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You’ve come to the right place if you’re trying to figure out how to cancel your Walmart Plus membership. We’ll take you step-by-step through the procedure in this article so you can cancel your subscription without any hassle. If you decide Walmart Plus isn’t for you and you want to cancel Walmart plus, we’ll also show you how to end your free trial. Let’s get going!

For regular Walmart customers, there is a membership programme called Walmart Plus. The more expensive subscription services Best Buy Totaltech and Amazon Prime compete with this one. Subscribers to Walmart Plus receive in-person and online perks, including limitless free delivery and fuel reductions at participating petrol stations.

Additionally, members have first access to Walmart sales during significant retail holidays. The most recent Walmart Plus benefits were revealed in 2016. On every gallon of fuel purchased at selected fuel stations, they provided an instant discount of 10 cents.

More than 12,000 Exxon and Mobil outlets are included on the list countrywide. Along with free membership to Paramount Plus, Walmart Plus members also receive a $15 Lyft credit.  Members of Walmart Plus also have unique access to some PS5 refill events and early access to certain bargains. (You must be a paid Walmart Plus member to access the restocks, which means if you’re on the free trial, you won’t have access).

The annual fee for a Walmart Plus membership is $98 or $12.95 per month. However, a free trial of 30 days is offered.(opens in new tab). For further savings, be sure to visit our Walmart coupons page. Here is all the information you require regarding membership in Walmart Plus. 

Walmart Plus offers members additional Rx discounts.

Walmart Plus subscribers recently received a new benefit. The most recent feature added to Walmart Plus is Rx for Less(opens in new tab). The programme provides discounts on frequently prescribed drugs for a range of medical conditions.

Antibiotics, medications for allergies, diabetes management, medications for mental health, and medications for the heart are all included in Rx for Less.

Select drugs are now available to Walmart Plus members at no cost, while other medications will be up to 85% discounted. Only paying members can access RX for Less. The reductions take effect following your 15-day free trial. 

Walmart Plus exempts members from the delivery minimum

For free shipping, Walmart Plus members no longer need to make a $35 minimum purchase. Walmart stated last year that members would no longer have to worry about spending the required $35 minimum to receive free shipping on all orders.

Thanks to Walmart, the venues where members can use their fuel savings are also growing. More than 500 Sam’s Club locations now provide fuel discounts to Walmart Plus customers. Customers will like all of these benefits, especially considering Amazon’s decision to discontinue the Prime Pantry service. 

A Walmart Plus subscription

The annual cost of a Walmart Plus membership is $98 or $12.95 each month. (It does include a free 15-day trial period). The membership service is a rebranded version of Walmart’s $98 per year Grocery Unlimited subscription, which equals Amazon Prime in comparison.(opens in new tab).

The grocery delivery service debuted in 2019, and in September of that same year, it soon expanded to 1,400 more stores(opens in new tab). Walmart Plus, however, offers items in the electronics, cosmetic, and sports categories in addition to groceries. Comparatively, Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 annually. 

Walmart Plus has a few advantages that will develop over time. For instance, the retailer’s first Walmart Plus Weekend sales event, which featured four days of member-only bargains, began in June. The following are some additional advantages of Walmart Plus:

  • Customers will receive quick, free delivery on more than 160,000 items, including electronics, toys, necessities for the home, and groceries. Delivery will take place as soon as the same day, with delivery windows of one hour. 
  • Scan & Go: This function in the Walmart app will make in-store shopping quicker. Customers can use Walmart Pay to quickly and painlessly make payments while shopping by scanning their products using the Walmart app.
  • Fuel savings: Nearly 2,000 Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations will offer members of Walmart Plus up to 5 cents per gallon in fuel savings. Additionally included in the list are Sam’s Club petrol stations. Walmart also increased the discounts so customers could receive a 10-cent discount immediately.

Can you ever cancel, if yes, how to cancel Walmart Plus?

You can stop using Walmart Plus at any time. If you are unhappy with the service’s quality or are looking for other ways to cut expenditures, there is no reason why you cannot cancel your subscription. If you decide not to use Walmart+ in the future, you can reactivate your account anytime, and you won’t be assessed any cancellation fees.

Walmart Plus Refund Procedure

According to the Walmart Plus Cancellation Policy, users can end their subscriptions at any time without incurring fees. However, any discounts or perks that are not used will not be reimbursed.

Remember that if you have already paid for a yearly subscription, you cannot cancel Walmart Plus early and get a refund for the unused months. Additionally, following termination, you won’t be eligible for any Walmart Plus advantages in general; it is not too difficult to terminate your Walmart Plus membership if necessary. Before selecting a choice, examine the advantages and disadvantages because it can impact how you purchase at Walmart in the future.

It’s crucial to understand that terminating your Walmart membership does not also terminate any related credit or debit cards. These cards must be cancelled individually.

Furthermore, any associated grocery pickup or delivery orders are not immediately cancelled when a Walmart Plus membership is cancelled.

Possible Motives For Wanting To Terminate Your Walmart Membership or Free Trial-

People most frequently seek to terminate their Walmart subscription for the following reasons:

  1. Limited product options: It’s possible that Walmart doesn’t carry the particular brands or goods a consumer wants.
  2. Poor customer service: Customers may have encountered unpleasant or unhelpful behaviour from Walmart staff members.
  3. Convenient store locations: The customer may live too far away to shop at the local Walmart site routinely.
  4. Unfavourable return policies: The customer may not like the time limits or other return restrictions or have had a bad experience trying to return an item.
  5. High membership fees: If a customer does not usually purchase at Walmart, maintaining a membership may not be worthwhile for them.
  6. Preference for other stores: The client may prefer shopping at other establishments like Target or Costco for various factors, including better prices and a wider assortment of goods.
  7. Customer concerns may relate to Walmart’s business operations, how its employees are treated, or its impacts on the environment and local communities.
  8. Lack of online shopping alternatives: Some customers could prefer the ease of buying online, and Walmart may not have enough online options as compared to other stores.
  9. Poor in-store experience: The design and cleanliness of the store, the length of the lines and waits, the availability of the goods on the shelves, and the general mood may discourage customers from making more purchases there.
  10. Better offers elsewhere: If the client can discover better offers or specials at other retailers, it may be more economical to shop there than at Walmart.
  11. As a member of Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime Members receive lightning-quick 2-hour grocery delivery from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, and additional regional/speciality retailers.

How to Stop Your Subscription to Walmart Plus? 

You can terminate your subscription at any moment now that you know everything that has been said. Instead of worrying about why we are doing this, let’s move forward and walk through the process steps as a group.

Remember that your membership and its associated entitlements will be terminated following the conclusion of the current billing period. This includes access to the portion of the website reserved for members.

How to cancel Walmart plus online-

You can access your Walmart account from any browser if you’d like. Utilize our detailed instructions here:

To access your account, visit the Walmart website and log in.

Then select “Account” from the menu in the top right corner of your screen.

Several tabs will be visible on the left side menu.

Select Walmart+

“Manage Membership” is a menu option located in the screen’s top right corner. Click this choice.

Scroll to the bottom and down. You’ll come across a “Cancel Walmart plus (+) option. Just click it.

Walmart will remember all of the advantages you will forfeit if you cancel the subscription, and you will be sent to another screen to see them. The “Cancel Membership” button should be chosen.

Select one of the available options to indicate the cancellation’s cause. Additionally, you are given the chance to provide feedback.

Click the “Cancel Membership” button once more. Your procedure on how to  Cancel Walmart Plus will be successful. 


  • How much is Walmart Plus? 

: $12.95 per month. Annually: $98. Additional relevant taxes. 

  • How to cancel Walmart plus free trial? 

From your Walmart+ account page, you can cancel or call customer support. Can I get my Walmart+ subscription refunded? There are no refunds if you decide to stop. You will have access to membership advantages until the end of the subscription month, even if you cancel before.