6 Horrific Details About Betty Gore Crime Scene

betty gore crime scene

The Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos are nine pictures taken by Detective Juan Rivera at the place where Betty Gore was killed. Moreover, these photos only show Betty Gore’s picture and nothing else from the crime scene.

People are confused about why there are no more pictures from the Betty Gore Crime Scene and why only this one was shared. Some people think the investigator did not have a way to make copies of the photos, or maybe they were worried that taking more pictures would mess up the evidence.

Even though we do not know all the answers, these pictures give us a special look into the investigation of a famous Florida murder, and it is clear that the lives of Alisa Gore and Bethany Gore have been really sad.

The Strange Use of a Mother’s Picture in Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos:

The photos of Betty Gore Crime Scene are quite odd because they mainly show a picture of a mom who fell from her building and died. Surprisingly, this is the only photo that was shown to the public, even though there are other pictures of Betty Gore’s body.

What Can We Learn from These Photos About the Betty Gore Crime Scene and the Investigation:

The pictures seem to be taken where Betty Gore was murdered. But, it is weird because the photo shared online is from the place where Lisa Irwin was seen dead, not Betty Gore Crime Scene. It would make more sense if the photos were taken at Betty Gore Crime Scene since that is where Lisa Irwin was born and kept.

The pictures were taken somewhere else and then connected to this case, making it look like they were taken at the real crime scene.

The Scary Betty Gore’s Murder on Friday the 13th:

On June 13, 1980, which happened to be a Friday, Betty Gore was tragically killed by Candy Montgomery. Even though the crime took place on an unlucky day, it seems like it was just a coincidence. There was a newspaper in Betty Gore’s house with a poster from the scary movie “The Shining,” which has a scary scene with someone holding an axe. This is spooky because of how Betty was killed.

The Hulu series called “Candy” talks a lot about these creepy details, especially the fact that it happened on Friday the 13th and the “The Shining” poster in Betty’s house. On the other hand, HBO’s “Love & Death” doesn’t focus too much on these things. Instead, it tells the story more straightforwardly and focuses on why the crime happened rather than the scary details of the crime itself.

The Terrible Attack with an Axe that Ended Betty’s Life:

Some very shocking information tells us that Candy hit Betty with an axe 41 times, and 28 of those hits were on her head. At first, because her head was so badly hurt, the police thought she might have been shot.

Later, when they looked at the injuries all over her body, they found that she was attacked with an axe. Betty’s dead body was found in the room first where her neighbours keep the household stuff. They told Allan Gore, her husband, and the police.

In HBO’s “Love & Death,” they show what happened when Betty was killed by going back in time, but they do not talk about how many times she was hit with the axe. They use scenes from the past and scenes from the future to show how Candy was really angry and could not control herself.

People who watch the show get to see parts of the crime scene and Betty’s injuries, which makes it clear how terrible and serious the crime was.

Betty’s Baby Daughter Slept While the Murder Happened:

Just like it is shown in “Love & Death,” Betty’s baby girl, Bethany, was at home and sleeping when her mom was killed. The neighbours who found the body of Betty also found Bethany safe in her bed. But sadly, Bethany had been left alone and hungry all day. 

One of the neighbours told The Dallas Morning News that they first found the baby who was crying in her crib because she had not been given food or anything all day.

The Fight That Hurt Candy:

Candy Montgomery tells her side of the story about the terrible event when she went to Betty’s house to get a swimsuit for Betty’s older daughter, who was going to spend the night at Candy’s house. When Candy got there, Betty accused her of having a secret relationship with Betty’s husband, Allan.

Instead of saying it was not true, Candy admitted to the affair but said it was over. Betty did not like this and got really angry. She grabbed an axe from her garage and attacked Candy.

They had a big fight, and Candy got hurt on her head and her left foot’s middle toe because of the axe. Candy said she managed to take the axe from Betty and had to defend herself. This is similar to what is shown in “Love & Death,” where they describe the argument and Candy getting hurt. 

However, they only give a hint that Candy’s feelings might have made her hit Betty 41 times with the axe.


The pictures from Betty Gore Crime Scene are upsetting. It is odd to see Betty Gore’s picture on The Detroit News Crime Scene page, mainly since her body was found near Detroit  in a ditch. The only picture on that page is an old photo of her husband, and we do not have more details about Betty, who we think is the victim. This makes things confusing and makes us wonder even more.