Who Is Braydon Price, The New Youtube Sensational Star

braydon price

Braydon Price, also known as James Walker, is an American YouTuber becoming highly popular. A YouTuber from North Carolina, USA, handles his Youtube channel. Braydon loved being outside and can be mostly seen offroading.

His youtube channel is focused on his passion for fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. Along with this, he also has some videos on his page demonstrating his ability to participate in various activities and automobiles.  

Here is a chart of Braydon Price details.

Full NameBraydon Price
Age 23 years
DOB24 August 2000
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, USA
Net Worth$1.7 Million
Nationality American
ProfessionYoutube Star

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Braydon Price Early Life

Braydon Price was born in the United States on August 24, 2000. He belongs to a mixed-race ancestry. Price is highly protective of his family history and does not mention anything about his parents. He has loved motorcycling ever since he was a kid. You can see his social media profiles filled with pictures of motorcycles which clearly state that he is a motorcycle enthusiast. 

Braydon Price spent a wonderful childhood with his parents. His needs were met, and his parents told him to focus on his goals.  He hasn’t said anything about his achievements and education. Price has done high school, which is all we know. 

Braydon Price Career

Braydon Price launched his youtube channel in August 2013 and posted his first debut video, “the Dirt Bikes”. Since then, he has continuously uploaded videos of many outdoor activities he enjoys, like hunting, fishing, and motorcycle. 

Braydon aka James, is a supercar vlogger and is famous for his supercar lifestyle Youtube Channel. He has several videos of automobile reviews that give a peek into his fascinating world of automobile enthusiasm. 

One of his most popular videos is Buck Comes Back After Being Shot By A Bow Hunter. This video has approximately 8.7 million views. His youtube channel keeps growing daily and has more than 1.37 million people watching the videos. Braydon regularly keeps uploading videos up to 3-4 times in a week.

Personal Life of Braydon Price

Braydon is a Youtube star dating Maddies, also shown in one of his Youtube videos in 2019. This is the first time he publicly mentioned his dating life. In his videos “GIRLFRIEND” and “WOODS,” you can spot Maddie throughout. He also shot a video with Maddie in 2020 “Ride RZR together”.

Braydon Price Net Worth Details

Braydon Price net worth is $1.7 Million. In 2022 his Youtube channel will have more than 1.8 million subscribers and get more than 500 million views. On average, his daily views are 600,000, all from different sources. On average, he generates $4,800 per day through advertising on his videos which counts to $1.7 million annual income.

After Youtube deducts its share the Youtubers in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia are paid $2 to $12 for every 1000 views. The proportions of monetization through youtube ranges between 40-80% unique viewers. 

Many other factors influence the income, like device used, location of viewers, time of year, ad inventory and the number of ads in a video, type of content, etc. The advertisers also determine the cost of ads via the auction process. Marketers can bid at a minimum price of $0.01 per view.

Braydon Price Earning from Other Social Media Sites?


Braydon Price also uploads daily vlogs on his official Instagram account. Nowadays, professional Instagram bloggers earn up to $10,000 annually through brand endorsement. 

A professional like Braydon Price makes more than $140,000 per month by endorsing his brand on Instagram. On average, he makes more than one million dollars. 


Facebook is one of the fastest-growing platforms currently. Price grabs the attention of enthusiasts by uploading bike racing films and earns around $50,000 per month. This means that Braydon makes around $50,000 every year through Facebook.

This article discusses everything about Braydon Price’s personal life, net worth, and career.


What is the Braydon Prices Truck Brand?

Braydon owns a lot of trucks; however, people don’t know the names of all. 

Where does Braydon Price live?

Braydon Price lives in North Carolina, USA

What is Braden Price’s Snapchat?

(@braydon_price) is the username of price on Snapchat.

Is Braydon Price dating?

Braydon Price is currently unmarried and is dating Maddie.