Every Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite

bunker chest locations fortnite

Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite – Discovering them will be a little challenging because of how effectively they have been concealed around the map in Fortnite Season 6’s new lootable Bunker Chests, which hold some incredible military equipment.

Fortnite, the well-known battle royale game from Epic Games, received several new additions in Season 6 featuring tamable wild creatures, challenging Guardian boss battles, and a long-awaited weaponry-making mechanism. Let’s look at bunker chest locations in Fortnite now in this article.

Bunker Chests locations in Fortnite, comparable to the Rare Chests that have already been highlighted in prior seasons, are among the best new features. They are dispersed all around The Island and, when unlocked, provide gamers with amazing high-tier rewards.

They’re more tricky to acquire than regular chests and sometimes don’t appear in the same places. But we’ve done the legwork and tracked out every possible spot in Fortnite Season 6.

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Members receive higher-tier stuff from bunker chests. Inside Bunker Chests, participants will have a greater chance of finding Legendary-tier weaponry, such as the freshly brought back Pump Shotgun and Rocket Launcher. There will be a variety of things and ammo as well.

Regrettably, there isn’t a detailed list of what’s accessible, but the chests’ supplies will be upgraded and may include everything from rare-tier to legendary-tier weaponry.

Bunker Chest locations in Fortnite GREAT GAMES

The Bunker Chests’ many locations need to be clarified, although some are beginning to surface on the internet. The Bunker Chests at Sweaty Sands and Craggy Cliffs are the most well-known specimens.

Craggy Cliffs: 

Towards the west side of the POI, underneath one of the stairways

Sweaty Sands: In the east side of the POI, in the attic of one of the homes.

Be sure to visit these places on your next match because we’ve found a couple more, too:

Cod Camp Location of a bunker Season 6 of Fortnite: EPIC GAMES

You may find some great high-tier stuff in Fortnite Battle Royale at Camp Cod. Turn left and obliterate the floor as soon as you enter the home on the beach. You can drop down into a hidden area with the chest if you move in the direction of the yellow rug and break the floor with it.

Lake Lazy Fortnite Season 6: Lazy Lake Buner Chest EPIC GAMES

The chest from Lazy Lake is submerged in the earth. At Lazy Lake, a bunker chest is concealed from view. A pile of dirt may be found southeast of several sizable rocks south of the area. The chest will rise if you hit it with your hammer.

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EPIC GAMES Fortnite Season 6 : Pleasant Park Bunker Chest 

There’s no need to look far because this chest is concealed in plain view.

Strike out for the Pleasant Park residence with the basement-accessible doors on the southernmost point. You can find the Bunker Chest on your left after breaking them, going through the door after going down the stairs.

Fortnite Season 6 EPIC GAMES Retail Row Bunker Chest

This stuffed animal protects the Retail Row bunker chest. Break your entrance through into the basement of the yellow house in Fortnite’s Retail Row. The Bunker Chest locations in Fortnite have some fantastic treasures hidden under a plush bear.

Woods That Weep

Epic Games: Fortnite Season 6 Weeping Woods Bunker Chest

It’s rather simple to locate; go to the cabin southwest of the phrase “Weeping Woods” in the image. Shatter through the entrance hall flooring or enter the hidden bunker below by breaking through the opening exterior. The Bunker Chest is concealed beneath a desk with monitors above it.

There are currently no Bunker Chest locations in Fortnite Season 6. Keep an eye on Dexerto since we’ll keep you informed if any new areas become available. Until then, stay safe.

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