How to Prevent Pimples? – Amazing Tips for Preventing Pimples

how to prevent pimples

Pimples can be a real pain, especially when you have plans. We all hate pimples and seek natural ways to avoid them. Acne is one of the most common skin disorders, which can lead to different types of blemishes and spots. Squeezing the red pimple that occurs on our face from time to time is not the best way to prevent pimples or getting rid of them. So, how to prevent pimples naturally? We have got you some natural ways to prevent pimples . But before we jump to the remedies, it is essential to know the causes of pimples.

Causes of Pimples

According to dermatologists, there are major four factors that contribute to the causes of pimples-

  • Dead skin cells building up on the skin
  • Clogging of pores due to the production of too much oil
  • Inflammation on the face which results in redness
  • Presence of bacteria namely Propionibacterium acnes

A dermatologist can better help you to identify which factors are contributing to acne. Nevertheless, there are specific tips that you can follow to prevent pimples.

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  1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Acne is often the result of dirt on the face, and it is one of the most popular beliefs. It is essential to remove the dirt and oil present on the skin by washing the face regularly. It is one of the best ways to prevent pimples. It helps in removing impurities, dead cells, and extra oil present on the face. Many people opt for using warm water and a mild cleanser. After washing the face, apply an oil-free moisturizer to manage smooth skin and avoid dry skin. Always remember that do not over wash the face as it could lead the skin to become dry and can worsen pimples.

  1. Avoid Harsh Scrubbing 

Some people scrub or clean the skin with washcloths or rough cloth. Avoid harsh scrubbing on the face as it can irritate the skin and lead to inflammation, which in turn worsens the acne breakout. It is better to avoid scrubbing from loofah, exfoliate glove, or washcloth. Use a gentle cleanser and apply it with clean hands; it would help in preventing pimples. Always rinse the face properly with a clean towel.

  1. Moisturize

Many acne products contain components that make the skin dry, so it is better to use a moisturizer that reduces skin peeling and dryness. Look for a moisturizer that has “noncomedogenic” mentioned on its label. It means that it would not cause acne. There are various moisturizers made for dry, oily, or combination skin.

  1. Keep Your Hair Clean

If you have an oily scalp, then excess oil present in the hair can travel the skin and can worsen the acne. Hence, it is essential to wash your hair on a regular basis. It would help in stopping the development of acne, specifically close to the hairline. Also, avoid using products like hair spray or hair gel on the face as it can lead to breakouts by clogging pores.

  1. Watch the Products You Put on Your Hair

It is better to avoid using gels, pomades, fragrances, or oils on your hair. If they travel to your face, then it can lead to the blocking of skin pores and can irritate your skin. It is better to use a gentle conditioner or shampoo. If you have long hair, then manage to put keep them away from your face.

  1. Restrict Yourself from Squeezing the Pimples

You might feel that squeezing pimples is the best way to prevent pimples, but trust me, you’re mistaken. It can lead to scarring and inflammation. In order to decreases the appearance of blemishes, it is better to use topical treatment. Such treatment takes some time, but they are useful to prevent pimples. Topical treatments are one of the best ways to avoid pimples.

  1. Cut the Food that Causes Acne

There is little evidence establishing the relation between acne and food. However, certain researches suggest that some foods cause acne and trigger it in some people. Foods high in glycemic index worse acne or increase the risk of getting acne. Foods high in carbohydrates and sugar also trigger acne. Moreover, dairy foods like skim milk also increase the risk of developing acne. Hence, it is better to avoid such foods.

  1. Use Sunscreen 

Too much exposure to the sun leads to damaging effects. Sunburn can also result in too much production of oils on the skin, which can worsen the acne. Using sunscreen that is oil-free might help in preventing sunburns and acne.

Cleaning skin gently on a regular basis, keeping hair clean, avoiding contact from oil, and choosing appropriate skincare products can help reduce acne.