Opinions About Cuelu: Is it legal?


Cuelu – Do you adhere to traditional medicine? Do you wish to experiment with novel skin-improving techniques? You may be familiar with Cuelu, a website that provides these features. But you’re not certain if it’s real.

After discovering this site, many internet shoppers from nations including the United States, Quebec, and Australia expressed concerns about That is Cuelu a Fraud. This post will fully explain the authenticity and validity of this webpage.

Cuelu is it lawful?

Please carefully go through the following information to clarify any doubts about the website’s validity.

  1. Page Age: Just a few days ago, to be accurate.
  2. 1% website trust rating qualifies as having a “Really Poor Approval Rate.”
  3. Zero Ownership or Personal Details – There is no address, phone number, or owner information. This has to do with Cuelu Rating.
  4. Feedback from customers: All reviews have five stars and seem biased. Many comments are older than the site itself.
  5. No Social Networking Connecting is Available – No social media platform connection is available for this domain.
  6. Authenticity Requirements – Because the demand associated terms such as “Insert” and “Add,” which the creators of this page neglected to add when copying, it must have been taken from some other source.
  7. Our Web investigation revealed that this site has been using malicious software, including deadly malware.

Keep on reading to post your question and learn how to verify the integrity of this website. Cuelu: Is it a trap?

Describe Cuelu.

Founded on an ancient Chinese procedure called Gua Sha, Cuelu is an internet store that offers skincare products and goods. This procedure involves scratching your skin using instruments resembling stones to enhance the look. The de-puffed face roller and the Gua Sha face lifting equipment are available from Cuelu.


  • Gateway Type: An online storefront that offers goods based on conventional medical treatments.
  • URL for the gateway: https://www.cuelu.com
  • Email addresses: help@cuelu.com questions@cuelu.com
  • The absence of contact information will help you determine whether Cuelu is a fraud.
  • Available sort options
  • Limited feature for filtering
  • Goods that become more expensive might be changed from their standard of USD to CAD, INR, GBP, AUD, and EUR.
  • the following Terms & Conditions
  • – mentioned Acceptable Use Policy
  • Not Mentioned Credit Policy
  • Returns are permitted thirty days after arrival with a $10 refund charge.


The “Reference manual” portion of this webpage does provide some information concerning the usage of gemstones for skin therapy, but it has no other redeeming qualities.


Numerous difficulties in using this site to buy products. This supports the theory that Cuelu is a scam. Here is a sample of comparable items:

  • The very same amount can be spent on two different items.
  • The reduction will eliminate the entire cost of the goods. There will continue to be a shipping fee.
  • According to the money-back guarantee(also known as return policy), some products, including bouquets and combustibles.
  • Fluids are non-refundable. These do not even work with all these things, though.
  • Zero ownership has been given, as stated there at the bottom of this website.
  • Owing to such a platform’s low confidence rating and young age, it is likewise dangerous to believe it.
  • The before-and-after photos included in customer reviews look to have undergone editing.

More information on Cuelu Ratings

Amazon, Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora are the only sites that have not commented on Cuelu. This shows how unpopular and unreliable it is in digital shopping, and it adds one more reason to our list of why we shouldn’t use this website for a little longer.

Final verdict 

It is evident from the data we have collected that this site is somehow unsafe. This site shouldn’t be used to place purchase requests. Fraud with credit cards is a possibility. This article should assist you in resolving the query.

Cuelu: is it a trap? As far as my thoughts and opinions are concerned, I have given every little bit of information from scrap to a full bottle, and I would suggest that no risk is worth taking that either affects your health or hard-earned money. Rest assured, I hope you know what’s better for you.

Do you think the assessment was satisfactory? Do you want to learn more about this website? Share your valuable thoughts and comments below. And Beware of such websites.