How to Verify a Globe SIM Card’s Activation?

How to know if your sim is registered

How to know if your sim is registered – Globe Telecom is a significant player in the Philippine telecommunications market. To prevent issues like service suspension or termination, it is crucial that Globe subscribers correctly register their SIM cards. Many people ask how to know if your sim is registered, as it is one of the most frequently asked online questions. 

To avoid having your Globe, TM, Smart, or Dito sim card deactivated on April 26, 2023, you must register it by that date following RA 11934 PDF Sim Card Registration Act. Let’s discuss the answer to the question of how to know if your sim is registered in detail. 

Checking the Registered Status of Your Globe.

Despite having this code, there may be times when you want to double-authorize some things subjected to the sim registration. You may use this tool if you have numerous SIM cards and want to verify which ones are active and in use with globe sim registration . In any scenario, checking the registration status of your SIM card is an essential step toward ensuring continuous service and avoiding complications. If you also want to know if your sim is registered, here is your answer. 

To check SIM card is active with Globe, follow these steps:

Incorporating the World in One App

Launch the Globe One application. You may check the status of your intelligent sim registration and whether or not it has been registered on your dashboard by looking to the right of your name. If you’re registered, your color will be blue; if you’re not, yours will be yellow.

Through the Globe SIM Card Signup Page

You may sign in again on the same website you used before. Please visit for more information. Just dial in and hit the sign-up button. After receiving and entering a one-time PIN, those already registered will see the following message on their screen: “Whoops! Your sim has already been logged in. It’s wise to verify your registration to make sure everything went successfully. Confirming your registration and monitoring your account status is simple if you follow the instructions.

Reaching Out to Globe’s Support Staff

Go to the Facebook page to check out Globe Telecom’s official Facebook page.

Start a live conversation with a support rep.

Whether you have a Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, or TM SIM, you may verify its registration status by informing the agent. The representative will need your complete name, mailing address, date of birth, and phone number to check your account details.

After checking your information, the representative will let you know whether your sim card registration is active. Without leaving the comfort of your home or making a trip to a Globe shop, you may quickly and conveniently verify the card using this approach. Remember that contacting is a bit complicated and time-consuming at busy times.


Finally, ensure the SIM is authorized correctly to prevent complications. Checking the condition of your SIM card and registering it, if required, is as easy as completing the procedures indicated above. The above-listed portion completely explains how to know if your sim is registered in depth.