Everything About Hematite, The Magical Crystal

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What is Hematite used for? Hematite is iron ore. It is a dark red rock from which iron is extracted. The most significant iron ore material is a heavy and generally hard oxide mineral. Its crimson color is derived from the Greek word “blood.”

It is the world’s most significant iron ore. It is the most prevalent mineral on the surface of the Earth and in the shallow crust. In addition, it is a mineral that may be found in sedimentary and igneous rocks.

Volcanic activity can also result in the formation of Hematite. It has a paramagnetic character. Specular iron ore refers to hematite crystals with a steel grey color and metallic luster. Micaceous Hematite is the name given to a thin scaly ore. It has opaque transparency and irregular cracks. Hematite is a tougher mineral than pure iron ore. The following topics will be covered in this article:

  • What is Hematite used for?
  • Hematite meaning
  • Hematite healing properties
  • Hematite crystal uses 

History Of Hematite Crystal

• Derives its name from the Greek word for blood;

 • Is used as a mirror, pigment, battle paint, and decorate tombs; and 

• Is associated with magic, blood, and protection.

The valuable Hematite’s blood-red color reflects its extraordinarily high iron concentration. The Ancient Greeks were fascinated with this stone, which they termed Haima, the Greek word for blood in the ancient Latin tongue. 

As a result, hematite meaning has the glitter and mood of a midnight sky filled with stars, perhaps on a night when the planet Mars is glinting. It has a comfortable weight in the palm and is shot through with metallic colors silver.

Hematite has long been revered as a stone with remarkable healing properties and a protective mantle. The Iron Rose, as it was sometimes referred to, has long left its mark on the ground. 

Because of its reflected brilliance, the stone was thought to be an early type of mirror throughout history. It was also crushed into powdered color for painters, and prehistoric people used it to engrave their ideas on cave walls.

 It was slathered on Native Americans’ faces and used as war paint. Hematite, in its complete form, graced the pharaohs’ graves. As you can see, the long history encompasses it all, from art to elite status and protective abilities. It’s been a great part of our history.

Hematite is a solid and hefty crystal from South Africa’s depth and the warm-blooded plains of Brazil. It can also be spotted in the winter of French-speaking Quebec near Lake Superior. It may also be harvested from the snow-capped summits of Switzerland.

Hematite has been linked to magic and blood for over three thousand years. It was used to stop heavy bleeding in the delivery room and on the battlefield. Farmers and wizards used it to ward off curses and spells, and it has always been a crystal that keeps the person firmly planted. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Hematite’s therapeutic powers.

If Hematite isn’t your thing, check out our essential crystal guide to choose a gemstone that offers you deep healing delight.

What is Hematite used for?

Your goals primarily determine the way you employ Hematite. The most common use is wearing Hematite, relaxing with it, or putting it in important areas where you work and live.

Use for Grounding

Wear a hematite anklet or necklace if your concern is not being grounded. Anyone who is not rooted may appear absent-minded, spacey, or even ditzy. People who aren’t grounded misplace or neglect stuff frequently.

If this describes you, you might want to try this centering meditation.

1. Sit somewhere quiet, barefoot, with both feet level on the floor or ground and your back straight.

2. Place a chunk of Hematite in your receiving hand’s non-dominant hand. This is your left hand if you are right-handed. This is your right hand if you are left-handed.

 3. Close your eyes and take long breaths through your nose and mouth, relaxing and focusing on your breath.

4. Once you’ve relaxed, turn your focus to the Hematite in your hand. Feel the Hematite’s energy move through your hand, shoulder, and arm to your throat and down your backbone to your feet, which directly contact the ground.

5. Visualize the Hematite’s energy moving from the bottom of your feet and traveling back to roots into the Earth.

6. Observe the roots sprouting and spreading far below underneath you.

7. When you’re through, open your eyes and go about your business.

Use to Establish Boundaries

You can wear a hematite bracelet mostly on the dominant hand wrist or even choose a hematite ring on the pinky of the dominant hand, which is your offering hand, to help set tighter boundaries.

Create Balance

Wear a hematite bracelet on either hand or a hematite pendant on a long chain that falls beyond the bra line to create equilibrium. Place a chunk of Hematite at your workstation to encourage work-life balance.


Place a piece of Hematite on the sides of your yoga mat; this will help energize your sessions or keep a piece in your training environment. You may also keep Hematite crystal in your pocket when you go exercising.

Similarly, you can also wear hematite jewelry in the morning; remember not to wear it at night. This is so because Hematite is super energized and can hinder you from getting good sleep. Keep Hematite away from your bedroom for the same reason.

Negativity is absorbed.

Rings composed completely of Hematite may be found at numerous crystal stores. These are normally only a few bucks. These may be worn on any finger to absorb bad energy. When the ring cracks, it indicates it has absorbed all the negativity it can. Replace the shattered ring with a new one after returning the Hematite to the Earth.

What Is The Meaning Of Hematite?

Over the years, the gemstone has been given several names. The Ancient Greeks called it haima, which means “blood.” Because of its link to the soil, it’s also known as the Iron Rose.

Prehistoric men used hematite to make designs on cave walls, the Egyptians to decorate pharaohs’ tombs, and by Native Americans as battle paint.

Hematite Healing Properties

 Hematite is abundant in therapeutic powers. It’s like putting on a protective cloak, getting your shield and sword, and walking out the door. This stone instills deep-hearted confidence because of its power to stop toxic emotions in their tracks. It is linked to the root chakra, which is the base of our stability in this world, and it keeps us focused and sassy with self-care every day.

Hematite Healing Properties (Physical)

• Beneficial for circulation

 • Aids in blood pressure and severe periods

With a rich history and a high iron concentration that has always kept Hematite tied to the blood, it’s no wonder that Hematite is regarded as one of the greatest stones for improving overall circulation. So if you have high blood pressure, heavy periods, clotting, or any other health concern related to blood flow, this is the stone for you. Hematite preserves your tissue in good condition, ensures correct nutrition absorption, and purifies the body (along with the mind and soul).

Hematite Healing Properties (Mental & Emotional)

• Provides strength

 • Protects against negative energy

Hematite is a stone for the mind that brings power. Suppose you are frequently at the mercy of other people’s poor moods and vibes. In that case, Hematite is always ready to step in and ensure that you do not become a reservoir for negative energy. Hematite is an excellent investment for empathic people. It somehow triggers our self-preservation and is all about instilling us with confidence, willpower, and confidence-boosting qualities.

Hematite offers your self-esteem a hefty boost if you occasionally feel like you live life on the timid side. This newfound strength will help you in overcoming a wide range of challenges. Addictive tendencies, unhealthy routines, and being a people pleaser may all be tossed out the window when Hematite is present.

What is Hematite used for in Feng Shui?

Activate Gen, the Knowledge Area

Gen is the feng shui Bagua map region associated with knowledge, abilities, and self-cultivation. Gen will be at the left corner nearest you if you stand at your front entrance and gaze in. Hematite is typically advised for cerebral endeavors and research because of its affinity for the intellect. 

Try putting a piece of Hematite at Gen in your house or bedroom if you’re focused on improving your talents or knowledge. Set a purpose that Hematite will assist you in developing your desired skills as you accomplish this.

Activate Tai Qi, the Health Area

The Tai Qi, also known as the Health Area, is located in the heart of the Bagua map. It is related to your general health and well-being, and because it is at the center, it affects all aspects of your life. Because our physical health lays the foundation for everything else, this makes sense. 

For example, it might be difficult to be completely present for your family or profession when your body isn’t feeling well. When you need solidity and foundation, Tai Qi is a wonderful area to concentrate on.

 You may place a piece of Hematite in this region of your house to achieve more harmony, counterweight your physical body, and take care of your body’s requirements.

Activate Kan, the Career Area

Hematite can also help in the Kan position, the Career region of the feng shui Bagua map. Kan location is in the middle of your house, and it’s a good place to look if you’re looking for greater clarity in your work or life path. You can deposit Hematite here to transmute any bad energy impeding your progress in life. 

Hematite can also remove any repetitive thoughts or self-imposed limitations that may be causing you difficulty in this area of your life. Because black is associated with Kan, black Hematite will benefit here. 

Make Your Meditation Area Active

Hematite is an excellent stone for meditation because it relaxes the mind and helps us let go of repeated, unwanted thoughts. You may use Hematite to support your meditation practice if you have a meditation room or altar.

Make Your Vision Board Active

While vision boards aren’t generally utilized in feng shui, they may be enjoyable to make and display in your house. Suppose you still need to get a vision board. In that case, you may make one by constructing a collage of photos that inspire you and reflect on things you want to achieve.

 Once you have completed your vision board, hematite stone can assist you in attaining more clarity around your goals and overcoming any limitations you may have set for yourself.

To answer your question, what is Hematite used for? Here’s how hematite crystal is used!

The high iron concentration of Hematite is thought to enhance the absorption of iron & red blood cell production. It is commonly referred to be a blood purifier since it repairs, improves, and regulates blood flow. It improves kidney function and tissue formation. This vitamin can aid in treating anemia, period pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. 

Hematite has healing properties that can help treat blood illnesses such as anemia by mending, boosting, and regulating blood flow. Hematite crystal also helps in tissue repair and the repair of kidneys.

 Red blood cells are produced as a result of iron absorption. This medication can alleviate muscle cramps, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Hematite aids in the stability of the spine and fracture repair.

 Are you aware of any more uses of hematite crystal? If yes, please leave a comment down below for our readers.


Is Hematite a powerful crystal?

Hematite crystal is intensely powerful, helps keep you grounded, and protects you from negative energies.

Is Hematite good for the skin?

The minerals in Hematite help by stimulating collagen production in your skin. Thereby it tones, strengthens and clears your complexion giving you a youthful glow.

Is Hematite toxic?

The nanoparticles of Hematite are highly toxic to bacteria because of the strong interfacial physicochemical interaction with cells.