Headline: Must-haves in your bridal makeup kit.

If you are shelling much on a proficient wedding photographer and a photo album then we bet you want to look stunning in the photographs!

Oh hey! In case you need help looking for a professional MUA, then you could browse some of the professional bridal makeup & hairstyling studios in Delhi, Mumbai or any city you are getting married in. You can choose your makeup artist based on your budget and preferences. And, also look at their reviews and portfolio for better selection.

Of course, your MUA is going to help you keep up with the perfect look on your big day, but hey we have a few recommendations regarding what you should include in your bridal makeup kit. We’ve made a small list regarding some makeup essentials to have in store for the big day!

  • Primer/Setting Spray: For your makeup to look invariable until you’ve exchanged your vows and the event is done!
  • Foundation: Crucial element to eliminate all your blemishes and flaws.
  • Eye Makeup: They say an Indian woman’s makeup is said to be incomplete without kajal so we recommend you to carry a good eye shadow palette, eyeliner (liquid and pencil both), and mascara of course! (Fake lashes, if you want).
  • Lipstick: Carry on bright shade (red, fuchsia) and a suiting nude shade.
  • Blush: Go for peachy or rose-ish tones. (And a highlighter, if you want)
  • Compact Powder: For the finishing touch, in the end!
  • Nail polish: It depends if you want matching colours with every outfit you wear or pick one solid shade that would look good on all your outfits.

Use a primer before you apply anything to your face, it prepares your skin for the base. Note that foundation cannot cover your pimples; you have to visit a dermat for it. Start off with the eye-makeup; use an eyebrow pencil if necessary. Focus on one feature of the face and highlight it – eyes or lips. Pick a colour palette according to your outfit and makeup style (monotones for neutral look, vibrant colours for the party look). Opt for winged eyeliner for the royal vibe. Then apply kajal (you could tight line your eyes for a perfect finishing). Define your cheekbones with blush. Depending on what look you are opting for – a no makeup look or an alluring one, pick your shade of lipstick. Now to set your look, use a setting spray!

You should probably carry your own makeup brushes and sponges, to avoid the risk of getting an infection. There are extra essentials we would like to mention such as a perfume and moisturiser. You could also carry contouring palettes, BB/CC cream, wet wipes, nail polish remover, lip balm, bobby pins, safety pins and a makeup remover. Or make a checklist of all these to be on the safer side!

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Best Makeup Brushes And Tips On How To Keep Them Clean

A huge range of makeup brushes are available in the market by renowned brands for lending flawless makeup to the owners. These branded brushes are highly qualitative in terms of fibre quality, bristles gripping, and firmness in sticking the product. Above all, they bestow you with a makeup that you will cherish forever. So you can go for the branded ones or make a combo of the ones which not only gives you the desired results but fit in your budget too.

But if you do not take the best care of these makeup brushes, then you are sure to lose your favorite beauty blenders soon. Polish up your knowledge with this special guide on types of makeup brushes and ways to keep them safe. So, are you ready to transform yourself from simple to stylish?

Types of Brush Textures

  1. Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural bristle brushes are made up of animal hair and so they are quite pricey. The best quality about these brushes is that the products stick to them firmly and thus blending is done in an amazing way. If you are thinking to buy one, then Sonia Kashuk gives you the best of all. Unluckily, these natural bristles make up brushes have a tendency to slough. Even the cleanliness of these brushes is a challenge due to the quantity of pigment they catch. As word of caution, do take care in case you are allergic to animal hair as they are originally made up of them.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Next that comes is; Synthetic bristle make up brushes. Though it is pretty easy and quick to make coating with natural bristle brushes but for the ones who are allergic or do not prefer to use animal hair, then synthetic bristle brushes are just the right choice. Comparatively, they fit in your budget much easily and do not require extra efforts for cleaning. Many people have the views that the synthetic brushes are not as soft as natural ones but then the choice differs from person to person.

Types Of Makeup Brushes

type of makeup brushes

There is wide range of types of makeup brushes in the world of beauty to enhance your look from every angle. But here we will highlight few of those makeup brushes that are used most commonly. Check them out:

Duo Fibre Brush

Burnishing and blending colors is the peculiarity of this duo fibre makeup brush. Its hair is an accumulation of synthetic fibre and blend of goat which are extremely light in weight. With a flat and round feathered head, this duo fibre makeup brush strikes amazingly with any cream, liquid or powder to bestow a tinge of luminance to the brow bones and cheek.

Foundation Brush

A perfect foundation makeup brush lends your makeup with a flawless finishing. Its specialty is hidden in its bristles which are firmly packed with the help of a pointed tip for applying foundation.  First of all; moisten your foundation brush in lukewarm water and properly squeeze the surplus water over a tissue or towel. This will enable you to attain a much better and even distribution overall.

Blusher Brush

The apples of your cheeks get a perfect highlight with this circular headed blusher makeup brush. The delicate fibers blend and swing on your cheekbones so elegantly that it delineates the brush upwards within the hairline.

Concealer Or Camouflage Brush

A concealer makeup brush also known as camouflage brush is the best way to add the magic of makeup by applying concealer underneath the eyes and spots. It is a flat makeup brush which has a sharpened tip, broader base and gentle bristles. It also assists in treating the camouflage affected areas like portions of discoloration and cracked capillaries.

Bronzer/Powder Brush

This makeup brush works ‘two in one’. It can be used for both; bronzer and compact powder. The bristles of this powder makeup brush are smooth and so plentiful that it lifts up the perfect measure of color without leaving any faults behind. The circular design of this brush enables it to spread the bronzer or powder very cleanly over the skin. All you need to do is to blow away the extra powder from the brush before swinging it over the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow makeup brush has a chamfered edge which allows it to confer a fluent application without embroiling the eyelid. It is short, flat and brimful of bristles which cover it superbly for an even application. It makes the task of putting color much easier and better.

Makeup Brush For Eyebrows

The firm bristles of this spiral shaped eyebrow brush masters for reclaiming the unmanaged hairs. It organizes the eyebrows well into shape by brushing them in the upwards direction. If required trimming can be done for the excess growing eyebrow hair to attain a neatened eyebrow look.

Smudge Brush For Makeup

Smudge makeup brush is basically a sort of eye pencil with the double ends. The tip of this brush is frothy and foamy which helps in softening the abrasive line of the pencil thereby rendering a smoldering touch to the eyebrows. In addition, you can apply eye shadow with the larger one end.

Lip Brush

The short and stiff bristles of this lip brush forms a graven tip on the top. This helps in imparting an unflawed line to the lips that too with the utmost perfection. Now let’s learn on the cleaning methods of the makeup brushes.

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How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home?

Mainly, there are two methods that are considered safe and quick to clean the brushes at home.

How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home

1. Spot Cleaning

Simplest and Speediest! If you are running short of time, then spot cleaning is the right method you can opt for. During eye makeup; there are times when artists run short of available brushes. All that is needed at that time is clean brush.  Thus, spot cleaning is the only way to come out of the trouble. And such brushes can be cleaned easily on the spot.

What Are The Requisites For The Cleaning Of Makeup Brushes?

  1. Paper Towel tops the list.
  2. Then comes is makeup brush cleaner. MAC, Clinique and ELF are all the amaze balls.

Methods To Spot Clean The Makeup Brushes With The Help Of ELF Brush Bleaner:

  1. Spot Cleaning Process:
  • Select your product: Makeup brush cleaner is what all you need.
  • Make your brushes wet: Dampen the brush by spraying the product on the brush.
  • Whirl on paper towel: Lightly whirl the makeup brush over the paper towel. You need to twiddle until the product is popped off from the brush.
  • Replicate the steps: get rid of extra moistness and replicate the same steps with the other brushes.
  1. Deep Cleaning Process:

Spot cleaning is just not enough if you want your brushes to be thoroughly cleaned. Foundation brush is one such makeup brush where the remains are still found even after done with spot cleaning process. Hence, deep cleaning is compulsory. Deep cleaning process ensures that your makeup brushes are completely devoid of any sort of remains which later turns out to be bacteria.

Essentials required for cleaning of makeup brushes:

  • Olive oil
  • A soft baby shampoo or dish soap
  • Vinegar (if you wish to)
  • Paper Towels
  • A soft bar shop
  • Gloves or Cleaning Brush Silicon Mat (it is optional)

What is the proper way to deep cleanse makeup brushes with a gently dish soap or baby shampoo?

  1. Pick your product: Using glove is optional so you can squelch little baby shampoo over your hand along with a drop of olive oil. It assists in keeping the brushes firm and moisturized. Also add few drops of vinegar if you wish. If the number of brushes to clean is more then you should prefer buying a silicon cleaning glove. These silicon gloves won’t make your hands go dry.
  2. Choose your cleaning surface: Your cleaning surface could be either a silicon mat or a silicon glove. Gently whirl your brush over the squeezed shampoo.

III.            Mildly rinse: Put your makeup brush under the flowing water of tap once you have enormously removed the traces hidden in it. To save the bristles of the brush from any sort of damage, make sure the temperature of water is not too hot. Also, the pressure of water should not be too much.

  1. Use a paper towel to clean it and let it dry: Squash surplus water from the brushes. Use a paper towel to dry them and then lay them down for whole night so that they can dry completely.

What Is The Right Way To Deep Clean Makeup Sponges?

Beauty blenders need an in-depth cleaning too; so do not miss it. Here comes the usage of soap bar.

  1. Choose your soap bar: soap bar makes your task of cleaning beauty blender much simpler.
  2. Select cleaning surface of your choice: Twiddle the sponge over the bar to acquire soap. Once done, whirl it over your hand or gloves.

III.            Wash: Wash the brushes properly beneath the tap water and assure that all the makeup is rinsed.

  1. Recur the same: If needed then repeat the full process.
  2. Let it dry: Squeeze the extra water in the brushes and let it dry all-night.

The cleaning of every makeup brush is completely your responsibility when you are using it. If you expect something to give you the best results then taking care of them is equally important from your end. If you ensure time to time cleaning of these makeup brushes then you will have to never regret on spending good amount on such beauty enhancing products. The cleanup of makeup brushes make sure that your skin always remains healthy and beautiful. There are many good brands which sell brush cleaners as well so do not forget to buy one along with these makeup brushes. This will make your task quicker and easier.

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How Often Should The Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned?

How often should the makeup brushes be cleaned? This is an important question that needs to be answered. One must keep all the information up to date on records. Bacteria develop in the unclean brushes very quickly. Hence, cleaning of makeup brushes should be done each and every day without a miss. This will always help to stay hygienic and healthy skinned. But it happens that due to hectic schedule of our daily lives this is not always possible. So, if not daily then cleaning process should be done at least twice a week.

But there is no escape for those who have a delicate and sensitive skin. Either they have to follow the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes daily or they have to keep ample brushes so that they can use different brush daily. Do not use the used brushes without cleaning at all.

Take care of few safeguards and tips that will be a real help to you in the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes:

Safeguards and tips to be followed for the proper maintenance of makeup brushes:

  • Always keep an arrangement for backup brushes by keeping two sets of brushes. This will help you when one set will need cleaning.
  • Never make brushes stand in upwards direction while putting them for dry. If you put this way, the water will flow inwards towards the glue part which holds the bristles firmly. Thus it will weaken the grip by letting the brushes exuviate faster.
  • Here comes a reminder. If your skin is delicate or prone to acne, then always make the use of new brushes only. Never use the unwashed ones.
  • Keep doing deep cleaning on regular intervals.
  • Mark your calendar for cleaning your brushes every weekend. Book some time in particular for this task. To make it enjoyable, put some soothing music on and then begin with cleaning.

Well, we hope that after understanding the importance of cleaning makeup brushes; you will never miss out on this important task ever. Make it interesting by doing it along with chatting with your beloved, conversing with your kids or listening to some good music. Let it be a stress buster rather than a bothersome task.

Shhh! Here’s the secret to finding the best wedding makeup artist

The wedding dates are fixed, and before you know it, you are prepping up for the big day. While it is quite difficult finding the right venue, caterer, outfits, etc. you may still find one task most humongous of all; the task of finding a perfect make -up artist.

Planning a wedding in a city like Mumbai will not save you much. Also, your budget may also have a chance of going much overboard than what you originally planned. But you still need to find an excellent bridal makeup artist in Mumbai and that too within your budget! Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore with mobile marketplace like apps in the market. Here’s how they can come to your rescue.

Booking the best wedding artist with a mobile marketplace app

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and not hiring a bridal makeup artist due to an already jam-packed budget is not an option. In fact, if there is anything that tops a bride’s list as much as the perfect wedding outfit, then it’s the makeup!


Hence, we suggest taking help of a mobile marketplace app like UrbanClap which provides bridal makeup artists in Mumbai at your doorstep. This way you can choose only those makeup artists who suit your budget.

For the smaller as well as bigger wedding functions the app has a solution for all your makeup needs; which are available with just a touch of your Smartphone!

How to find the best bridal makeup artist on mobile marketplaces

  • Browsing for a good makeup artist

Mobile marketplace for services just spoil you for choices. Browse through the list of services and choose the ones you need (in this case a bridal makeup artist!). Alternatively, you can also select other services such as pre-wedding shoot, bridal mehndi artists, and so on.

  • Events

Indian weddings are gala events featuring several functions. The pressure of looking close to a movie star at these events bring higher expectations. Mobile marketplaces are platforms that help you pick the functions for which you need a makeup artist for. UrbanClap for instance helps you opt for a makeup artist best suited for your Mehendi or Cocktail party.

  • Choose your type of makeup

Want to choose a sweet, subtle look for your engagement, or a bold look for the reception, or maybe a fresh dewy and all natural look for a simple function at home- everything is available on these platforms. This way the artist has a heads-up from the beginning and will work with you only on those looks and ideas you like, hence saving a lot of time. It is best to book a trial session on the app before finalizing a makeup artist. What’s more, you can even schedule makeup sessions for your friends and family.

  • Pick a reasonable budget

Those extra bucks saved will come to use when you plan a getaway with your hubby the next year. Specify the budget you are comfortable with and get connected with only those artists who match your budget. Since apps like UrbanClap provide only verified and professional experts, you can expect good quality artists to connect with you.

  • Give your details

Your requests are precisely matched to professionals, which help avoid any last-minute problems. Specify where you want the service, and the app will get you connected with the right professionals matching your needs.

So within few easy steps, you will soon have access to expert makeup artists and that too matching your budget. Within 24 hours the best professionals will call you or be at your doorstep, consulting with you about the gorgeous look you need to match your wedding functions.

So, don’t wait anymore! Can’t find a good bridal makeup artist in your budget? Go ahead and get the benefits of an expert makeup artist within your budget; by simple clicks and taps on apps like UrbanClap.

Check Out The Right Way To Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most crucial features of our face. Right from bestowing expressions to beauty, they hold the primary role. But even after knowing these facts, we still underestimate their presence. We do not give proper attention and as a result we end up mis-shaping them, which further spoils the complete look of our face. It is not a negotiable fact that the shape of your eyebrow can define the appearance of your complete look, yet at times we do not understand what will be the perfect way to determine our brows so that they can absolutely suit to your face and gives it a better dimension. Nevertheless, after reading this article, it will be surely easy for you to decide the shaping of your eyebrows that suits you the best. Here, we will also give you some tips defining some exceptional methods which will help you to lend an appropriate shaping to your bros. Along with this; we have also highlighted all the necessary tools and things that would be required in the shaping process and also the ways through which you can minimize the intensity of pain.

The first step to owe an ideal brow is to determine how it should look like. To do this, you would need to follow certain steps. There are two ends to our eyebrow, the inner end that is towards the nose and the outer end that ends up at the temple of the crown. So, the steps begin from highlighting the starting point of the inner edge to the ending point of the outer edge.

  • INNER EDGE: Take an eyebrow pencil and place it in a vertical position in such a way that it touches the side of your nose and inner line of your eye. Also, notice where this straight line is formed and mark that point on your eyebrow. This is the mark of your inner edge where your eyebrow should start. Now do the similar for the other eye too.
  • ARCH: An appropriate arch or peak in the eyebrow at the correct place can drastically make a difference to the shape of your bro and hence give a distinct look to your entire face.  Now to check where the arch should be in accordance to your face, what you need to do is, place the eyebrow pencil in a way that it lie between the side of your nose and extreme end of the pupil, mark the point where the lines cut each other. This is where the peak of the eyebrow should be. one important thing to keep in mind while doing so is to make sure that you look straight into the mirror, since the measure depends upon the edge of your pupil, thus if there would be any movement it will lead to wrong judgment and can ruin the look.
  • OUTER EDGE: Again, placing the eyebrow pencil in an angle so that it touches your nose’s and eyes outer edges. Mark the point where the pencil intersects the brow; that should be the extreme end of your eyebrow. Again, do the same with another eye.
  • THICKNESS: The last thing to be found is how thick the eyebrow should be. To do so, mark a line on the lower edge of your brow bone, this should be the thickness of your brow.

Now that you know what should appropriate eyebrow for your eye look like, let’s move onto discussing how to get them.

  • Using a thread or tweezer, pluck the hair that falls outside the marked regions in the definite shape.
  • Make sure that the thickness of the brow lies within the range of 0.5cm to 1cmand not more than that.
  • While experimenting with the shape of brow, keep in mind the shape of your face. For an instance, if your face is round in appearance, then to belittle its curvy look directing the end of the brow  a bit upward in the direction of ear would do the best.
  • Suppose, if your face is in square shape, like that of Kareena Kapoor, then leading the outer edge of your eyebrow into your ear’s mid direction will work absolutely perfect for you.
  • On the other hand f you possess a long face then keep the ear straighter with a minimal arch would suit you better.
  • If your face shape is oval, then trust us you are just so blessed because it is the most balanced face types. Shraddha Kapoor is the best example of this. Although, to highlight the fact, just try to shape your eyebrows considering to direct the outermost edge in the ear lobe’ s direction with a significant peak.

However, for the first time we would suggest you to get your eyebrow shaped by a professional in the perfect way they should actually be. After that, you would not need to visit a parlor every fifteen days. If you give a notice to your brows on frequent regular intervals then you can clean and shape them up on your own by taking care of certain things.  Let us tell you how and what.

    • TWEEZING: After a week or so, of shaping the brows, you might start noticing small growths of hair around the desired shape. What you need to do to cure them is to only tweeze the excess hair around the desired shape and it will be sorted.8

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    • TRIMMING: In the span of 10 to 15 days, the length of the hair within the desired shape would increase. Therefore to bring them back to normal, just take a small scissor and trim the growth a bit from the flat surface and then you can brush your hair in the upward direction with the use of a brow brush.9

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  • HIGHLIGHT: If your brows are too light shaded then to enhance their look and volume, shade them with a two tones darker shade of an eyebrow pencil. While doing so, stretch your temple skin with your palms; it will make the eyebrows stretch too and then shade them in upward direction and blend it well. Even if you do not possess a brow pencil, then instead of it you can use a mate eye shadow. On the other side if the tone is too dark then repeat the same thing using two tones lighter shade of the bro pencil.

If you stick to these things on a regular basis and develop a habit precisely a good habit then timely it would be easy for you to maintain the look without making significant efforts.


  • Make a note that eyebrows create expressions thus if you get your brow too imbalanced in a way that the outer edge levels a little too much above the inner edge then it will portrait an angry expression on your face.
  • However if your eyes are in the shape of almonds, in that case your natural brow line would be lower on the inner edge and higher on the outer and this is what typically suit the eyes. Thus while shaping them, make sure you do not to do vice versa to both of the edges otherwise it can prove to be a clownish experiment.
  • Dab some concealer around the brow areas to give them a dimensional outlook.
  • If your skin is utterly sensitive and loose, then do not forget to keep an ice pack along with you while you do the tweezing and keep on applying it when you feel the pain.
  • Be very keen to notice that both the eyebrows are appearing to be symmetrically similar in both the directions horizontal and vertical.
  • While shading the eyebrow, use a lighter shade on the inner edge and darker on the outer edge and then after, just blend them well enough.
  • One thing to be considered while measuring the ends of the brow is that, if your nose is too wide (which happen with some people) then instead of using the level of nose for marking; consider the inner level of your eye. Otherwise, if you measure it with the help of your nose level there would be ideally a smaller eyebrow.

Keeping these things in mind and follow the above given methods you can, in fact you will surely have a set of desirable eyebrows. Don’t forget to mention how well the tricks helped you and to do so please shoot a comment below.


Lakme Lipsticks: Always Make You Fall In Love With Your Lips

Lakme… the first love of every girl when it comes to cosmetics and especially lipsticks! It has been one of the most believed and famous cosmetic brands of India that share a superb rapport in the market. It understands every bit of its customers’ needs, desires and preferences. With the changing trends every time, it has always been successful in introducing the most voguish and evergreen trends of its own. It holds a niche in the cosmetic world and deserves it undoubtedly. Along with many cosmetic items, Lakme has a huge collection of Lipsticks that will definitely leave you stunned. So, why not to check some of the best additions of Lakme Lipsticks! Here they are:

    1. Lakme Runway Red: To begin with, here comes an evergreen shade for which you never need to think. Whether you are dressing up yourself for a kitty party or a grand occasion, this Lakme Runway Red will accompany you in the best way. Its matte look gives your lips a royal touch and its rich texture shape up your lips so well. Without meals, it won’t agree to leave your lips for up to six hours and with meals it is obvious to lighten up a bit but the tinge of red will stay for about three hours plus thereby making you look as pretty as before.8


    1. Lakme Absolute Crème Lipstick – Royal Rouge: This Lakme Absolute Crème Lipstick – Royal Rouge is the perfect one for the ones with fair and medium skin tone. The mixture of pink and peach shade of this lakme lipstick is sure to brighten up your face as its shine is its attraction. It has a little dry texture which is so called ‘mattish’ finish. It is the right choice for the normal and pigmented lips but for the ones who have dry lips, they will need to add some gloss to it so that it does not look sticky. Moreover, it stays as long as three hours and even more without meals.9


  1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Pink Sorbet & Candy Kiss: This Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Pink Sorbet & Candy Kiss is just like its name speaks. Pink Sorbet imbibes of rosy pink color which every girl is fond of.


Talking about Candy Kiss; it is a combo of pleasing peach and awesome orange. Both are the most demanded in the makeup kit of any girl. Both these shades are bright and shimmering that will surely add radiance to the face. This Absolute Lip Tint carries such a moisturizing effect, that it not only glides smoothly over your lips but also makes them look lovely. Though it is perfect for all, but turns out to be the best option for the ones with dry lips because as soon as you apply this, it lends your lips with instant moisture.

    1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint in Berry Pink: Berry Pink is such a magnificent shade of pink color that it holds no comparison to any other. The color of berry and a moderate purple makes it a marvelous go. This Lakme Absolute Lip Tint in Berry Pink is not a bold color so you need to think when and where to apply it while making it your choice. Whether it is your first date or your anniversary eve; where you don’t have to carry a bold makeup look, this one will surely make you look wow. To add on, this Lakme shade holds some peculiar neon impressions which adjudicate after some minutes of applying it and lends it a different tinge. So, what are you waiting for; go and get one!10

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  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Bureau: As the name speaks, this shade of Lakme can be even carried when you are getting ready for your office which generally has the timings 9 to 5 types. Meaning thereby you don’t need any special occasion to apply this Lakme 9 to 5 Color- Pink Bureau. You can make your everyday special by applying this beautiful coral shade imbibing golden dapples within it. Though these twinkling golden dapples are hardly visible but surely leave a perpetual effect when applied. If you don’t need even a bit of golden, you can smoothly rub it off and it will disappear. The magic is revealed when it seems creamy on applying but turns out to be matte afterwards. Isn’t it one of its own kinds?


  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Colar: This one is an excellent choice for the ones who love matte finish lipsticks. Talking about its features, Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Colar will enhance your lips for about four hours without meals and for about two hours or little more after having meals. The terrific pink with the light hue of purple makes it look awesome when applied on your lips. In the beginning it settles in the form of fine lines and then later leaves it original expression.


    1. Lakme 9 to 5 Scarlet Drill Lipstick: Little similar to Berry pink, this Lakme 9 to 5 Scarlet Drill Lipstick has a color of its own. You won’t need any specific juncture to apply it. Whether you are leaving for a business meet or planning to go for any expedition, this lip shade will accompany you in any of your outing. If you want a look that is fresh and flavored, then you just can’t skip purchasing this one. To add on, whatever your complexion is you need not to think while making it a choice. Something that will make you and other fall in love instantly!13

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    1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Orange Tease: Its texture is so creamy that you won’t let it go off from your lips at any cost. The tempting tint of this Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Orange Tease will just not wipe away after snacking but will stay even after that. Whether you are wearing Indian attire or a western one, the teasing attitude of this lip shade will make other go crazy by making you look wow.14


  1. Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #140: Without any shine and frost, this blue plum cum pinky plum enhances your lips with its creamy texture. The slight glossiness in it adds a little shine to your lips when applied. Such a shade is the best when you are looking to brighten up your face. So, don’t miss to ask for Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #140 when you are in the store and get this added to your make up collection for sure!15
  2. Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #149: With a buttery like creamy texture, this Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #149 highlights the ravishing raspberry pink shade thereby turning out to be a compulsory addition to your makeup case. It in holds pink shimmering specks within it which are hardly visible until you observe it closely. These specks lend the lip shade with slight radiance which not only makes you look sober but also trendy when applied. One of the most beautiful shades of the Lakme Lipsticks world indeed; this won’t let you walk away without earning the words of complements from every second person.16
  3. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipcolor #552 Fig: The most appropriate lip shade for the one who wants both; creamy touch and glossy finishing. A single coat of this Lakme Enrich Satin Lipcolor #552 Fig will give you the best of its look which you can apply even when you are going for an official meeting. Well, if it is about a special lunch or dinner date, this marvelous mauve color is sure to add grace to your overall look. In case if you wish a bit darker version you can swipe it one or more times and you will get one. It does not let your lips get dry thereby keeping it well moisturized.


  1. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick No. 141: You can the guess the characteristics of this pale peachy colored lip shade with its look as soon as you remove the cover. It is sure to come out rich, creamy and imbued as per your expectations. The sobriety of golden shimmer unveiled in it will enhance your face when applied. This Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick No. 141will make you look the best when it is applied with the perfect base makeup like foundation and concealer. The right choice for the one who is all set to go to an occasional eve with a light makeup!18
  2. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick #352 Cherry: This is one of the astoundingly pigmented examples of lipsticks which reveals out its perfect shade with just one swipe. Moreover, you will be amazed by the long lastingness of this Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick #352 Cherry which stays on your lips for about five hours and then begins to lighten up slightly in such a manner that it looks wow with every illuminating shade. Moreover, the right way to apply this extra creamy lip shade is to apply with the help of a dab tissue and a lip brush on your lips. Your friends are sure to be jealous of such a lovely look!


  1. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Love Haze: The Lakme love lipsticks shades will definitely make you fall in love with their color and finishing. Being creamy, this lip shade hydrates and softens the lips and makes them look amazing. You are sure to staple this Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Love Haze in your bag wherever you go. Talking about the color of this lipstick, it defines the best of Lakme nude lip colors and expresses nude brownish color. But when applied on the lips it plays the magic and turns out to be a flabby peach brownish thereby looking outstanding.
  2. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick: Just like its long name; we have a long list of its features too which will make you rush to the market and get one immediately. This Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick is one of the modish matte finish additions in the world of Lakme Lipsticks which is professionally conferred to impart you a quick expertise look with an easy to apply technique. To add on, being enriched with the moisturizing qualities, it also takes best care of your lips. So, enjoy the most beautiful look with utmost care and concern.21Source:

Be Free from Chapped Lips by Eliminating 5 Popular Mistakes!

If you have been religiously following a strict facial care routine, you will attest to the fact that the lips require a substantial amount of tender loving care. There is no denying that the lips are the most utilized facial feature. It is essential for functions such as eating, speaking and even kissing.

Ironically, the lips are protected by an impossibly thin layer of skin. The impact of this skin layer is such that its existence is often negligible. Due to this unfortunate characteristic, the lips endure a heightened sensitivity and become extremely vulnerable to damage.

Chapped Lips

Due to the lack of adequate protection and in the absence of oil glands, the lips can be easily dried out, and exposure to external elements can cause symptoms such as irritated lips. Within the beauty industry, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as chapped lips.

Although a multitude of factors can lead to the occurrence of chapped lips, a majority of them can be prevented by implementing certain tried and tested solutions including the regular use of lip balms. On a more personal level, chapped lips can be avoided by eliminating some bad habits. Listed below are 5 frequent mistakes that stand in the way of healthier lips condition.

  1. Dehydration

The best method to hydrate the lips is to provide it with the necessary moisture through regular water consumption. The symptom of chapped lips is a clear indication that the body is not receiving enough intake of liquid. On a daily basis, at least, 8 glasses of water are recommended. This guideline should be adjusted according to the weather as well. For instance, a higher water intake would be required during the winter when the weather becomes dry. It is also important to note that beverages such as coffee, tea and any drink with alcoholic content actively promotes chapped lips and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Dry Environment

In a specific study, researchers tested out the prevalence of chapped lips on soldiers who trained in the open desert. Essentially, the researchers were interested in how a dry environment and a lack of hydration correlates with the onset of chapped lips. Conducted in Fort Irwin, California, a total of 1,053 soldiers were enlisted for this experiment. After the testing period of 4 weeks, it was conclusively provided that a dry environment positively correlates to chapped lips. Up to 33% of the soldiers suffered from varying degrees of chapped lips. Although the statistics do not overwhelmingly associate dry conditions to chapped lips, it does prove the existence of a relationship. Similar to dehydration, chapped lips can be prevented by increasing the amount of water intake.

  1. Lip Plumpers

This is probably the newest factor that is attributed to the development of chapped lips. The best lip plumpers in the beauty industry market themselves as alternative ways to enhance facial features. However, individuals should tread with caution towards the use of these products. Lip plumpers use harsh ingredients to stimulate the lips, giving it more volume and making it appear fuller. These strong ingredients tend to make the lips dry and promote chapped lips. Other than a higher water consumption rate, lip moisturizers are also required to correct the damage done by these lip plumpers.

  1. Licking lips

The act of licking the lips comes almost naturally to many people whenever their lips feel dried out. This instinctive reaction is totally understandable. It makes sense that when the lips lack moisture, the tongue bails it out by hydrating it with saliva. The problem with this solution is that in the long run, the saliva does more harm than good to the lips. Firstly, constant friction between the tongue and lips can easily wear out the thin layer of skin protecting the lips. Next, when the saliva evaporates, the natural moisture is also carried away with it. Lastly, saliva contains enzymes that are effective in breaking down food to aid digestion. Applying these enzymes to the lips would disintegrate the skin, leaving it exposed to the harmful elements of the environment. Based on this three distinct disadvantages, individuals should actively work towards eradicating this subconscious habit.

  1. Orange/Lemon Juice

Oranges and lemons have no lack of admirers and many people actively include these fruits in their dietary plans. Unknown to them, eating or drinking these fruits have a negative effect on their lips which can promote the development of chapped lips, due to the high citrus content in them. For those are reluctant to eliminate these great tasting fruits from their diets, a higher daily consumption of water is necessary to balance out the harmful effects.




The prevalence of chapped lips can be quite disconcerting to some people, especially if they are persistent and constantly present itself as a problem. Although viable solutions are readily available to cure chapped lips, a few preventive measures can be taken as well. The next time your lips start to feel dry, consciously make mental notes not to lick them and hydrate yourself immediately. If you are searching for tips on how to plump your lips, bear in mind that the harsh ingredients in these products will most definitely worsen the condition of your lips. By keeping this list handy, you can significantly reduce the chances of sustaining chapped lips.

Tips to turn your lips pink

Lips are one of the most basic features that define your face and expressions. Your lips give the ultimate appeal to your face. But, if lips are such an important part of your overall charm then why do you pay such little attention on their care? Without proper care your lips can become dark and dull. To get a natural pink colour on your lips, it is very important to follow a proper lip care regime regularly. So, here are few effective tips that will help you get that natural pink colour.

Beautiful lips are a true symbol of natural beauty on a person. It is such an organ that speaks your heart out defining your facial expressions. Lips bestow a sound appeal to your face and overall personality. In spite of all these realities, many of us ignore to take care of our lips. Just like other body organs lips also need equivalent care and attention. Imagine, how your face would look if you have naturally pink colored lips with shine and glow instead of dark and deadly lips!! Amazing, isn’t it? So, a regular aid of lips should be a part of your daily work too. Now, the question arises, how to take proper care of lips to turn them into healthy looking pink lips?? Here are some effectual ideas for it:

Lip massaging

Just like you brush your teeth daily similarly make a regular habit of massaging your lips regularly. The magic of massage helps in decreasing the dark color of lips that too very speedily. You can see the result within few days only. Massage can be done with your home remedies only; there is no need to spend any amount of money on any massaging cream. You can make a lip gloss or lip balm with the mixture of lemon juice and almond oil and before going to bed massage it daily for few moments.


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Apply Moisturizer to your lips

Hydration of lips is a very important factor and this is possible only in case if you apply a good moisturizer daily. Dry and dull lips appear to lifeless so to add life to your lips you can make use of petroleum jelly as it has ample moisture in it especially when you are planning to go out in hot sun. If your are at home or at any indoor place then you can use cocoa butter as it is a god gift to turn your lips pink.

Lips scrubbing

 Do not go for any pricy cosmetics instead look for something natural that can make your lips go pink. One of those ideas is scrubbing your lips before going to sleep with the use of a delicate tooth brush, one which is soft just like your lips. Scrubbing will kick off dry and rough skin thereby increasing the intensity of softening.


Ignore Lip licking

This is something that most of us are in habit of and licking makes your lips worse day by day. It steals away softness, moisture, glow and redness of your lips slowly and gradually. Generally the reason behind licking is, dry lips which force our tongue to make them wait again and again. If you really want your lips to be pink color then leave this bad habit immediately.


Discontinue Smoking

Smoking plays a major role in turning your lips dull and more and more dark day by day. Not only is this, smoking is no useful in any way neither for lips nor for health. It kills a person slowly and steadily. Considering your lips and overall body that is affected by smoking like lungs and heart it is better to quit smoking.


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Use pomegranate seeds with milk cream

Blend the pomegranate seeds with milk cream and gently apply on lips, this is one of an amazing way to decrease the dark color of lips. But remember nothing can bring a change immediately because slow and steady wins the race.

Hope all this prove a great help to you or your beloved ones!!



Makeup is a girl’s best friend (forget diamonds!). Every woman likes to lug makeup with them. Makeup not only enhances our physical features, but also arise the much needed confidence. When we put out the step towards learning the eye makeup; we usually get an idea that the eye makeup is quite tricky and intricate. From consummate eye makeup, we can change our personality and make our self more attractive. There are diverse types of eye makeups in the industry today and you can pick any one of them to give out your look!

Eye portion is too sensitive, so it needs more dedication and care. If you acquire perfect eye makeup, you can change your fashion statement altogether. There are certain eye makeup tips which will help you get your desired eye makeup look. In this piece of writing, we will let you know how to do eye makeup properly.

Let us teach you how to apply eye makeup; not less than an amateur makeup artist:

When we talk about eye makeup, we talk about covering our full eye and fundamentally there are three scraps which we need to coat; we need three things to overlay our eye: eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. These three are primary eye makeup tools which must be in every girl’s makeup kit. If you do not have these tools, buy them today and start experimenting with your looks!

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Below are some eye makeup tips to start with:

1) EYELINER TIPS: Getting perfect eyeliner is the most salient and tricky part of eye makeup. So let’s know how to make it perfect:

ssq                                                                          Source:

    • Firstly, choose your eyeliner and keep this thing in mind while choosing a liner that your eyeliner should be a quality product and if you are using a liquid liner, make sure its brush is smooth and gentle.
    • Use a makeup remover to make your eyes oil free. It will also provide you with consummate texture.
    • To make your eyeliner flawless, keep your eyes open, look straight in the mirror,   and outline the outer corners of the eye. In the first use, it may not be perfect, but after using it frequently, it will surely be flawless.
    • Make sure you apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so that it appears to be a part of your natural lash line.
    • To achieve soft smokey eyes, try using a pencil eyeliner. It tends to be much softer and creamier. Apply it on the eyelids and smudge it with your finger so that it looks more natural and gorgeous when it comes to the smokey eye makeup.
    • And to change your look, you can use the colour eyeliners which are in the trend nowadays. If you want to acquire a different look for a particular occasion, you can try some coloured eyeliners. To enhance your look, you can use a lot of mascara to go along.

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2) MASCARA TIPS: How can it be possible that while talking about the eye makeup, we don’t talk about the mascara?
Here are some valuable tips to use the mascara:

sqs                                                                         Source:

    • Start applying mascara from the roots of your lashes and not the tips. This technique gives you enough volume and doesn’t weight down your eye lashes. Otherwise it touches your skin and it will look messy
    • To prevent your lashes from looking clumpy, coat on layers of mascara, depending on the desired volume.
    • To make your mascara last longer, avoid pumping the wand while pulling out the mascara. Instead, swirl it. This also doesn’t dry out the mascara.
    • In case you are using an eyelash curler after applying the mascara, ensure the mascara on the eyes is semi wet and not dry.
    • While applying the mascara on the lower lashes, place a tissue paper right under your lashes to prevent smudging of your makeup.

If you want perfect eye lashes, then a variety of artificial eyelashes are present in the market to give you the full volume and beauty.

3) EYE SHADOW TIPS: Eye shadow deliver the final touch to your eyes. Here are some tips to let you know how to apply the eye shadow:

cc                                                                         Source:

    • The technique for applying the eye shadow is to start with an eye primer or an eye base and apply it all over the eye area (up to the brow line).
    • Invest in good quality brushes. They last for years and ensure better blending. The flat brushes are for depositing the eye shadow and the fluffy brushes are for blending.
    • If you want the eye shadow colour to really stand out, then use the white pencil on eyelids just before applying the eye shadow. This technique makes the colour pop out more efficiently.
    • While creating a smoky eye, use creamy eye pencils as the base for a stronger and intense effects. If you are going for brown smoky eyes, opt for a brown pencil as a base.


    • Use a blotting paper to remove the excess eye shadow; without disturbing the eyeliner.
    • A great tip to curl your lashes instantly is by blow-drying your curler right before you curl your lashes. But ensure that it is not too hot.
    • To avoid eye shadow fall out, finish your eye makeup first then proceed with the base. This will ensure that the makeup looks fresh.
    • Focus on one feature at a time. When wearing loud eye makeup, keep the lips subtle or nude and vice versa.
    • Highlight the inner corner of the eyes by using a light colored eye shadow as this will make your eyes much brighter.
    • Fill in your brows and define them by using a concealer or a foundation on the outer corners of your brows. This helps in defining the brows completely.

In this era of fashion, looking our best is an absolute necessity and through makeup, you can catch that glimpse of beauty to enhance your look. So, always try to use quality products which will not harm your skin severely. So, stay safe and keep experimenting with your looks more!

Do leave out the comments below!

How To Go Away With Dark Lips Through Gifts Of Nature ?

Lips… Lips… Lovely Lips!!

Soft and pink lips are the dream of every woman! Why not! After all, it adds a lot to her beauty and grace thereby making her smile as the most beautiful smile in the world. But with the changing time and hectic schedule, the problem of pigmentation and having black lips has also increased. There are various reasons behind it like: surplus consumption of tea and coffee, excess vulnerability to sun, attitude of negligence, improper care etc. Apart from these, one of the major reasons of having black lips is the habit of smoking. So, if you have any such habit or are not paying required attention towards your lips care, then it is high time to start caring about the same. Using costly lip balms or scrubs are not a good idea especially when it is about lightening the lips and polishing off pigmentation rather try to make the best use of nature. There are many natural gifts of Almighty that works wonder if you know the proper use of them. So, here we bring for you such wondrous ways that will leave you amazed.

Check out some informational tips and ideas that will be a great help to you in alleviating dark lips and that without any sort of side effects:

1. Lemon Honey Lip Serum:


An excellent home remedy to lighten the tanning over your lips! Here is a simple and quick process: Squeeze a fresh lemon juice in a bowl and mix some honey to it. The lemon honey serum is ready for use. Apply this over your lips for a period of one hour and when the time is over clean it with a soft wet piece of cloth. Now how does it work? Lemon is a citrus fruit which is capable to alleviate the tan and honey nurtures the lips to give them a pinkish look. You can apply this without any limitation of number of times to say good bye to the problem of pigmentation and tanning. If you are a busy person and cannot spare much of time, you can prepare this serum and keep in the refrigerator which can be used for a week time but not more than that. So, isn’t it a superb idea that can be prepared at home? At least, give a try.

2. Sleep With Glycerin:


There are many reasons behind the darkening of lips which cause pigmentation and few of them are: Excess exposure to sun, dryness, not properly maintained and taken care of etc. So, spare few seconds out of your busy schedule and take proper care of your lips. Here is a simple way out through which you can overcome the darkness of your lips and all you need to do is to apply glycerin on your lips. You can do this by your finger (make sure you wash your hands properly for this) or by cotton bud before you jump to your bed at night. Do this regularly and see the change. You must be thinking, how glycerin works? Let us tell you, glycerin contains plentiful of moisture within it and when applied on the lips it leaves it moisturizing feature on the lips thereby removing dryness, which is the main reason behind dark lips. Another awesome idea to get natural pink lips!

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated:


We are lucky to be bestowed with a healthy body by the Almighty and thus taking care of it so that it can remain healthy forever is completely our responsibility. Every parts of the body have direct connection with each other and so if we eat and drink healthy, overall body is sure to remain healthy. Drinking sufficient water also plays an important role. It not only glorifies the skin but also assist us in attaining beautiful lips. Hence, make it a habit to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will help you in many other ways too apart from preventing dehydration which is one of the causes of dark lips.

4. A Beetroot Slice:


Right from the grocery section of your kitchen, here is an amazing home remedy which has not fallouts but a lot of benefits. What needs to be done is to cut a slice of beetroot and store it in your refrigerator for some time. Now when you are ready to spend some minutes on your lip care, take out the slice and gently massage it over your lips. While massaging, you will notice that the juice of beetroot will hydrate your lips. You can even do this while watching T.V. or talking to someone. You don’t need a particular time table to be followed. This will not only assuage the darkness and tanning from your lips but will also color them pink. In addition, beetroot is also considered very healthy for the body as well. So, one idea with numerous benefits! Mind you, that you need to do this regularly for desired results.

5. Check Your Lip Products:


Are you fed up of the crumby and allergic lip balms that are helping you in no ways rather increasing the problem of your dark lips? Then, what are you waiting for? Kick all of them hard; out of your house and introduce natural way of caring your lips. Do not ever try local branded products instead you can use soft herbal lip balm. Though, they are friendly to your pocket but hazardous for you. The best idea is to pull fresh pulp of fruits and apply them like lip balm. All the damage caused due to sun tan will be repaired soon and the trouble of pigmentation will also disappear. So, add fruits to your regular diet and use them as fresh lip balms.

6. Almond Oil:

Are you ready to hit the bed? Wait, just a second! Quickly pick up your almond oil bottle and pour few drops of it on your palm. Apply some almond oil on your lips with the help of finger. Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned. Almond oil is such an oil which is considered excellent for good hair, rich skin and even for the muscles (used in massaging). When applied on lips, almond oil remove the darkening of lips and also make them soft. So, use it regularly and experience the magic!

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7. Cucumber Juice:

Do you love cucumber so much that you never forget it to include in your daily salad? Then, you are sure to love it more. The cooling property of cucumber works wonder when applied over the lips. All you need to do is to grate cucumber and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Then gently mask your lips with it and after an hour or so, wash it. It will assuage darkening of lips and also remove dryness thereby adding hydrating them.

  1. Rose Leaves:

Rose… The first choice of every woman on floral shop! The fragrance and soothing color of rose makes you fall in love with it again and again. Take some fresh leaves of rose flower and pluck its leaves. Now crush those leaves properly and also mix little honey to it. The natural lip lotion is ready to be applied. Keep it on your leaves for about ten to fifteen minutes and after that remove it from a moist cotton ball. In case, if you are struggling with pigmented leaves, then also add one teaspoon of milk powder o this rose and honey mixture and see how the magic works. The magic of rose turns your lips pinkish and honey and milk powder helps in lightening the dark color of your lips.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is a quick home remedy to lighten and brighten your lips. Pull out some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it for hydrated lips. Especially, when you have an urgency to go out in sun and do not want to harm your lips because of it, then applying aloe vera gel will work in the best way. It does not let harsh sun rays adversely impact your lips. So, make a habit to mask aloe vera gel before you step out of your place in hot sun. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Do share it with your friends too and become the beauty queen of your group.

  1. Balm of Your Own:

As you know, lemon is bestowed with natural bleaching elements and so assists smartly in getting rid of dark lips through the natural means. When lemon is accompanied by honey it is sure to create wondrous effect. Go through this two minutes process and create a lemon balm of your own. Take a small bowl and integrate one teaspoon of lemon and honey, both. Also, add about half a teaspoon of castor oil to it and mix them properly. Now before you get lost in your lovely dreams at night, mask your lips with your own created balm. Lips will absorb the same during the night. For desired results, do not miss this remedy even a single day in a period of fortnight.

  1. Flax Seed Oil:

Gain the lost beauty soon!

Flax seed oil is robust in possessing fatty acids along with nurturing properties too. It has the ability to diffuse in the deep tissues of your lips thereby repairing them and turning them very soft and bland. So, all that needs to be done is to softly apply flax oil over your lips for some hours (best would be during night) and leave it as it is. Do apply it regularly and see how your lips change into the most beautiful ones. A work done with sincere dedication gets the best prize, after all!

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  • Always carry a herbal lip balm with you and keep applying it oftentimes. This will reduce the dryness gradually thereby making them hydrated.
  • Choose any good oil that is rich in Vitamin E and mask it over your lips before you go to bed at night. You can even try for small capsules that are easily available in the chemist shop. Vitamin E is a great source of moisture. In morning, you will wake up with softer lips.
  • Avoid mouth breathing even in fun because it speedily dries up your lips and cause further problems like pigmentation.
  • Before you put a coat of lipstick, make sure that you apply any qualitative herbal lip gloss so that they had moisture to your lips and do not let dryness impact them which is caused due to lipstick. Avoid using matte lipstick as they make you lips drier.
  • Do not prefer dark colors of lipsticks as they pull out the natural pinkness and cause pigmentation. Use only branded lipsticks and those ones which are soft or transparent shades.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water because it is the primary cause of pigmentation over your lips. So, drink water which is free from chlorine.
  • Do not worry at all about the hyper pigmentation induced because of pregnancy or any sort of illness as they will disappear within the passage of time.
  • These were some fabulous home remedies along with some do’s and don’ts which will be a major help to you in attaining soft and radiant lips. Hope you appreciate our efforts. Also comment and let us know how do you take care of your lips and what home remedy has turned to be a magical trick for you.
  • If you are habitual of biting your lips every now and then, it’s high time to stop doing this. The reason is that biting your lips continuously or even normally takes away all the moisture from your lips and result to pigmentation and waterlessness.
  • Followed by the previous one, Say a big NO to the habit of licking your lips as well and the reason stays the same.

What products or remedies are you using to get rid of Dark lips. Please comment and share.

Image Source : Flickr


41 Makeup Products To Accompany You In The Best Way

There has never been a woman who doesn’t wish to look good. In ages ago there were a lot many natural elements that helped the woman of that time to get pretty and flawless skin. However, the time has changed and with passing decades those natural elements have somehow lost. But no matter what, the urge of having mesmerizing look is irreplaceable. Therefore in the present time, man has invented brilliant make up products to personify the angelic beauty. Makeup is undoubtedly listed on the top as one of the mad loves of every lady. After all, it deserves to be, because there cannot be anything better that can enhance and glorify your appearance within no time. It is one effective solution to combat all your skin imperfections. Right from blemishes to acne, dark spots to skin redness; there are no such problems that cannot be concealed with it.

There are some people who resist using make up products. If you are one of them who think that continuous use of make-up ruins and dries your skin, reconsider, because it is not always true. With the genuine product that suits your skin type appropriately you can get that angelic look without any worries.

However it could be a bit tricky to choose the idle product. Not every product proves to be the best in terms of delivering the quality especially worth the price. Hence, we have listed some of the most trending and effective make up products, for which we hope that they will surely contribute a lot in easing your task of making a choice and will also help you to pick out the most beneficial product which impart you with the desired results as soon as possible.




Do you want to get rid of those unpleasing blemishes? Well, then here is an amazing iteming that you should immediately add to your make up kit. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a cleanser that shows its impact even on the most delicate skin and that too very efficaciously. It removes all sorts of impurities from the skin from deep inside the pores thereby making you feel rejuvenated. All in all, say good bye to all the annoying blemishes and acne forever.



Dry and cracked lips are a nightmare for every girl. A lips exfoliator can be a sure shot way to rescue this problem. One such exfoliator is; Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. It is made up of walnut, almonds and sugar. It has a high butter content that nourishes your lips and softens them. The best part is that it is not at all harsh to the sensitive lip skin. To add on, other than softening your lips it also gives your lips, a moisturized & polished appearance.

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A fabulous concealer is the stark factor required to give the perfect blend for a toned and spotless skin. PeauBeaute “ocher” is a creamy concealer that melds in the skin very well and give an even tone and radiating skin. Investing in this concealer can be the best deal to get a sharp and elegant base for your make up. We are sure that you would never want to miss that ‘special look’!



Oil patches and unevenly toned makeup can be big disaster. But don’t worry; you would not need to face this disaster if you use NYX cosmetics makeup setting spray. To use it, you just need to spray it over your face once and your make up is been done. Surprising, isn’t it? But yes it work so well that at one shot it bestows you with It provides sheer perfection. It will help in keeping the make-up intact and avoid patches on the skin. It also provides a matte finish to the overall look which is simple yet very stylish in its own way. Get ready to turn to an everlasting beauty!

So now while dancing on occasions and in parties, you do not need to worry about your makeup and can enjoy care free.



A bad hair day is a thing that no girl wants to deal with, at any point of time in her life. It could be so annoying to wake up early to style those frizzy strands and then running late to the place where you have to reach on time. However, with a suitable shampoo you would not need to worry about this issue anymore. We recommend you Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo. This shampoo does not contain any amount of silicon and appropriately suit feather like hair. It gives the hair a bouncy and smooth texture. Also, if you have long length hair but they are crimped, then you nothing can serve you better other than this shampoo. The reason behind is that it liberates your lengths from get curled and cause them to appear beautiful and nourished like never before. The best part about this make up product is that, this shampoo can also be used by men.



Optimized is a hydrating mist and an Anti-Aging agent. It is used as a cleanser and nourishing agent by a lot of professionals. This is because it is the best product to detoxify and nourish the skin. It is not only an effective product to remove face impurities but can also be used as a hair cleaner. Besides that, it also improves hair growth too. To get the best outcome it should be used as a foundation which can be prepared by mixing it with purified water.



Garnier is itself a renowned brand and there could not be anything better than this. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller Gel is a perfect idea to get away from those swelled up panda eyes. All you would need to do is to roll the eye roller gel under and around the eye. Do it very gently and delicately as this movement helps to enhance the blood circulation in that area. Thus it treats dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and leaves you with radiant and shinier eyes.



Colored and highlighted strands look beautiful. Nevertheless the color fades away very rapidly, especially if you do not use the suitable shampoo and conditioner. Most of the shampoos prove to be harsh on the painted stands and thus make the lengths rough and frizzy too.We recommend you to use Pureology Reviving Red Shampoo 8.5oz & Conditioner. It is a distilled and sulphate free formula which not only protects your hair color from withering off but also refills the cuticles with layers of lipid that gives your hair strands a vibrant and shiny appearance.



Eyeshadows are tricky to use. It needs a professional hand to perfectly blend those variant colors together on your eye and give them an ace look. However with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, you can get that look easily by yourself. It is such an eyeshadow make up product that adds an elusive luster to eyes and makes them glow and gleam.

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Vacations are the time to be carefree and enjoy in the best mood. Who does not wish to flaunt with hair full of bounce; so why not to give your hair the same expression and click some amazing pics to make holidays memorable? Are you ready for that captivating cult look? If yes, all you would need to do to is, to spray Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray on moist hair and comb it after your hair gets dry. It will give your hair a bouncy and vibrant texture which you will love a lot.



A good hair brush plays an important role in maintaining texture of your hair. Tangle Teezer is an amazing hairbrush. It is widely used by professionals to detangle all hair types, whether they are rough, smooth, wet or dry. In addition, it also massages your scalp and gives a refreshing experience that you will cherish forever.



There are a lot of moisturizing lotions available in the market and to choose the best one can be a brain storming job. But you do not need to worry because here we come with an idea which will make your work easy. DDF Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator is something that you have been looking for, since long. It is the best hydrating lotion, light in weight and lasts for a longer time. It is a non comedogenic formula which protects the skin from UV rays and moisturizes the skin well. Nevertheless it doesn’t block the pores of skin.



Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Stress – Minimizing Daily Hydrator is a hydrating moisturizer that prevents facial discomforts like irritation and redness. It is an ideal product to be applied on sensitive skin because it is very smooth and tender in texture, when applied on the skin. It is a sure shot way to get a complete protection for your skin from dryness and wrinkles.



The Philosophy Microdelivery Purifying Peel One-Minute Purifying Enzyme is an exfoliator that smoothens and cleanses the skin thereby bestowing a ravishing glow. To add on, it is also effective in repressing fine lines and visible wrinkles on the face. It is an excellent make up product that ameliorates the overall texture of the skin and brightens the tone.



Beautiful nails are one important aspect of a presentable personality. But in the everyday routine; it becomes difficult to keep a pace with manicure appointments on regular intervals. However, with Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Plus, this problem can be resolved forever. It treats all the issues like: excessive softness of nail enamel, inordinate peeling and ridgelines in the nail. It instantly starts working on it and rebound any sort of splits and peels. Nonetheless this make up product also gives strength to the nail enamel and nourish them so that they can grow longer and stronger.



Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Session Label Dust It Flex is a product which is highly recommended by a lot of professional hair stylists. It gives your hair a voluminous and matt impression. It is not at all sticky and oily and doesn’t make your hair look greasy. Instead, it adds a bounce in the hair and makes it easy for you to style them in whichever way it may suit you. This make up product can be easily applied and polished off without any hardships and clumsiness.



A secret behind every glorifying face is for sure a perfect make up brush and mousse. However, it can be really difficult at the time when you have to select the correct one. The New Revlon Photo-ready Airbrush Mousse Makeup helps in providing an airbrushed finesse to the make-up. It provides a smooth texture to the face and evens the tone. Besides this, it does not contain any oil or fragrance thus minimizing the chances of side effects.



At some or the other point of time we all have experienced the pain caused by shoe bites but not any further because we have got a remedy to permanently demolish this problem. Application of Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick reduces the friction caused between the feet and foot wears. All that needs to be done is to apply make-up lubricant that prevents the surfaces from rubbing together and hence protecting from awful shoe bites.

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For ages, Coconut oil has been proved to be the best solution for all types of hair problem. Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is an effective coconut oil derived from the top quality coconut’s extract. It has the modest flavor and possesses all the qualities of coconut that are essential to nourish and moisturize hair and scalp.



Vincent Longo Lip and Cheek Gel Stain offers a wide variety of lip colors that can satisfy everyone’s choice. Besides the beautiful and vibrant range of colors it also promises to nurture the skin lips. This product does not require high maintenance and is very effective. It provides gentle texture and is resistant to water. This is such a makeup product that lasts for a longer time and provides an even color tone. Hence it is an awesome product which is totally worth every penny you spend for it.



Long and lovely eyelashes can make anyone’s eyes set upon you. Do you too crave to get such dense and beautiful eyelashes? Here is an enormous resolution to make your wish come true. The Sephora Collection Celebrity Lash Trio is a pack of eyelash enhancements which perfectly fits above the original lashes and makes them look denser and blacker. If you are looking to add some more grace, apply kohl pencil in such a way that it imparts a smoky eye shadow look to make your eyes more appealing.



Being a working woman and managing beauty along with it turns out to be a real hassle at times. When you need to manage everything; right from home to office, it is obviously difficult to take out some spare time to pamper yourself. Thus in such restricted timelines one cannot even think of applying makeup. But that doesn’t imply that you need to let go of your skin health and look. Therefore we have something amazing for you in store and that is Stila One Step Correct make up product. It is a serum that can give your skin a perfect ravishing shine instantly. It also effectively covers up all the spots and blemishes and bestows you with a flawless look immediately.



Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil is a lightweight cleanser that takes all the dirt particles out of the skin pores which are hidden deep inside. Now, how does it work? It works without damaging the lipid layer of the skin. It is made up of zest of all natural substances namely, lemon, grapefruit and orange. Besides cleaning, the skin it also helps to heal skin irritation and redness.



Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer has been leavened to brighten the area around the eyes. It also helps in reducing fine lines and slushiness. Thus making the eyes look more elegant. So do you want to get rid of those sleepy swollen eyes? Then go and get this incredible concealer soon and experience the magic.



As the name speaks; Jonathon Product Dirt Texturizing Paste is a paste or pack which works as an excellent exfoliator. It is a water based paste that is not at all oily and greasy. It does not stick to the skin and does not create any mess after use. It provides a beaming and flawless skin after use.



On occasions where lipsticks can be too vibrant to use, lip balms work just appropriately. Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is one such lip balm that provides your lips a blossomy and fruity appearance. Along with this, it moisturizes your lips to the core and makes them very smooth and soft. The best part is that, it is available in ten thrilling colors and shades and so lends you a variety to choose from.



The best Eyeshadows are the one such make up product that blends well with the texture of skin thereby making you look stunning. Hence, MAC Eyeshadow Matte Saddle proves to be the best because it evenly spreads over the skin and results to a perfectly decorated eye. You are sure to make others fall in love with your eyes!


CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser helps in removing the oil and dirt particles from the skin. In addition, it also prevents the skin from being too greasy or too dry. It does not have a smell of its own. Unlike many cleansers it has a very smoothening element within it which tenders the skin deeply and doesn’t make it tight and rough. Moreover, it can also be used to dispatch make up.



Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream is a cream for everyday use. It nourishes, glorifies and protects your skin from various skin related problems. It also acts as an effective matte base for make-up and makes its application easier and helps in keeping it intact. It is a light in weight, non-oily and non-sticky product and can provide you a refreshing look for the whole day.



Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Quenched SPF 20 is one of the most trending and demanded product. This is all because of its qualities and availability of wide range of shades. It is water proof, extremely glossy and cushy which lasts for long eight hours. It not only nurtures the lips but also renews the damaged lips to make them soft and tender.



It happens with most of the people that the nail polish starts peeling off within a day of its application and it looks very annoying. Thus we have got a perfect solution to resolve it. Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat is a tremendously effective base coat that keeps the color intact with the surface of the nail and marks the lacquer last for a longer time. And when we say for a longer time, it means that it can make your nail stay on your nails at least for two weeks. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? But, yes it works that good!



Smashbox is a wrap makeup remover; It is very effective in dispatching the make-up from every part of the face whether eyelids or lips. It gently takes off even the long lasting waterproof make up and is not at all harsh to the skin. It does not cause any sort of irritation or redness after use, rather leaves that skin much softer than before. Such is the magic of this makeup product.



Tweezerman LTD Mini Slant and Point Tweezer Set provides you everything that makes a tweezer worth it. It is available in pocket sizes and has hand filed tips that helps in griping every single hair. Also because of its small size you can carry it in your purses or bags at time of trips and travels and enjoy doing makeup wherever and whenever you wish to.



Beeswax Hand and Nail Salve is a naturally occurring salve. It contains by-products such as vitamin E, olive oil and organic beeswax. It has been testified as an effective moisturizer for dry and cracked skin. It fathoms straight into the cuticles and repairs the skin from deep within thereby starts healing it instantly. Apart from nails it can also be used over the elbow skin and cracked feet.



If you have bleached your hair with the perhaps faintest shade of color and want to add some denseness to your strands then this is the best make up product for you. Virgin Snow Hair Color is a hair color that comes in a just open-mix-and use packaging. It is present in various vibrant shades of color and can be used as beautiful highlights for dark hair.



Invisible zinc Environmental Skin Protector is a product that prevents our skin from being affected by hazardoussun’s UV rays. Also, it restricts pollutants to get into our skin pores thereby getting the skin from getting damaged.



If you are troubled because of eye irritation caused as the result of continuous working on laptops or cell phones, then here is something that can put you to relief. Rohto Cool Redness Relief is combination of mild acids such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid. It helps to moisturize the eyeball and nurture them which imparts a quick ease and prevents from further dryness or irritation.



Gloves in a Bottle 80995 Shielding Lotion, is a body moisturizer that shields the skin from being infected by impurities and also helps in its prevention from UV radiations. It is a waterproof product and thus gives protection for longer hours. So, whenever you step out in the sun, don’t forget to apply it in prior.



Is your hair too oily and greasy? If yes, then this dry shampoo named as Rusk Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray is particularly a superb solution for you. This shampoo imbibes all the stickiness and leaves your hair clean and shiny. Also, if you are very peculiar to choose shampoos because you have your hair colored then consider this one. It can be a good choice as it does not rinse the color and enables it to last for a longer time.



DHC Mineral Mask is a purifying mask that helps to withdraw impureness from the skin. It makes the skin very refreshing and stripped. Nevertheless, it also conditions and softens the texture of the skin hence resulting in a vibrant and glowing complexion. After all, who does not wish to have such a lovely skin!



As the name says, Dr. Brandt® blemishes no more® oil-free hydrator is a purifier that helps in eliminating blemishes and acne from the face. This is because, it consists of vital oils that are naturally the best ailment to battle impurities and removing dead cells that gives birth to blemishes and other related problems. Besides this, it is not a very convenient to use as well as it comes in a new tube packaging and spreads mild fragrance.

Every woman dreams to look like a princess of the eve and catch attention of one and all around. Well, now that you have a complete list of the most promising make up products and brands we are sure that next time whenever you will get ready for any occasion, you will mesmerize everyone with your look and glow. Don’t forget to let us know which product suited you the best. We hope that we proved to be a little help to you. Comment and share your views.

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