-touch Lizzie McCoo pillows are ideal for adding a striking touch to any space. This cushion has a vibrant pattern on both sides, making it the perfect cookie buddy (a cuddle companion for non-Scots).

3. Cutting board by Heather McCoo

Heather McCoo looks just gorgeous on our posh glass cutting board. This bright, useful textured, heat-resistant, and hard-wearing cutting board with slip-resistant rubber feet is ideal for your kitchen counters!

4. Angus Wooden McCoo

These Angus McCoo hardwood coasters give any highland cow enthusiast’s living or eating space a dash of Steve Brown colour and design. Each pack contains 4 of the same design, but each one is unique because they are all handmade. This makes them ideal for anyone who enjoys a proper cup of tea and some shortbread to go with it.

5. Flip-flops by Arran McCoo and Isla

Are there any Highland Cow enthusiasts in your life? What could be better than getting them an attractive set of flip-flops that feature a well-known McCoo painting? Whether at a garden BBQ or by the pool in a tropical place (or both! ), such flip-flops will be the ideal addition to a highland cow lover’s wardrobe.

6. Jigsaw Coosday

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, when completed, displays a beautifully painted picture of a cheeky  Highland cow enjoying her supper.

The adorable original piece of Gill Erskine-Hill, which perfectly captures the personality of this beautiful animal, has been transformed into a piece of jigsaw art for the genuine connoisseur. In the forefront of your eyes, put the puzzle pieces together to produce this lovely scene.

7. Scottish Cow Lap Tray

In the luxury of a couch or armchair, you may use this multipurpose lap tray using a tartan highland cows design to browse the World Wide Web, read a book, compose a message, or enjoy a meal while watching television. Features a deep-filled, non-marking beanbag base and a wipeable surface for maximum comfort.

8. Coosday Pillows

These lovely pillow coverings from Evans Lichfield feature a hand-painted Highland cow.

The reversible cushion is in heather tartan and has a plush wool appearance and feel.

9. Highland Cow Plush Animal

This is a great highland cow gifts for kids. Children will love this tiny plush toy from Aurora World.

It measures approximately 8′′ (20 cm) and is loaded with beans for the best koosday hug.

10. A wireless charger by Rab McCoo

Are you looking for a quick, simple, cable-free solution to charge your smartphone? Our Rab McCoo portable charger is ideal, so there! Your phone will begin charging when you place it on the charging base.

P.S. Before placing your order, make sure your phone supports wireless charging.

11. Want additional highland cow gift suggestions?

We have a large selection of highland cow presents from Steven Brown Art, many of which have more than one of our recognisable McCoos. Visit our product sites if you need more ideas, and if you require any assistance, please get in touch with us.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What makes Highland cows unique?

Ans. Highland cows are renowned for being devoted and fiercely protective mothers. They give rich milk, enabling the calf to acquire weight steadily. Highlands are famous for their easy calving. Calves weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, and birthing aids are uncommon.

Q2) What makes it a Highland cow, and why?

Ans. They are the world’s oldest breed of cattle.

They first appeared in the Western Isles of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands.

Q3) How old is a Highland cow?

Ans. Additionally, Highland cattle can expect to live up to 20 years longer than the majority of other breeds of cattle.

Q4) How many babies can a Highland cow have?

Ans. Fun fact #8: Mother Highlands are renowned for frequently reproducing after turning 18 & raising a minimum of fifteen calves in their lifespan!