List Of Some Amazing Blue Cartoon Characters


Blue is not just a color that occurs naturally. However, Disney seems to have the most amazing blue cartoon characters. Check out the list mentioned below to see some of the most loved cartoon characters with blue hair. You might be surprised to see there are so many. 

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Raven Darkholme/Mystique – X-MEN

We love the character Mystique from X-Men because he chooses to be blue. She can be seen walking around like a super hot model and being more dangerous than her actual character. She refuses to follow society’s norms, and this is the kind of dedication that got her into the list of blue cartoon characters.   

Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan – WATCHMEN

Dr. Manhattan is another amazing cartoon character with blue hair. This character has superpowers to end wars by simple hand pass and jump overs to Mars when getting bored as a tourist retreat. Dr. Manhattan works on futuristic machinery and makes love to his girlfriend in several ways. 

He comes second on this list because an own dressed character dumped him.

Genie, Aladdin

The Genie is why things work for Aladdin, a classic animated show. He is a colorful, funky, jazzy, Ernest cartoon character with blue hair.

You don’t get to see a beautiful synergy between animation’s expressiveness and voice actor’s performance often. Robin Williams’s amazing flexibility when paired when shape-shifting, creative animation gave birth to a Genie setting gold standard.

Sadness, Inside Out

Nothing is as sweet as seeing the kid’s media depicting a message that it’s okay to be upset. Sadness is one of the sweetest blue cartoon characters with a big chunky knit, asymmetrical bob, and overall blueness/ She has a perfect embodiment with an equal level of cleverness.

Dory, Finding Nemo

One of the cutest cartoon characters with blue hair is Dory, the forgetful tank fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. She was so successful and got to play in sequels over a decade after Finding Nemo.

Ellen De Generes plays the perfect role in her bubbly counterpart to Albert Brook’s clownfish. It is rare and equally refreshing to see female characters in kid’s movies.

Nightcrawler, X2

Nightcrawler is one of the highly praised action characters. He can be sweet, shy and also short-tempered, and scampy. With only superhero actions in a comic, things can get boring somehow; however, Nightcrawler is immense fun to watch with his acrobatic superpowers.

Sulley, Monsters, Inc. 

There is a reason why all the Disney+ commercials aired during the Oscars ended with Sulley. John Goodman plays Sulley, the best imaginary friend there could ever be. Pixar patented the Digital Fur Technology for Sulley. Even though Mike Wazwski steals the show, Sulley, a cartoon character with blue hair, holds his own special place.

Stitch, Lilo & Stitch

Stitch is one of the best good old Disney Animations drawn by hand. His alien chaos grabbed everyone’s attention from Nani and Lilo. 

He rocks it all from being toothless to baby Yoda, and his voice is so much fun to imitate.

Neytiri – AVATAR

One of the real blue cartoon characters from Avatar is Neytiri.

Diva Plavalaguna – THE FIFTH ELEMENT

Down on our list is Diva Plavalaguna, who keeps singing her dialogue which gets annoying at one point. However, this Diva has something special in her. Her head is like a limp leg, and somehow things always work out in her favor.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is way better than Yondu but not as cool as Hades. This cartoon character with a blue body and hair is another alien. Sonic is fun, lovable, and not as scary as it seems.

Smurfs, The Smurfs

 Smurfs are adorable little blue cartoon characters that win the audience’s heart. They have plenty of sequels, not with many new characters as well.  

Did any of your favorite blue cartoon characters make it on this list?

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