The Right Way to Cook a Steak


Want to know how to cook steak the best way? The best way is to cook beef fast and carefully, whether you favor butter-soft fillet steak, delicious sirloin, or cheaper cuts like bavette, rump, or onglet. But note that timing is very important when cooking this delicious meat recipe because there are only a few minutes between rare and well-done. And this can make a lot of difference to the outcome.

So, if you want to learn how to cook a steak or check if the steaks at restaurants you eat are properly cooked, here’s the procedure. Read on to find out.

Types of Steak

First, knowing the type of steak you want to cook will affect the entire cooking process. Also, your steak cut depends on your taste and budget. So, here’s what to expect from each cut, along with tips on how to cook it best.

  • Bavette and Flank Steak: This cheap cut should only be served medium-rare and is great for grilling.
  • Fillet: It costs the most and is considered the tenderest cut. It’s best served as rare as you like because it doesn’t have much fat.
  • Flat-iron: This steak comes from the shoulder blade. It’s a good deal and has a nice shape, but it shouldn’t be cooked more than medium-rare, or it will be tough.
  • Onglet: This meaty rope-shaped piece is also known as hanger steak. It tastes great but will be tough if cooked past rare.
  • Rib-eye and Tomahawk: One rib-eye cut is usually enough for one person. The other is a rib on the bone, also called côte de boeuf.
  • Rump Steak: It is the least expensive prime steak, but it will be tough if you cook it more than medium.
  • Sirloin: This prime steak is similar to fillet but has more flavor. Served medium-rare is best.
  • T-bone: The oven is the best way to finish it so everything cooks properly. Ideal for sharing.

Ways to Cook Steak Fat

The best oils to cook steak fat are sunflower, veggie, or groundnut. You can add butter to the pan after searing the steak to make it taste better. To add a nice touch to a thick sirloin steak with a strip of fat on the side, sear the fat first while holding the steak with tongs. Then, cook the beef in the drained beef fat.

Think about how hot it is to make the pan when you heat it. You want the oil to split but not smoke.

Searing Steak

Steak will be flavorful if it has been seared until it has a caramelized brown skin. The pan and the fat must be very hot for this to work. Most people sear one side and then cook the other simultaneously.

This works well, but the other side never gets as nicely caramelized as the first. So, cook the steak the entire time in the recipe, but turn it over every minute so the crust is the same on both sides.

How Long to Cook Steak

Since steaks have different cooking styles depending on their types or cuts, here’s how to cook them to achieve the ideal style.

  • Blue: It should still be a warm, dark color that’s almost purple or won’t feel hard or sponge-like.
  • Rare: It’s a dark red with red juice running through it. With a little push, it will feel soft and spongy.
  • Medium-rare: It’s pink in color with some juice in it. It will be a little soft, spongy, and bouncy.
  • Medium: It’s pale pink in the middle and has little juice. The texture should be hard and springy.
  • Well-done: It’s not dry, just a hint of pink. It will feel soft, spongy, and just a little bouncy.

Enjoy the Best Steak Ever

Cooking steaks takes a lot of time, effort, and skills, so if you want to taste the best without having to work a lot, you can check out Steak Dubai for world-class steak selections. Surely, their method and recipe can also inspire you to learn more about the art of steak cooking.2