10 Things to Know about Brian Shaw and His Wife, Keri Jenkins

brian shaw wife

Brian Shaw wife – Brian Shaw, one of the world’s most muscular men, is like a modern-day Goliath because of his towering stature and formidable physique. There’s little doubt he’s descended from a long line of gigantic ancestors. But, unfortunately, giant, towering humans weighing a tone or more are rarely seen.

Shaw’s gigantic size is undeniable, and he’s used it to his advantage in professional strongman events, where he’s won many titles. To his credit, he did that. When we say Shaw has won professional contests, he has consistently taken first place at events like the World’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongman Classic. And that’s a challenging task.

What’s the story behind brian shaw wife? How could she have fallen in love with such a towering figure? Can you tell me about his private life? Find out how tall Brain Shaw is. In this essay, we’ll discuss those topics and more. 

Keri Jenkins, now Keri Shaw, is brian shaw wife. She runs the Fit Mommy Academy and is a total fitness nut. You don’t simply squat 903 pounds, deadlift 1,014 pounds with straps, and dominate powerlifting championships. It certainly would be unusual. Yet, Shaw was undefeated in every competition he entered. It’s his phenomenal physical strength.

At one point in his life, he was dubbed “The Strongest Man in the World” by The New Yorker. Considering his track record of success in events like the Strongman Super Series, Giants Live, All-American Strongman Challenge, and the Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic, justifiably so. Shaw is an accomplished actor in addition to participating in strongman contests. 

Brian Shaw’s Formative Years

Shaw entered this world on February 26, 1982, in Fort Lupton, Weld County, Colorado. Bonnie and Jay Shaw are his parents. Previously, Jay worked in the electric power industry. The other children of his parents were named Kevin Shaw and Julie Shaw. Fort Lupton High School was Brian’s alma mater. Because of his stature, basketball was an obvious decision for him.

The giant was accepted to Otero Junior College after graduation. His basketball prowess at the junior college level got him a full scholarship to play for the university’s basketball team at Black Hill State University in South Dakota. But instead, he went to school for Health and Wellness Administration. He was accepted to Arizona State University to continue his schooling because of his outstanding performance, but he decided to pursue his strongman career instead. 

Earlier in One’s Profession

In July of 2005, he met Richard Sorin, the creator of Sorinex, a company that makes weightlifting equipment for the Denver Broncos, and Sorin saw his immense strength and introduced him to strength sports. Sorin was particularly fascinated when Shaw lifted Thomas Inch’s 172-pound dumbbell with one hand in front of him.

Then, three months later, Shaw participated in his first strongman tournament because of what Sorin did to get him registered. In his first attempt at the Denver Strongest Man Contest, untrained rookie Brian Shaw prevailed. 

After nine months of practice, he was ready to enter the workforce. First, we’ll examine Brian Shaw’s background, relationship with his wife, and anything else to shed light on this mysterious figure. 

After Brian Shaw won his first competition as an amateur, he decided to become a pro.

Despite how bizarre it may seem, this is indeed the case. Shaw’s first tournament was in July 2005, and he won as an amateur after being introduced to strength sports by Richard Sorin. No formal education or experience is required, just strength and determination. Aware of his enormous potential, a management firm signed him in June 2006 to begin his professional career. 

Two Point Three Metres: Brian Big and Tall! 

Show a photo of the Arnold Strongman winner to someone, and they will immediately understand what you mean by “tall.” Brian Shaw is 2.03 meters tall, 6 feet, and 8 inches tall. That’s a tall order! In addition to his extraordinary height, he also weighs a whopping 200 kilograms (441 pounds). A saloon automobile weighs a little less than that. Saloon automobiles still need to be more hefty, even now. The 60-inch chest measurement he boasts is impressive. He’s a size 16 shoe guy. 

Third, Brian Shaw had a banner year in his professional life in 2009.

2009 must be considered the defining moment in Brian Shaw’s career. Not that he didn’t have success after that, but 2009 was a tumultuous year for him. Shaw undoubtedly triumphed in each competition he entered.

Let us tell you that Shaw was the champion strongman in the Strongman Super Series, the Gothenburg Grand Prix, the Los Angeles Grand Prix, and the All-American Strongman Challenge. In the same year, Brian made history by being the first to win the Arnold Strongman Classic and the title of World’s Strongest Man. It has never been attempted before. 

Number Four: Brian Shaw Has Won Several Honours

The giant has won several competitions, including four World’s Strongest Man titles, six Strongman Super Series titles, three Arnold Strongman Classic titles, and two Jon Pall Sigmarsson Classic titles. 

Five, Brian finally tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart Keri Jenkins.

Keri Jenkins and Brian Shaw were friends for a long time until she proposed to him in 2015. They tied the knot in 2015 after a lengthy courtship. Keri Shaw is her new given name. No one knows when they first met, but they have been friends for quite some time. Keri Shaw is a trained athlete. Earlier in her career, she even competed in bikini contests.

Sixth, fitness expert and owner of Fit Mommy Academy, Keri Shaw

The freakishly fit wife of fitness expert Brian Shaw. They’re both following the same “life path” of careers. It proves without a reasonable doubt that they were destined to be together. Fit Mommy Academy was founded by Keri Shaw, previously known as Keri Jenkins.

Here is where she works with fitness-minded individuals. Keri Shaw provides exercise tips for new mothers. She has a fitness facility and often updates her social media with news and information about it. 

Seventh, Brian Shaw is a father of two.

A year after Brian and Keri Shaw tied the knot, they became parents to a baby girl they called Braxton. Kellen James Shaw would be the couple’s second child, born a few years later. Brian Shaw often brags about his family in his social media postings. The depth of his affection for them is evident. The wife of Brian Shaw also likes to show off her children and lavish compliments on her husband.

Number Eight: People Call Him Gigantor

Most people agree that Brian is the greatest strongman in American history. But, unfortunately, he had to pay the price to get this honorific title. The modern era’s first simultaneous World’s Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic champion. It is his second time! The tournaments he enters are all won by him. 

Nine, Shaw is an actor as well.

Shaw is a TV regular, appearing in episodes including Kickboxer: Retaliation and Whose Line Are It Anyway. We do not doubt that Keri Shaw, Brian’s wife, is pleased with his accomplishments and looks forward to his future success. Any happy couple may be found in this. 

Tenth, He Has a Huge YouTube Following.

There are benefits to being the most muscular guy on the planet. Shaw gained a massive fan base as a result. Shaw publishes videos about his workouts and other accomplishments on his YouTube channel, which he has titled ShawStrength. There are now 1.61 million individuals subscribed to his YouTube channel, and an additional 238.3 million people have watched his videos since July 2021.


Do They Have Any Kids Together?

So, Brian has two kids from his marriage. On June 14, 2016, a boy, Braxton Shaw, was born to them. The strongman took to Instagram a day after his son was born to share the exciting news.

Where Does The Couple Live?

The new house that Brian and his wife have just moved into has two master suites, a vast kitchen, a huge walk-in shower, and a considerable workout space. In addition, the pair reportedly owns a home in Brighton, Colorado.

Who is Keri Shaw, Brian Shaw’s wife?

Keri, Brian’s wife, is an avid gym-goer. She played sports competitively throughout her childhood despite her constant battles with her weight. Later, she kept her physique in shape by exercising regularly and sometimes fasting.