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BL Manhwa

 BL MANHWA  – Despite having a smaller following than other genres, BL Manhwa is home to several excellent series. Since romance between two men is often frowned upon internationally, there is frequently less public awareness of these series.

The BL and Yaoi genre offers sultry, romantic plotlines with endearing, passionate protagonists. However, because these tales do not accurately portray the ideal or core aspect of their sexuality, the community of LGBTQ+ people does not accept this genre.

Simply expressed, Boy’s Love and Yaoi stories depict a couple’s relationship from the female point of view. Most of these narratives lack a sombre tone and a sense of realism, focussing more on the glitzy and commercial aspects.

This myth is dispelling, though, as more manhwas in this genre adjust to the many changes. Although boys are also exhibiting interest in these novels, BL manhwa predominantly appeals to teenage girls’ readers.

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So, to enjoy the Boy’s Love genre at its finest, we shall seek out the best BL Manhwa today. However, the “Boys Love” or “Yaoi” subgenre appears in some well-known manhwa as an additional or incidental theme. As our main concern is the romance among the guys and the two male-male leads in manhwas, we shall disregard them for now.

1. Man Like You

The Boy’s love manga about men Like You has been released by WAGE. It was first released in 2016 under the name Lezhin Comics. The story’s central theme is the romance between Kang Jinha and Go Siwon.

The fantasy aspects of the novel come from Kang’s frequent excursions to Siwon’s dream to jog her memory. Siwon, however, cannot recall the event that would have permanently altered their relationship status.

2. Blood Bank

61 chapters in 2 volumes make up the popular manhwa series Blood Bank. It was written, illustrated, and released by Lezhin from 2015 to 2019.

Fans of the vampire genre will be the primary audience for this manga. Despite being superior creatures, vampires appear in this imaginary world to purchase human blood. Strangely, the vampire prefers to have weaker humans as their rulers.

The tale’s protagonist is Shell, a highborn vampire who develops feelings for only One, a human banker. The main focus of Blood Bank is their love story.

3. Out of Control

Bbong’s love manga titled “Out of Control” is published by Lezhin. From 2013 to 2016, the series had 85 chapters & 5 special chapters.

The relationship between Yuri & Jaerim is the main focus of this BL Manhwa. The fact that Yuri happens to be one of the more attractive boys in the educational institution makes this affair all but impossible. Jaerim, Yuri’s romantic interest, is the ugliest boy in the school. Any reader will find this chaotic because oil and water aren’t supposed to mix.

4. Heaven & Hell Roman Company

For fans of the BL Manhwa genre, the completed Lezhin Manhwa series Heaven and Hell Roman Firm is a must-read. Mum continues to write and illustrate the series till 2018.

In a made-up universe, human civilisation has advanced to the point where all the gods and angels are currently out of work. Therefore, the gods decided to create a new business called “H&H Roman Company” to lower the rate of joblessness among the angels. However, this business also managed to reunite two old flames.

5. Wolf in the House

Another Lezhin via Ji-Yeon Park manhwa is titled Wolf in the House. With some beautiful feedback from the readers, the story continued from 2017 to 2019. However, this is intended for older readers.

The main character of the BL manhwa, Minsuk, breaks their informal 10-year romance. He decided to get the Siberian husky name Bexan as a pet.

Minsuk took in Bexan as a symbol of the new track’s existence. Bexan turns out to be a unique dog, though. He is a very Gangwon werewolf. When night falls, his true self is revealed.

6. Love Shuttle

A webtoon called Love Shuttle was completed in 2018 following its initial release in 2019. The author & illustrator of the series is Im Ae Ju. Omegaverse also includes this Lezhin Manhwa.

Doyun is a mature male who has not yet experienced the heat of a loving relationship. People believe that he constitutes an Alpha male because of his personality difficulties. Everything changes after he meets Taehan, a rival at work which will cooperate with him to assist Doyun.

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7. Pearl Boy

The fascinating BL manhwa Pearl Boy has captured the attention of readers worldwide. Zoy and Inking have been writing and illuminating this series continuously. Again, like the others on this list, Lezhin is the publisher of this Manhwa. The BL Manhwa has published over 67 chapters since its first release in 2020.

Dooshik, the protagonist of the series, stole from a gay pub where he once worked. He now needs a new inn more than anything. He, therefore, sought refuge in a little beach village.

He had initially planned to assist Jooha in paying off his debt, but he changed his mind after meeting her. Only his wealth, he reasoned, could enable Jooha to pay off his debt. This is the story of the main heroes’ journeys through love and redemption.

8. Painter of the Night

The Lezhin Comics bl manhwa Painter with the Night is from Byeonduck. 2019 saw the publication of the first chapter of this series, which is still running.

The plot takes place in the Joseon era of Korea in the past. Na-kyum, a teenage painter with remarkable talent, and Seungho, a young aristocrat, are the story’s centre.

Na-kyum enjoys using a pseudonym to produce sexy pictures of males. But he decided to put the painting on hold unless he met Seungho. Our protagonist hires Seungho as his artist. Beautiful art, passion, & romance are serialized in these Manhwa pages.

9. Under the Greenlight

Jaxx is currently working on a bl manhwa titled Under the Greenlight. The serialisation of the series began in 2021 on DNC Webtoon & Ridibooks. All rights to the English translation belong to Tapas. Like Bl Manhwa, this one also addresses art, passion, and love.

The twisted bond between Matthew & Jin is continuously followed throughout the plot. Both are connected to the same field of employment. Jin is a well-known model who performs photo shoots for artists, while Matthew is a sculpture student.

Matthew was inspired by Jin’s flawless physique to capture this occurrence in his work. Unexpectedly, Jin concurs with Matthew’s suggestions for Jin to have been his ideal model. However, despite how simple they may seem, there are many challenges in their developing romance.

10. Dark Heaven

Like other Lezhin series on this list, Dark Heaven is an example of a typical BL Manhwa. Juns published the book’s chapters between 2016 and 2017 and created the tale and artwork.

Same-sex unions are permitted in this made-up universe. Hate crimes that are racist and homophobic are still on the rise; thus, the reality is different. Simon, a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, catches Conor’s attention. Conor is a Korean-American. As their affections for one another grow, they must overcome obstacles in this cruel and homophobic world before becoming a couple.

11. Fools

A slice-of-life BL Manhwa called Fools was serialized from 2016 to 2017. Yeong-ha wrote the series, and Bakdam created the pictures.

A remarkable romantic connection between two students at university is the subject of the novel Fools. Edward, a senior in college, has a history of problematic relationships. But his encounter with Justin, a brand-new freshman, changed his demeanour and the course of his life.

So, how did everything turn out?

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12. Semantic Error

Since 2018, Ridibooks has published the book Korean Boys Love BL Manhwa. Jeosuri and Angry are the authors and illustrators of Semantic Error.

Chu Sangwoo, majoring in computer science, is most in love with Jang Jaeyoung. Alternatively, Jang Jaeyoung was a designer. A bond between two disparate concepts is the subject of this Korean animation.

Chu Sangwoo discovers a lot of life lessons after meeting Jang Jaeyoung. Breaking out from a hectic and routine lifestyle is one of them. So, will Jang Jaeyoung be able to hear Chu Sangwoo’s actual emotions?

Additionally, I must point out that the two characters have adorable romantic and funny moments in each chapter.

13. Sign

Ker created a unique type of manhwa series called Sign, which he also drew. The series was published by Lezhin Comics from 2017 until 2020.

Because he is drawn to a voice spoken by his deaf manager, Yohan Go, Soohwa Kang, the protagonist of the Manhwa, works at Cafe Goyo. The cafe has room to improve.

Soohwa must develop his sign language grammar to brew good coffee. Yohan, who is challenging to work with at work, must teach him, nonetheless.

14. Killing Stalking

One of Lezhin Comics’ most popular BL Manhwa is Killing Stalking. The series from 2016 to 2019 was written and illustrated by Koogi. The second edition of the Lezhin World Comic Contest’s 100 million dollars Grand Prize Award went to this Manhwa partly because of its appeal.

The storyline centres on Yoon Bum, a young guy with a mental illness. He had a challenging military past. Oh, it was Sangwoo who prevented Yoon Bum from being sexually assaulted.

After growing impatient, the main character goes to Sangwoo’s house while he is gone. However, when Yoon Bum discovered a bound and battered woman in the basement, things turned upside down.

Yoon Bum does learn that Sangwoo is a serial killer, though. Despite being Yoon Bum’s previous lover, he breaks his ankles. Until the final moments, this serves as a violent & vicious love story with many sinister undertones.

15. Heesu in second grade

Lily Suzu’s love BL manhwa series Heesu in Class 2 was serialized in 2018 under the Lezhin imprint featuring 79 chapters, 10 subsidiary tales, and 2 extras.

Heesu, the main character of this Manhwa, is secretly in love with his best buddy Chanyoung. Heesu of Class 2 gained popularity at school after offering dating advice to numerous males. But he doesn’t know how to tell Chanyoung what he wants.

16. Let Dai

Woon Soo-yeon’s Let Dai is a sorrowful manhwa series which is somewhat different from the others on the list. The setting of the series is a soulless new Seoul.

Teenager Dai, the ruthless Furies gang’s boss, is the series’ protagonist.

In addition, his style of punishment is brutal since he blinds anyone who looks at him. But Jaehee, a good-hearted student, discovers a kind and sympathetic side to the vicious Dai. A sad tale of taboo love & unfathomable treachery will result from Jaehee’s unusual awakening.

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17. King’s Maker

Haga wrote the manhwa series “King’s Maker,” which Kang Jiyoung drew. Additionally, there is a follow-up novella called King’s Maker: Triple Crown.

The fourth prince of the country, Wolfgang Goldenleonard, vanished from his palace following the passing of his mother. But his authoritarian father coerced him into turning himself in.

Shin Soohyuk, the king’s preferred catamite, became aware of his son’s escalating contempt for his father. As he views a young prince as an impetus for change, Wolfgang consents to serve as Shin’s pawn.

18. BJ Alex

BJ Alex is a recently completed Mingawa-based Lezhin Comics manhwa. Between 2020 and 2021, the show aired. Later, the series was released as a book by Lezhin Entertainment.

Alex works as a broadcasting jockey, and thanks to his charisma on-screen, he has a sizable following. Dong-gyun, the second main character in this tale, belongs to this group of admirers.

He is drawn to him not only because of his camera persona but also because of his sexuality. After having a wild night during a school event, Dong-gyun wakes up one day to discover himself sharing a bed with Alex.

Their dynamic and intricate connection starts from now on, and this Manhwa eloquently captures their bond.

19. Totally Captivated

Ha Jin Yoo is the author and illustrator of the 2007–2009 book series Captivated. The Japanese side narrative in this manga also contains two chapters.

The story of Ewon Jung’s atonement after cheating upon his lover, Jiho Shin, is told in Totally Captivated. However, Jiho’s affair with Mookyul Eun, a Mafia boss, complicates everything.

For their relationship to survive, Ewon and Jiho must submit to the Mafia boss and endure all the hardships. While there are heartbreaking moments in the Manhwa, there are also humorous and entertaining. This particular one is the greatest that’s accessible, to be precise.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “ BL MANHWA ”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable. 

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