Who Is Sun God Nika: Japanese Mythology


Sun god Nika – We discovered just several more things about Sun God Nika and the demon apple, which is modeled on it, in One Piece book 1044. Instead of Gomu Gomu No Mi, Luffy consumed Hito Hito No Mi – Model: Nika. The ruler of One Piece has become wider due to this.

In Noland’s recollection from the Skypie, we first learn about the Sun God Nika. Since Sun God Nika, we only found out recently regarding him via Who’s Who during his matchup with Jinbe. Now let us talk about what we currently know about the Sun God Nika based on its historical context and literary relevance.

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 Nika Japanese mythology

Oda has dropped various indications about the relationship between Luffy and Nika throughout the narrative. While we only discover it in the Wano arc, the silhouette of Luffy initially resembles that of sun god Nika even during the fire encampment in Skypie.

Wherever to begin with Luffy’s devil fruit, you ask. We all believed it to be one of the most pointless skills in the One Piece universe, but it ranks as the most absurd one. The person’s creativity is the sole restriction.

Luffy sun god Nika

Another of the five goddesses initially referenced in the Skypie storyline is the Luffy Sun God Nika. In Noland’s recollection, we observed that sacrifices were already being made to stop the killings that were taking place in the community.

The term Nika isn’t referenced in it, but they were offering sacrifices to the Luffy Sun God Nika. Although it’s unlikely, it’s conceivable that the Sun God Nika described in Skypie and Sun God Nika are entirely distinct beings.

In addition to the Sun God Nika, there are deities for the sun, precipitation, and forests. Whereas the other three are unknown to us, some individuals may have access to devil fruits with those skills. Blackbeard can possess a fruit that stands in for the Moon God.

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Who is the sun god Nika based on?

Given that his influence has been suggested to be focused in that area, God of Rain, Dragons, might have such a fruit. We have seen none in the series regarding God of Forest. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer for the time being that there is One Piece devil fruit consumers who serve as gods.

Who was Nika in mythology?

Supporters haven’t wondered how Luffy has already been capable of pulling it off now because he has been using strange gearing in his assaults from the start. But now that we know the fruit’s true essence, all stands to reason.

The rubber body can use more than just rubber’s natural qualities. Luffy can extend and expand himself and change his physique into something he wants. Due to this, Luffy has endless opportunities to triumph in battle, and no barriers stand in his way.


Huge puzzles have frequently arisen in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece, despite the plot being nearly finished. Oda presents new riddles whenever the supporters think they are near to learning the responses to long-standing problems. In the Wano Nation arc, aficionados witnessed this afterward when the very first reference to the “Sun God” was manufactured.

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