Criminal Law Studies: How to Write a Case Study Analysis?


Criminal law studies focus on different aspects of crimes. It’s different from criminology in that it deals with the criminal code and the laws directly related to criminal offenses and punishment for those convicted of crimes. Criminal law studies also focus on the charges and trials facing these individuals.

On the other hand, criminology studies analyze crimes and criminals to understand their motives and provide different ways to counter future crimes. Pursuing criminal law studies gives a feeling of empowerment to make your community a safer place to be.  

Primary principles of criminal law studies

For every student pursuing criminal law studies, writing a research paper is a compulsory assignment from different disciplines like Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Administration. In this case, you will discuss the present cases or some of the cases related to the disciplines stated above. This helps you expand your knowledge on a particular topic and your critical thinking skills.

For instance, you can be asked to examine particular crime cases or give solutions. A lot of reading is involved in this case to have adequate knowledge to support your arguments. As a student, ensure that you read great books and essay examples from free services to reinforce your understanding. You can read a free roe vs wade essay for high school to help you form an opinion about a number of laws. There are many free essay samples on WritingBros online service for students based on different aspects of criminal law.

Writing a case study analysis

Sometimes you can be asked to write a research paper that analyses a specific crime and come up with a conclusion. Writing a case study analysis can be complicated and too demanding as it requires a thorough understanding of the particular crime and fundamental aspects of criminal law studies.

The different types of cases studies

Criminal law studies is a broad field, and it’s essential to determine which type of case study you have been tasked to write about. It could be a historical crime case study or a problem-oriented case study.

For the historical case study analysis, you need to provide different perspectives of the time and period and apply them to the current situations. On the other hand, problem-oriented study analysis focuses on solving a real-life or any theoretical problem per the instructor.

There is also cumulative and critical case study analysis. Cumulative case study analysis requires you to provide significant comparisons on how the law should be interpreted on related crimes. Critical case study analysis is based on investigating the causes and effects of a particular crime.

Format of case study analysis

To write great, you need to know the format you will use to present your arguments. This format consists of about eight sections, each connected to the next for a smooth flow of arguments. Below is a generalized format.


This is the first section of your case study analysis. It gives the reader an overview of what you will write about. This includes the findings and the analyses that you have made.

Background information

What facts do you have about the particular analysis you are dealing with? If you have any, ensure that you include them in this section and pinpoint issues related to the topic.


In this part, you focus on the particular case study you are dealing with and the findings you have discovered. Depending on the number of findings, this part must be written in separate sections.


This is one of the most vital sections of your study analysis format. It tests your ability to present arguments that resonate with the particular study you are dealing with. In this case, discuss your chosen solutions and state clearly why they are appropriate for the case you are dealing with. These solutions should incorporate achievable and realistic ways to improve the criminal law study case.

Conclusion part

In the conclusion part, ensure that you provide the reader with a well-written summary of the main points from the criminal study analysis.


The reference section includes all sources of information you have used or consulted when writing your study analysis. Ensure that you cite correctly as per the instructor’s instructions.


Writing a case study analysis based on criminal law cases needs a lot of dedication. You will have to research points to support your arguments depending on the matter you are dealing with. The format should be strictly adhered to as per the instructor’s guidelines. 

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