Best Summer Salad Recipes

best summer salad recipes

Looking for some healthy and easy salad Recipes? We have the best summer salad recipes for you. We have something for every taste bud. These salad make for the perfect side dish to have with your lunch and dinner.   Here are some of the best summer salad recipes.

Greek salad recipe

This easy summer salad recipe is completely Mediterranean and is made using cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, cucumber, and delicious dressing. This Greek salad recipe is very easy to make and will get ready within 15 minutes. You will enjoy this Greek salad recipe as a side dish in your lunch or dinner.


For the salad:-

  • cherry tomatoes (1 pt.- halved)
  • cucumber (one- thinly sliced make half-moons)
  • kalamata olives (1cup- halved)
  • red onion (1/2 -thinly sliced)
  • crumbled feta(3/4cups)Greek Salad

For Dressing:-

  • red wine vinegar (2 tbsp)
  • 1/2 a lemon juice
  • dried oregano (1 tsp.)
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • extra-virgin olive oil (1/4 cup)

How to make Greek Salad

  • Take a large bowl and stir tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and red onion together. Gently fold in feta in the salad.
  • To make the dressing Combine lemon juice, vinegar, and oregano and season the mixture with salt and pepper. Add olive oil and whisk nicely to combine.
  • Drizzle the dressing over the salad and serve.

Fruit salad recipe

Take your salad game to a whole new level with this fruit salad recipe. This fruit salad is a pure delight to have.


For the dressing:-Fruit salad recipe

  • Honey(1/4 cup)
  • freshly squeezed orange juice(1/4 cup)
  • Zest of 1 lemon

For the salad:-

  • Strawberries (1 lb.
  • Hulled-quartered0
  • Blueberries(6 ounces)
  • raspberries(6 ounces)
  • kiwis(3-peeled/sliced)
  • orange, (1- peeled/ wedges cut in half)
  • apples (2-peeled/chopped)
  • mango(1- peeled/chopped)
  • grapes(2 cups)

How to make Fruit Salad

  • whisk honey, lemon zest, and orange juice together in a small bowl. Add all the fruits in a large bowl and pour dressing over the fruits and toss to combine. Chill the fruit until it is ready to serve.

Best Corn salad recipe

The corn salad recipe is the perfect summer salad recipe to try for BBQs and Picnics. This corn salad recipe is easy to make and requires no cooking.


  • fresh or frozen corn(4 cups- defrosted)Corn
  • cherry tomatoes(1cups-halved)
  • crumbled feta(1/3 cups)
  • red onion(1/4-finely chopped)
  • basil(1/4 cups- thinly sliced
  • extra-virgin olive oil (3 tbsp)
  • One lime Juice
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

How to make Corn Salad

  • In a large bowl, toss all the ingredients together and sprinkle pepper and salt to season.

Cobb salad recipe

This easy homemade Cobb salad recipe is all you need in your life. The perfect side dish to have with your food.


  • red wine vinegar(1/3 cup)
  • Dijon mustard(1 tbsp)
  • extra-virgin olive oil(2/3 cups)
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepperCobb
  • romaine lettuce(1 head-coarsely chopped)
  • hard-boiled eggs(4- peeled/quartered)
  • cooked chicken(12 ounces diced)
  • bacon(8 slices-cooked/crumbled)
  • avocado(one-thinly sliced)
  • blue cheese(4 oz. crumbled)
  • cherry tomatoes(5 oz. halved)
  • finely chopped chives(2 tbsp.)

How to make Cobb Salad

  • shake mustard, vinegar, and oil in a jar, and sprinkle salt and pepper to season.
  • spread out lettuce, On a large platter, and then add hard-boiled egg, bacon, chicken, blue cheese, avocado, and cherry tomatoes rows.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with dressing and garnish with chives and season with salt and pepper.
  • On a large platter spread out lettuce, then add rows of hard-boiled egg, chicken, bacon, avocado, blue cheese, and cherry tomatoes.
  • Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with dressing and garnish with chives.

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