How to cancel LinkedIn premium – Do you want LinkedIn Premium to be removed from your device? We can assist you with simple and efficient steps if you intend to stop using the site or cancel your premium membership.

Recruiters and job seekers can benefit significantly from how much LinkedIn Premium is, one of the most well-known social networking platforms. You can gain even more access to all opportunities accessible to you with a subscription to Premium to LinkedIn. Those who saw your profile can also keep track of you.

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If you no longer wish to use the Premium subscription, you can quickly cancel it from the LinkedIn homepage. On an iOS device, you can cancel LinkedIn Premium if you bought the membership via the iTunes Store or the App Store.

What exactly is LinkedIn Premium?

The paid subscription service of LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Premium, as was already indicated.

The scope of your reach is the key distinction between LinkedIn Premium & LinkedIn Basic. You can browse profiles beyond your connections, take online courses for professional development, and gain insights on your profile’s activity if you have a Premium subscription.

In addition to receiving InMail messages, LinkedIn Premium lets you send them. Compared to the Basic messaging option, which may only be seen on the platform, this is similar to a direct message that will be sent to the recipient’s email.

Additionally, users may monitor the last five visitors to their accounts and every person who has visited their online profile in the previous 90 days with LinkedIn Premium.

The top 100 links in a user’s complete network can also be seen by Premium members, along with information about how they compare to other users.

The primary problem with LinkedIn Premium is the price. The cost of an annual membership can range from approximately thirty dollars per month to roughly $120 per month, based on the package of services you select.

Due to this, it’s only suggested to sign up for LinkedIn Premium if you are actively searching for employment or candidates. When you’re finished, you might save money by discontinuing LinkedIn Premium.

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Does a Free Trial Exist for LinkedIn Premium? Premium LinkedIn Prices

Yes, LinkedIn Premium offers users a free trial so they can enjoy all of the specialized features without paying a dime and then decide whether they want to carry on with a subscription that costs money. On the platform, you can buy any of the available premium packages that suit your needs and start your free trial for them. After a month of the Free Trial, you will be charged according to the Premium membership you choose.

Customers can choose from any of the available LinkedIn Premium plans depending on their needs. All job searchers looking for the ideal chance should use LinkedIn Premium Career. HOW MUCH IS LINKEDIN PREMIUM. You can get this for $29.99 per month. The finest LinkedIn Premium Business plan for networking is $59.99 per month.

Users have the option to buy LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which can be quite helpful in generating sales leads. The monthly fee for this service is $99.99. You can use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, a different membership plan, to uncover the best employment opportunities that match your requirements. This will set you back $180 a month.

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How Do I Stop My LinkedIn Premium Account? How Can I Cancel My Mobile LinkedIn Premium Account?

From the LinkedIn homepage, you can quickly cancel your account’s LinkedIn Premium subscription.

1. Visit the official website & select Me or Profile.

2. Now, choose Access My Premium from the accessible menu.

3. Select the Manage Premium account link button on the screen page’s right side.

4. Doing so will lead you to your LinkedIn profile’s Subscription Settings area.

5. Select the Cancel Subscription button towards the bottom after seeing the Manage Subscription option.

6. Once you have completed the steps, you are finished.

On an Android device, cancel LinkedIn Premium

1. On your Android device, launch the Google Play Store.

2. Click on the symbol for your Profile at the beginning of the page.

3. Select Subscriptions under Payments & Subscriptions.

4. After selecting your LinkedIn Premium plan, tap Cancel Subscription.

How Do I Terminate LinkedIn Premium Through Apple?

1. Launch the Settings app on your phone or tablet.

2. Tap on your name to get your Apple Id and sign in.

3. Select the LinkedIn Premium subscription plan in the Subscriptions area.

4. Click Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen instructions.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What Takes Place When You Terminate LinkedIn Premium?

Ans. When you cancel the LinkedIn Premium subscription, you are automatically returned to LinkedIn Basic. You won’t lose any data at all. Your profile, along with all of your connections, is kept. Only the extra benefits that come with the monthly subscription will be lost, such as the ability for an unlimited number of users to browse or access more senior professionals who are not in your network.

Q2) When Should You Terminate Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription to Avoid Being Charged?

Ans. You can cancel your profile on LinkedIn Premium membership at any time, but you must do so at least one day before the end of the present monthly cycle to prevent being charged for using a Premium account.

Whether you’ve just taken advantage of a promotion or a free trial, you must be a subscriber. You’ll be charged if you don’t cancel it a day before its expiration.

You should be aware that all dates and billing cycles on LinkedIn are based on the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) zone of time.

Q3) Will LinkedIn Give Me a Refund?

Ans. You might be eligible for a LinkedIn refund. To determine if this is the case, read their refund policy while considering your options. Then, you can ask LinkedIn for a refund by filing the appropriate form, and they will determine whether you qualify for one. You can submit the refund request by visiting the LinkedIn Refund Policy page.