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Hafever Tablets

Most veterinarians prescribe Piriton for rashes, hives, and even for hay fever. But many people wonder if it is good to give this medication to your dog for allergies.

As is known, dogs’ organs are very small and can be quickly damaged by the misuse of medicine. That is why the dose of certain medications always has to be correct.

The same happens with the Piriton; if used responsibly, it will be a very safe antihistamine for dogs. You should use it as exactly as it is written in the veterinarian’s instructions.

The Piriton that its active substance is chlorphenamine maleate is a very reliable medicine that is intended for people, although many veterinarians use it regularly.

If you want to give this medicine to your dog, you can do it without a problem. However, it is recommended that you consult the veterinarian to prescribe the appropriate dose and detail the instructions.

Warning: drug interactions can be problematic for pets that take clofarabine.

The Recommended Dosage Of Piriton For Dogs

Usually, half a tablet of Piriton is administered per day for small breeds, and larger dogs; they are 1 or 2 hayfever tablets per day. It will also depend on weight and age. This product comes in liquid form and a safe dose can be 5 ml.

Compared to Piriton, for dogs, when they have allergies, Apoquel may be more suitable. You should ask your veterinarian about this possibility.

Tips For Dog Allergy

Many factors can cause allergies in a dog, including environmental sensitivity. If you know the factors, you can help a lot and avoid using Piriton in your canine.

Some dogs are allergic to certain foods; if you know how to identify them, you can avoid them so that your dog does not have to take this medicine. Some dogs may be allergic to pollen, grass, dust mites, etc.

It is recommended that you clean your house thoroughly periodically to reduce scratching, sneezing, and coughing. Allergies can affect the immune system of dogs.

If you can address the causes, it will be much better for your dog instead of relying on this medication.

Allergies Due To Insect And Spider Bites

Dogs may have an allergic reaction from the bite of some insects. You will always have marks that will be an indicator; you should check your canine after outdoor trips.

Allergies always present with excessive itching; if you see that your dog is constantly scratching, you should check it. Red spots, rashes, and bumps on the skin are indicative of allergy or severe inflammation.

Evaluate The Situation

If your dog suffers from an allergy, check the food you are buying before supplying Piriton. You should also verify well not to mix it with other medications.

As mentioned before, your dog can take Piriton; however, there may be better options in the market.

Other products on the market are Allacan, Antihistamine, Beaconease, Benadryl, Bell ‘s Healthcare, Cetirizine hydrochloride, Chlorphenamine, Clarityn, Galpharm, Haylief, Loratadine, Murine, Nasaleze, Numark, Opticrom, Optrex, Otrivine, Pirinase, Piriteze, pollenase, and Sterimar.

Talk to your veterinarian about all treatment options for dog allergies before using Piriton.